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  1. @Krazy1 fyi...I'd be happy to hear what you observe with next month's Principia release...if you have not already, I suggest checking out the interesting discussion at #3230 and consequent changes at #3805
  2. NASA SRC EDL video links to interesting moments:
  3. Thank you for sharing those great gif & png! Remarkable & inspiring to me that a collection of very capable & dedicated humans have the skills & team work to design & build & navigate a machine to a tiny aggregate pile, where even solar radiation/particles observably alters orbits, effectively put a 'mosquito' in orbit around a 1 ton sphere (ok I get that probably means nothing to anyone else but is was a running joke my peers & I had in one physics class eons ago...), adapt to challenges, collect a sample, & send that sample on a collision course with Earth...due for arrival in Utah in about 40 hours...
  4. Useful current "OSIRIS-REx Sample Return" links https://blogs.nasa.gov/osiris-rex/tag/sample-return/ https://eyes.nasa.gov/apps/solar-system/#/sc_osiris_rex Link for the scheduled Sept. 24 NASA live stream (I'm one of the 40 'waiting' so far, so can you ;-): :-) Fantastic 1st mission...looking forward to re-entry and future photos of asteroid Apophis from the extended mission OSIRIS-APEX (OSIRIS-Apophis Explorer)!
  5. Hi blackrack, Thank you for these remarkable shaders! The mod Principia alters the coordinate system in the way describe below (key excerpt: "original x axis will become the y axis when |body| is the main body, and the |initialRotation| will be correspondingly increased by 90°." ) & indeed, when used in conjunction with Principia, the Singularity blackhole shader appears to me to visually display the part of the skybox 'that is 90 deg to the right'. For example, with Principia when looking at a Singularity black hole via the tracking station, if I align the view such that the 3 belt stars of Orion of the skybox show up close to centered in the 'view of the blackhole', then in order to see the actual 3 belt stars in the skybox I would need to rotate the tracking station camera/view 90 deg to the right. Principia Singularity Coordinate Interaction Do the shaders happen to be coded in a way where I might in one or a few config file(s) locations tweak a few values in order to align the rotation/coordinate system expected by the shaders to align/compensate for the orientation change that Principia makes (described below)? Or any other suggestions you may have regarding what may be occurring based on what you see in the screenshot provided above (e.g. perhaps I would also need to adjust some values in a Scatterer config, etc...)? Thank you! https://github.com/mockingbirdnest/Principia/blob/d80ebd378097e63f9dc1465380596619a05b910a/ksp_plugin_adapter/config_node_parsers.cs#L78
  6. I am very interested in the version you are working on mentioned over in the Principia issues #3719, am I correct that version is still in process? Thanks!
  7. Thank you! for the new reference frame & orbital plane equipotential line plot, especially the EML... For anyone who has not yet made a KSP GameData with Principia: fyi...this is an excellent addition to Principia & combined with RSS is helpful for exploring Lunar DROs as well as the planned NRHO of the upcoming Lunar Gateway DSL & SLS Artemis missions... ESA, JAXA, NASA Gateway station DSL & SLS Artemis III Lunar NRHO Forum Thread with saves & details DRO 'Lunar Retro Square Orbit' (EML frame) Conceptual 'surface' represented by the EML equipotential plane: Pink shows approx. 'Retro Square' path DRO 'Lunar Retro Square Orbit' 18 years (MCI frame) AP distance adjusts the corner sharpness of the 'Retro Square'
  8. Principia has added a helpful new reference frame with the option to display equipotential lines for the sum of forces associated with gravity & rotation: (for clarity, I have added in yellow text the 'approximate' locations of the L points...these are _not_ shown in game) Because of the shape of the Moon's orbit around Earth, these equipotential lines do oscillate slightly with time in this frame relative to the projected craft path = fuchsia line... perhaps most visibly in the L4-L5 axis...yellow bars help reveal the shift in the animation below... so, keep in mind that the craft will end up over time, e.g. time warping the craft from AP to AP, appearing in a slightly different location 'of the equipotential lines' than suggested just by the fuchsia line simply because the equipotential lines are for the current time not the 'various future times' represented by the fuchsia line: Useful for the explorations suggested in the prior posts. Named 'EML' in the case of the Earth-Moon System, this new frame can help you to further refine the Retrograde Moon Square Orbit: An example KSP 1.12.3 Principia RSS flight plan to improve the Retro-Square Orbit: FlightPlanImproveMoonRetroSquare.sfs An example revised KSP 1.12.3 Principia RSS Moon Retro-Square: BetterMoonSquare18years.sfs Here is a second MCI (Moon Centered Inertial) frame animation showing the orbit over years 7 to 18, that continues the animation of years 0 to 7 shared in the original post. Clarification: the Earth is traveling along the blue-ish arc counter-clockwise. Visualizing Sum of Gravity & Rotation Potential: Pink loop = path of the 'Moon Retro Square" What Makes Lagrange Points Special Locations In Space (youtube) The Principia post announcing the new reference frame: I've updated the original post with various NASA Artemis missions links. Posts with interesting revisions or new saves exploring related orbits are welcome, please share them via link(s)!
