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  1. Hopefully CKAN is your friend (most mods are easily reachable through it). Otherwise, search by title in this forum.
  2. @pdmss99 Be sure to install Communtiy Resource Pack. That nuclear jet engine currently requires IntakeAtm by default and KSP is known to hang when there is a part that is an engine with its own intake but its propellant is undefined.
  3. I solved it pretty quickly but I wanted an update to consists of more than just the fix(es) for that, and so it does. Version 0.2.1 is up now Have fun...
  4. Howdy. CTT? Absolutely. Other tech trees or whatever progression system? That's up to their authors, not me. Fuel system? I'll provide my own tank suite sometime. There will be no dependence on outside part mods, but, there is currently a placeholder patch for Procedural Parts. This config may crash your game right now because some resource definitions were disabled since I wrote it and I forgot to disable that config. These resources were disabled because the engines that use them wait to be remade or were cancelled.
  5. That's all that you have to do. But you have to make sure that the original file extension .txt is showing in the first place. If it wasn't, then now you just have Air.cfg.txt and Stress.cfg.txt and they remain inactive.
  6. Lack of System Heat config for the 1.875m wrapper radiators. I've dealt with it, but I've also renamed the parts, which will break craft files.
  7. The Sterling age has begun. Lots more to come. LICENSE :: Art is ARR :: Configs are ShareAlike DOWNLOAD :: GitHub Issues to watch for: Part stats and models may change due to current pre-release state. dV calculators do not ignore massless resources other than ElectricCharge so it will be a pain to get the dV for engines that ask for ThermalPower (while in ship editors, maybe not so in flight). Support should be good for: Indicator Lights Simple Repaint (only the whites of parts will be recolored) Waterfall Dependencies: B9 Part Switch Community Resource Pack
  8. Re-textured the heatshield suite. Next up is updating the textures for the wrapper Graphene radiators. They look like such garbage now in comparison to their same style becoming fully mature on the thermal nozzles. The molten salt reactors need just a bit of a touchup too.
  9. @cygnus008 Just delete and don't install the .ksp file. The KSPedia file format changed at KSP 1.8 or so and no one bothers to update those in their mods because it's too much of a bother to make them (and most people won't read them anyway).
  10. SandCastle (by mgb125) is a small mod all about 3D printing in-situ (well, it being the latest incarnation of the ideas behind OSE Workshop) but it introduces such ideas and gameplay loops as: Some parts can be consumed as ingredients for other parts Some parts can only be printed in some situations such as < 0.3 gee or only in vacuum Some parts can be universally blacklisted and must be shipped, namely the included "box of generic parts" or a "black box" part which is equivalent to USI SpecializedParts which are hard (or impossible, depending) to produce off-world. What a given printer can print can be affected by the current tech tree situation About the (ir)rational resources, I recently settled on my own formulas for producing USI MaterialKits or WBI Equipment and avoiding Ore input as much as possible. The input resources are (refined) Metals and (mined) Minerals (representing the majority of common and semi-rare resources that aren't the bulk metals like Iron or Aluminium). The challenge is in dealing with this short (but not too short) resource chain and in acquiring MetallicOre which is most prominent in metal worlds and practically absent in ice worlds. 3D printing of microchips is called Photolithography. It's not unreasnable at all to dedicate an ISRU part (if it looks proper and exceeds a certain minimum size) to this. Any part that is a true EL workshop works, for example. I guess you haven't heard of Relativity Space then. They're 3D-priinting as much as possible for their rockets, especially the engines. I cannot argue the charm of designing a ship with redundancies. When they matter in your game it's indeed a pleasure to have them waiting and get to turn to them when the situation calls.
  11. @kerbnub Kerbalism could introduce and demand a more massive, custom repair kit like part for such situations, whereas, other maintenance mods have traditionally asked for amounts of a resource representing spare parts.
  12. Floor 4346: The room of Jeebs' shop where he keeps his junkyard neuralizer build which is free to use and can (yeah, right) help the minds that get broken on the previous floor.
  13. Floor 4330: A closet full of Spiderman suits so everyone who is confused can point at someone and perform the related meme
  14. Floor 4322: The place is flooded but instead of water there is Liquid Nitrogen
  15. This mod contains some compatibility but only (afaik) in that its B9 fuel configs won't run when IFS is installed, preventing fuel switch conflict. Anything beyond that is not in this mod and might be waiting for you to write it.
  16. @DeadJohn I had started on that ISRU patch work but I eventually lost it (I had too many test installs and likely eventually deleted the one holding that work, forgetting it was that one). I could restart that work easily and post it on my GitHub sandbox repo. Alternatively, if by chance you use Rational Resources Companion, you can opt-in on the ISRU integration there.
  17. Floor 4194: The elevator is a scrolling ladder (as if retractable yet infinite) but it is in a shallow pit and surrounded by a snake so big that you look like a small rat.
  18. I've pondered this for a while and now I really need to know the answer (whatever the formula is) as I would like to have accurate values for resources I create that are close to real ones that appear in the Community Resource Pack. Example: Silicates (which I treat as irl Metasilicates, SiO3) exists in CRP but for very certain reasons, I want to also have Quartz (SiO2) and not use Silicates as an ISRU output. I have access to, and understanding of molar mass and have made calculator spreadsheets for resource converters (using kilograms and using molar mass), and I'd like my invented resources to be accurate and useful in those calculators.
  19. Fuel cells, batteries and molten salt reactors in-game now. Most of these parts not shown.
  20. RR Squad adds classic Water to the options of the fuel tanks of many mods that use B9PS for fuel switching (but excludes CryoTanks and excludes the stock tanks since IFS patches them and has conflicted with RR Squad). RR Companion also adds classic Water among many options to any compatible Ore tank but for ISRU uses only as Ore tanks are probably very bad for use as propellant tanks. Now that I think of it, I don't think RR adds its signature "extra" cryofuel options (Ammonia, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, Water) to the CryoTanks parts. I will see about that.
  21. @EdisonMaxwell Within the KSPI ecosystem there's another water-like resource called Liquid Water. Why this exists is beyond me.
  22. Pebble Bed Reactors Can't adequately power the thermal nozzles (or a small city) without these hulking things. (Some texture issues wait to be fixed)
  23. These shouldn't be posted at all. I read elsewhere on this forum that such posts can crash the database software behind the forum. It's best to report these posts or have the poster delete it.
  24. @isdi0 I've posted a small release which includes an answer to your problem. RR Companion will allow its Ore tank patch to run while RealFuels is installed.
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