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  1. Quite liked seeing my scenarios make it into KSP.
  2. Talking to the old devs for the last time as a group was pretty painful.
  3. ... Got a little issue with attitude there (emphasis mine), and I'm sure when Wayland is more established Unity will build a version of their engine for it. Just a thought on #11382, we were all running round the houses on that one, Squad staff and players alike, sure it turns out it was a setting bu no one knew that, aren't you glad it's finally no longer going to be an issue? The double free issue is legit, your first one so far, what you don't know is unfortunately covered by the NDA between Squad and myself, which leaves me at a disadvantage when speaking with you. As for FTE? I can't say a bad word about them, not because of the NDA, but because I respect their team. And I think you have a very different idea of what Squads QA does compared to the reality, they (we) don't have the power to delay a release, or force development changes much as I'd like to, you can read more about how it works here but the producer, lead programmer, designer et al call (most of) the shots on what the game is, which to my understanding is the same elsewhere in the games industry, serious production code may well be different. Actually all this reminds me of something, I'm an old gamer, I started with 8-bit machines, moved onto Dos gaming etc, I've seen my fare share of buggy games, and I've seen the tolerance from gamers go down just as the complexity of games has increased. Is this fair?, right? should we be accepting of poor code? should we be so quick to judge and find people to blame?, some would say yes, some would demand and expect nothing but (their idea of) perfection, others jump on the hate bandwagons, that has consequences though, look at Phil Fish and Fez for an example from the gaming industry, and from outside of gaming we have Ubuntu dropping Mir and Unity (both good, well programmed software) because of hate. Back in my early gaming days we were pretty happy just to get games, the really bad ones didn't sell as well due to word of mouth but everyone has different tastes, your crap game could be on my top shelf. You obviously love KSP, you wouldn't still be here otherwise, and you want KSP to be the best it can be, that's different to every player and what we forget is that there's real living human beings behind every game, poring their love into their vision of what that game should be. Sure some are buggy, some are not your cup of tea, but we still have fun or we can appreciate that others enjoy a game we'd not touch with a barge pole (usually because we didn't like what we heard about it). KSP's pretty special as it hold your attention for so long, and we all want it to be the best so everyone else sees it the way we do, including the QA team who've seen things in KSP far worse than the occasional memory crash or a bit of slowdown. I think when we find a bug in a released game we should remember all the rest of the game that's brought us so much fun, and remember that programmers have as much if not more love for the game than you do, they are the ones working on it after all. People make mistakes, but they also make the games we love.
  4. @ziporama, @space-is-hard, you both have RivaTuner stuff hooking into memory, memory hooks from many programs are known to cause trouble and RivaTuna appears to be one of them. From the output_log.txt C:\Program Files (x86)\RivaTuner Statistics Server\RTSSHooks64.dll:RTSSHooks64.dll (0000000180000000), size: 225280 (result: 0), SymType: '-exported-', PDB: 'C:\Program Files (x86)\RivaTuner Statistics Server\RTSSHooks64.dll' Can you test with RivaTuner off?
  5. Unity must have sorting modes, but I think that's a Linux quirk, as not only do capitals come before lower case with vessel names, 3 is higher than the 2 in 29, I'll have to look up that quirk but you should see different behavior on Windows for both vessel names in the quick launch dialogue and save ordering. Also, dating the saves is already possible as we can see with the backups, so that really needs to be the default for regular saves. Compression is used on the consoles, trouble with compression libraries though is the licensing, Squad would avoid anything GPL just in case. Mine too!, I still have my cpc464 with built-in datacorder. Squad would most likely go for a format you can open in most archive apps, as they do want to allow you access to your saves.
  6. Oh I better add... The buck for issues like these may rest with Unity Technologies, but those of us who can figure these out or simply keep an eye out for fixes by others should do what we can to let others know how to deal with them, just as we did and do for issues in KSP itself.
  7. A binary that is the same for any Unity game, it's just renamed, nothing else in there but Unity code no matter what it might be called. But it's only worked around instead of really fixed, but that is out of Squads hands so citing this as a KSP glitch, as per the thread title, is a little unfair. I'll just quote this guy. Well the system requirements do say you need Ubuntu or SteamOS if you're using Linux, both of which include Pulseaudio by default so it's expected that this is available, a user would have to deliberately uninstall Pulse to run into this bug, or should Squad also add the X server to the requirements page? Unity doesn't explicitly state you need xorg so it should work without it, right? Well, except this one... Fact is we see a lot of issues that can't be reproduced, are local to one or a few players and turn out to be something external to KSP making tech support much harder these days, so I hope to see people like yourself who have some savvy with PC's come to others aid, but that becomes harder when people write off KSP as bug ridden rather than try to diagnose the problem, that's a meme that really needs to die. A recent example, Avast! on Windows is now interfering with KSP. If an issue isn't in Squads code it shouldn't be stated as such.
