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  1. Version 1.0.4 is out: Switched to UICore for GUI drawing KAC alarm will be set -10 minutes before plan entry Screen message will apperar after alarm creation Fixed showAsUT config parameter not being read correctly Periapsis is shown on "Encounter" entry type Made doubles formatting a little bit saner Note than mod now depends on UICore
  2. You wanted that? Then just go get it! Version 1.1.0 - Smoke On The Water is here! Note that now mod requires UICore to function.
  3. Actually there's another way of creating UIs @DMagic even provided tutorial But alas developers mostly prefer old fashioned way of creating UI, that's pretty messy and leads to the problem of click-throughs. Standard KSP skin makes me sick, and Unity Smoke skin is pretty dirty in its nature. As I crawled through sources of various mods I saw a lot of developers' struggle in attempts to prettify both with little of luck. That's how UIFramework was born. The first mod to use it was Flight Plan and as I was developing it I understood I can override both themes to make most mods look cool. If developers will start to use @DMagic's approach this mod will become obsolete
  4. Overdrive retuning phase is almost done. UIFramework that is built into Overdrive now will be separate UICore.dll, that I'll use to create cool UIs for all my mods. For now Overdrive hooked to UICore.dll looks like this: Nothing really changed, right? WRONG!!! Because that's how actual preset definition looks like: Yes, it's plain text file. Yes, you'll be able to edit it to your needs. Yes, you'll be able to have multiple presets and switch 'em in real time Yes, whatever else you're even dare of dreaming Stay tuned
  5. Well, thanks for all the people who put effort into Civilian Population
  6. I've created version 1.0.1: Added Snacks compatibility by @TheProtagonists
  7. Hey, really convinient info, thanks for explaining. I included theater, but it really does nothing interesting by itself except holding four kerbals. I think LS mods may use it for "recreation", AFAIK some of 'em have something regarding kerbonauts mood, but I'm not familiar with any of LS, so I cannot apply patches right now, this will require some trial and error testing from my side. Also note that "Flight School" in OC is now "Administration Deck" so it's a command module capable of only holding 8 kerbals and with all attributes of command module. "University" turned into "Science Deck" so it's now a giant lab capable of holding up to 20 kerbals and store up to 3000 data (description = Whole R&D launched to orbit ). Actually original CivPop contains much more assets, but I stopped at including structural components, cause did not want the mod to be abundant, we already have a lot of nuclear reactors, storage tanks etc. I also put aside all assets regarding surface structures as I wanted only orbital ones. I think maybe it'll be a good idea to split all assets into various submodules that can be installed separately like: Core - Administration, Science Deck, apartments, theater Hydroponics - gardens, biospheres Structural - trusses Containers - all sorts of storage tanks Power - reactors And then also create another mod "Surface Colony" that'll contain surface assets (also split into submodules) like Biodomes Farms Or maybe we shall create a mod that's called simply "Colony" and add all the assets there.
  8. Do you mind me including your patch into the mod? AFAIK SSTU brings a lot of various parts into the game, ALAS my potato laptop is already struggling to run KSP with all the mods I installed, anyway thanks for the point Da best recolor IMO
  9. Nope, there're MM patches for Connected Living Space, Community Tech Tree, Extraplanetary Launchpads, two Kerbalism profiles, TAC-LS, USI-LS. I think it's not that hard to create a set of patches for Snacks, but currently my goal is the next version of Overdrive
  10. Actually it would be nice if someone could "revamp" the assets, as they need this. Alas I'm a programmer and only thing I can do is fix incorrect texture references with ... well hex editor
  11. It has patches for compatibility with USI-LS, but I did not try anything beyond that.
  12. This mod only reskins UI, but menu sizes is a personal matter of each mod's developer that I cannot affect.
  13. Once I recieved a tourism contract that required to build a space hotel capable of holding up to 50 kerbals... 50 KAAAARL! I started to try various superb station parts pack, but was not satisfied by any of them, as none contained parts that were capable of holding at least 25 kerbals in one part. And also none looked like "hotel" (of course, these are space station parts ). The only mod that looked close to what I wanted was "struggling to survive" Civilian Population. And eventhough Civilian Population is cool I personally wanted to have it's parts with stock only functionality. That's how I created Orbital Structures. Contains Apartments, Administration Deck, Science Deck, Biosphere Gardens and some structural Elements. Things to note: Assets Taken from original CivilianPopulation Fixed texture references in every model files Some textures were missing just duplicated from existing ones Parts Structural parts taken from latest CivilianPopulation Configs Following parts have internals commented out ApartmentsSmall.cfg ApartmentsLarge.cfg ApartmentsMedium.cfg TODO convert all textures to dds modify mu files to use dds MM patches Taken from latest CivilianPopulation All credits go to: A collective work of... @Pamynx that can be found here. @trafalgar that can be found here. @michaelhester07 that can be found here. @rabidninjawombat that can be found here. @GGumby that can be found here. License: CC BY-NC 4.0 Download:
  14. It was recompiled and tested in 1.3.1, don't know if it works in 1.3, give it a try.
  15. Next update will feature presets support (try to guess what does that mean)
  16. I did not try KRX in 1.3.1 yet, but everything was good in 1.2.2. Currently I was simply collecting all the mods I had on 1.2.2 and installing them on 1.3.1 to continue my career play. I've enabled debug messages on screen and found many small glitches in various mods, for example: https://github.com/linuxgurugamer/FuseBoxContinued/issues/11 https://github.com/sswelm/KSP-Interstellar-Extended/issues/115 https://github.com/Aelfhe1m/Workshop/issues/5 Theese are not criticial, however I decided to notify their authors, as well I did with KRX
  17. Here're messages from logfile: [LOG 15:56:18.875] Load(Model): Eskandare_Heavy_Industries/Kerbal_Rotor_Expansion/Parts/Fenestron/KRXfenestron [ERR 15:56:18.910] Texture 'Eskandare_Heavy_Industries/Kerbal_Rotor_Expansion/Parts/Fenestron/mount_dif' not found! [ERR 15:56:18.911] Texture 'Eskandare_Heavy_Industries/Kerbal_Rotor_Expansion/Parts/Fenestron/mount_nrm' not found! Hope that'll help
  18. Hmmm, don't know what might be wrong. Anyway update is coming, many things will be changed, wait for a few days.
  19. I also noticed warnings about some parts missing textures, but alas I could not do anything about it
  20. Guess what, it still rocks in KSP 1.3.1 without need for update Which OS?
  21. Last brick in the wall of KSP 1.3.1 compatibility is in place. Time to resurrect my career save which remains untouched since 2017-05-28. See you on the other side.
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