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  1. I have fond memories of 0.16 as well, its also my first non-demo version of KSP I got. I remember getting my first 'orbit' in that version, which was extremely eccentric and still sort of dipped into the atmosphere. My favorite version is 0.18, it added some pretty essential features like docking, unmanned probes, electricity, a more much better resource system, maneuver nodes and much more. Also, that version changed the brightly colored and cartoony aesthetic to a darker/low saturated 'realistic' aesthetic. I think 0.18 was the version that started the slow transformation into what KSP is today.
  2. I draw lines, circles and boxes like these every day for at least 30 minutes everyday to warm up for drawing
  3. If it contains large letters and bright colors of course im going to read it
  4. I updated the thread a little. I will be posting more often soon. Anyways, here are some drawings i made recently.
  5. My bicycle tire is flat, the only bicycle pump i have isn't working and i was planning on visiting my grandparents for the first time in months tomorrow. :< Luckily their house should only be roughly 30 minutes away by foot :>
  6. I havent posted here in a long while. Have some treats
  7. After days of cloud coverage i finally saw it on July 17th, unfortunately i am late due to the weather and it was very faint. I really had to adjust my eyes a bit. Here is a long exposure (around 25 seconds) photograph of it.
  8. I love this mod, just another thing to make the RSS experience a bit more realistic. Great work! I have been experiencing problems however. Other people seem to have had this too, but when i use launch clamps the rocket tends to just disintegrate, the launch clamps also tend to hover quite some distance above the launch pad, i may send some pictures in the future. However, considering KK can be configured in-game i think i can look for my own solution.
  9. I tried to see NEOWISE but clouds are always in the way. Even on sunny days, clouds seem to pop up at the exact moment i am trying to see it.
  10. 20-20 in English. But in Dutch (my native language) i still say 2000-20. 20-20 in Dutch (Twintig-Twintig) just sounds weird.
  11. I'm actually kind of happy they have decided not to fly SN1. It means that they have decided not rush things and are focusing on making sure this thing doesn't pop again. Sure, its a little disappointing, but before you know it SN2 is already on the pad awaiting launch. Just ignore the clock and it will seem to happen in no-time.
  12. Neither can I. It will be such a thrill. If that thing will land upright on its first try I will scream.
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