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  1. 13 hours ago, Vanamonde said:

    How do you keep it from getting dusty? 

    It's hard, specifically because it's just under the roof, a lot of dust settles rapidly. I have to periodically remove all the vehicles and minifigs, and then use a brush and small vacuum to clean everything up. It's tedious but it's a chore you have to do with a layout this size

  2. Hello Everyone !

    I have been working on a Space Center for my Lego City layout for a while and after 4 years most of it is complete. It has been was heavily inspired by the Kerbal Space Center, and my love of the game.
    Here is some pics of the center !  
    It's not to minifigure scale and some buildings need improvement but I'm happy with it. I was lucky to live near to a Lego Store, where I found lots and lots of white pieces for a reasonable price. I got the Lego Saturn V after I designed the building so it couldn't fit in due to the gigantic size of the Saturn V, so let's say this VAB is at Kerbal scale. All the space themed sets i got through the years finely add to the space center


    Overall view of the space center part in my city


    The VAB and SPH


    The Launch Control Center, with interior

    The launchpad


    The runway


    Interior of the VAB


    The Space Plane Hangar, I still need to finish th interior


    Landing of the Discovery Space Shuttle


    Crowd of people watching the launch


    Astronauts training for their next mission


    I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed building key elements of the game, fly safe !

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