  9. fair in my book ;-) Also, I would be grateful for any tips on how to use the KK 'worker kerbals'...when we click the hire button we just get a NRE (we are using KSP 1.12.3 in sandbox games for now)...is there some specific sequence of things we need to do to be able to hire 'worker kerbals' from a given building configured with barracks with which to populate the research observatories? Thanks!
  10. @Corax Thanks for the above from the post of yours on the other thread (link) this is very helpful info...Are you aware of any more documentation about the barracks (I could not find any in the KK wiki and your post seems the most enlightening when searching the forum for 'barracks'). In KSP 1.12.3 I changed one building to have barracks, however I just get a NRE each time I click on 'hire'...perhaps there is another step I have missed? KK 'Hire' NRE
  11. OK...thanks! Yes, that is the more appropriate way...where i got stuck was that I use the Real Fuels mod in my various GameData/craft configurations...and by default the fuel stations were not offering Kerosene. However, by using the KK quick start tutorial (link) I learned that I may quickly add Kerosene and any other resources I need to the station (then I can also copy/past directly in the .cfg's with various fuel merchants for the bases I have not yet visited): Adding resources to a KK Refueling Station
  12. 'out string sBase, out float flRange' does look promising. Thank you! // Returns the nearest Launchsite to a position and range in m to the Launchsite, regardless of whether it is open or closed public static void getNearestBase(Vector3 position, out string sBase, out string sBase2, out float flRange, out KKLaunchSite lSite, out KKLaunchSite lSite2) ... rangeNearestBase = (float)smallestDist; sBase = sNearestBase; sBase2 = sLastNearest; flRange = rangeNearestBase; lSite = lTargetSite; lSite2 = lLastSite;
  13. Thanks! in case it helps, the FlySky i6x plugged in via usb appears as a standard Win10 HID...& the same buttons etc. show & work 'in game' in the AFBW configuration panel: click for full resolution to see text clearly
  14. @linuxgurugamer Thank you for this mod. I was pleasantly surprised to find that AFBW enables us to use our Flysky i6x RC transmitter as a flight controller in KSP. Pitch, Yaw, & roll assignments work as expected. However, while AFBW properly shows the correct True/False toggle state for several of the Flysky button/switches, strangely when I assign the functional buttons/switches to gear, lights, breaks, staging, etc. the result is that _everything_ I have assigned to any one 'button' toggles when I toggle any one of the 'buttons' I have assigned...basically the logic appears to be "if any button is toggled then do every action that is assigned to any button/switch". Given this, we are currently assigning only the 'gear' to a button/switch, but if possible with this controller, we would like to properly set the other switches that are clearly recognized & toggle correctly in the configuration panel (= button/switch state pairs: 0-1, 2-3, 4-5. 6-7 ) I have created a short screenshot video showing, as one example, the breaks & landing gear both toggling no matter whether I toggle switch/button 0-1 or switch/button 6-7 (one was individually assigned to gear & the other one to brakes...but as you can see the text also does not make clear which one). Here is the player.log ( .zip link) in case it is of any help. Thanks! 1080p screen capture of "all Buttons acting as one" for all assigned actions rather than the individual True/False state which is visibly OK per button in the configuration panel
  15. @Eskandare This is a very nice mod. Thank you. I would be grateful for insights from anyone familiar with the code of this mod as to whether there happens to be something similar to "SpaceCenter.Instance.transform.position" for the bases created by this mod...or perhaps even a better way to accomplish the following objective. Ideally I would like to modify the mod SimpleRefuel slightly for myself so that I may easily refuel when landed at any of the Kerbin Side Remastered bases. However, I recognize that to keep the condition list simple, I might need to choose just a few preferred bases to add to the SimpleRefuel condition list pasted below...which would also be great. Thanks for any insights that may help me with this objective (or if it is simply not possible). if ((int)vessel.srfSpeed == 0 && (vessel.situation == Vessel.Situations.LANDED || vessel.situation == Vessel.Situations.PRELAUNCH) && (vessel.transform.position - SpaceCenter.Instance.transform.position).sqrMagnitude <= SpaceCenter.Instance.AreaRadius * SpaceCenter.Instance.AreaRadius ) { canRefuel = true; ChangeButtonTexture(icon_green); }
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