  8. @ziporama can you check your registry at HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Squad/Kerbal Space Program/ ? There may be screen values that exceed your monitors resolution, if you delete those keys and the settings.cfg in the KSP folder it should start in a 1280x720 window without needing -force-d3d11
  9. Which is (still) a Unity 3D issue, try Sunless Sea 64bit in a window and you get the same result, not known if fixed in Unity 5.6 Unity bugs are system requirements now? While KSP has its faults this is not one of them (also, fixed in Unity). Oh sure, after accounting for every possible permutation in players hardware, software, middleware, malware, firmware, drivers, 'stock' installs, 'near stock' installs, "I consider mod X stock' installs, network drive installs, protected folder installs, restricted permission installs, non-target platform installs, corrupt installs, 32bit Windows installs, overclocking, drive fragmentation, Incorrect-Unity-values-in-registry, cpu resources eaten by Chrome etc, insufficient memory and just plain good old fashioned broken operating systems so the engine can't even start. And after all that it still requires programmer hours to fix any actual KSP bugs. I recommend a nice clean supported OS install on known good hardware with no unnecessary software running, if you have an issue try a second PC to rule out local issues. KSP itself is remarkably stable and low on bugs in 1.2.2, most issues I see are either caused by mods or by the system KSP is being run on. But I'll bite, the building tier bug in 1.2.2 is a shame (it's a regression), though easily worked around and it's fixed in the pre-release
  10. Popping online! Some minor updates caused the driver to either fail to load or somehow be uninstalled, leaving you with the built-in MS vga driver, though this is easy to spot as you lose the ability to do anything 3D. @ziporama, I suggest you open your output_log.txt (in KSP_Data) and look to see if Unity is telling you why it isn't working. It should be short so you could paste the contents here or use pastebin.com
  11. Looks like the Unity engine is crashing before anything from KSP is loaded, this can happen when the engine can't find a 3D graphics driver which is essential for a Unity game to run, or when the Unity engine requests a graphics window that is too large for the window manager to cope with, causing OOM Killer to kill the Unity/KSP process. So make sure you have a 3D graphics driver installed and working (make sure 3D applications work) and delete the KSP settings.cfg and the prefs file at ~/.config/unity3d/Squad/Kerbal Space Program/ before starting the game. If it still doesn't work after that you will need to provide more information on your system, see the sticky on getting support
  12. Popping on for a bit, sorry @KerikBalm but I've not used Windows 10 for gaming so I probably can't help further, but Program Files has always been an issue for file permissions, in the past it was with users putting programs in Program Files because they didn't know better. This has got to be some new Windows security 'feature', I asked ManeTI and Squad are not setting any permissions, they actually can't except for the Linux zips where all the files are read/write/execute. So this is something between Windows and Steam, all I can suggest is you reinstall KSP in Steam to a non-protected folder such as C:\Games\
  13. So I guess it's not the optimization Seems it might be a graphics card setting or driver issue.
  14. Basically, select the same resolution in KSP as your desktop/monitor size in pixels, you can try increasing the UI scale in the settings screen to make the currencies more readable.
  15. Either way we should stay on the topic of smaxxx's slow loading, this is a tech support thread that can help others with the same issue in the future, not a thread for complaining about development decisions.
  16. No idea sorry. Hmm does City Skylines let you maximize the game window? And do either of you have Sunless Sea? You might have the same issue there. Please check your resolution in KSP matches the resolution of your desktop, it could be screen scaling in fullscreen mode that is causing the stutter.
  17. Rather disrespectful to the community as this was found by players, included in a mod you might have heard of, then made stock at players request. Also, not my game any more ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @smaxxx should try @Gameslinx's fix and defrag the drive, if that doesn't help, he should try disabling the single network adapter as it can cause this in rare cases.
  18. Hi BadLeo, on searching your issue it seems you need to check your power settings in Windows, make sure the notebook is plugged in and is set to Performance mode, not to a powersaving mode. In powersaving mode the Nvidia can be disabled, this is why KSP is using the Intel GPU, this overrides the Nvidia panel settings. If you still have trouble then I suggest you install the latest Nvidia graphics card driver, some Windows updates can break drivers even though they seem to be installed, don't forget to reboot so the changes take effect. Hope this helps.
  19. Oh them! I always forget those, they are in the Thumbs folder, and a new one is made when you launch a vessel
  20. Yes, it is a real thing.
  21. Sadly you attribute far more authority to QA teams than they actually have, they do not decide whether a game is released or not, for any software for that matter, I recommend you read up on software development. Testers and QA can report issues and make recommendations, the fixing of those issues is undertaken by developers depending on severity, available time, project scope and many other factors. Developers, like testers, are also not responsible for the decision to release a software product, the products publisher or owner would be the one to either set a deadline or to make the final decision to release.
  22. Heya, KSP looks for save files whenever the load dialogue is opened, so it's fine to copy the saves back either while KSP is running or before, you may want to avoid overwriting your scenarios and training folders though if your backups are from an earlier release. Hope this helps.
  23. Looks like you need to install a graphics card driver and restart the PC, KSP will not work with the default Windows driver.
  24. Though to be fair FTE busted a gut and did their best, DJ and his team deserves kudos for all their efforts in the short time they were working with Squad.
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