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  1. Ah starship troopers, one of the movies that I watched when I was a child (and ruin my childhood (I'm still not used for gory scene back then)). While it was a good film, sometimes I'd like to point out that the idea to exclusively rely on infantry to fight alien bugs in their alien planet without any air, armor or artillery support (and said infantry generally only armed with assault rifles, launchers and grenades. nothing more, no machineguns, sniper rifles are rare (only 1 appearance in first film, and it's used for mercy kill instead of killing bugs) and the launcher is only tactical nukes which they can't use without ducking behind cover (seriously, does anyone not having an idea to bring regular rocket laucher?) is just plain stupid. Also if I may add (from the first film anyway) how the heck klendathu, the alien homeworld that's completely desert have any oxygen? unless there's some explanation about natural autonomous process to replenish the planet's oxygen supply, I'm calling that absurd

  2. Well, as far as my movies experience goes, here is my pet peeves:

    1. Literally every superhero movies is wrong. I'm fine about superhero genre, but what I hate, is when they try to be scientific by technobabbling about the powers in the story. Literally every technobabble about superhero powers is not even close to making sense

    2. Related to 'catch someone mid-fall to save them from falling without breaking their bones or outright killing the victim', in any superhero with super strength, lifting something very heavy (remember that scene in superman where he prevent a plane from falling by holding on it's nose?) if he really apply enough force to lift or halt something very heavy at such a small area (their hands) they might as well just crushed the object due to object's own weight being pitted against such a huge force over a such small area

    3. Hollywood teaches you that, as long as you don't touch lava, molten metal, acid, etc. You will be fine. No flashpoint or dangerous fumes at all, even if u stand very close to them

    4. Someone throw a frag  grenade, but the explosion is very PYROTECHNIC (and if I may add, every time someone throw a frag grenade in movies, the victim of that grenade is always shown died because that grenade's explosion, and rarely because of being hit by shrapnel of that frag grenade

    5. Pick any space themed movies, and every time they depict it on screen is always WRONG

    6.Every time there's a bomb squad's scene of 'red or blue wire?', it's just a total nonsense. Who the heck in real world making a bomb to be obvious to be defused, and always follow red or blue wire? A true bomb maker will make the cables in same color. And rarely, we never see a bomb scene with anti handling device such as mercury switch

    Honestly, those are some of my pet peeves regarding to movie's cliches these days. This is also the reason why I'm enjoying anime more than film, Bcs in anime, at least u can understand that its totally for fun (and avoiding classic movies cliches)

  3. 2 hours ago, Jonfliesgoats said:

    Its hard to disguise a launch and easy to disguise or hide a payload.  The Urugan was launchable from something as small as a Zenit rocket which is eminently hideable/transportable.  An X-37 or similar vehicle can live happily in a fairing.

    Amateur astronomers and spotters actually pose significant challenges because you can't make something, even a black something, entirely invisible.

    Well, my main question is basically how to send something out there undetected. It doesn't matter if it's detected after it deploys, but the main issue is how to send there undetected. So far, smuggling it as something innocent is my best answer, just like @Tex_NL said

  4. 4 minutes ago, Tex_NL said:

    Don't hide it inside the weather satellite. Make it a weather satellite. Have your satellite perform both jobs.
    Many satellites take hi-res pictures of earth or do other detailed scans. A few extra instruments won't be that obvious. And neither would a camera that has a higher resolution than it says on the box.

    Ah, I see. Thanks for the answer:)

    That reminds me... is it possible to hide the payload inside the multistage fairing? Like the one in KSP. So it's like I'm launching the weather satellite, but there's a spy satellite hidden inside the multistage fairing. After the fairing deploys and the weather satellite is decoupled from it, the TRUE payload is deployed shortly after (so basically it's 2 satellite in 1 fairing, but 1 is hidden) is this possible?

  5. I've been playing KSP for about 2 years now. And one day, I wondered that is it possible to launch something into space stealthily? (Not in kerbal style -stuff blowing up- of course). I've been thinking about several possibilities to perform that launch, though I don't know whether these are plausible or not. These possibilities assumes that the technology in the setting for SSTO, space elevator, railgun etc. has been matured enough to be used normally for space travel, but not too far into stuff like FTL, warp drive, etc. (call me weird, but whatever)

    1. Using SSTO with stealthy design, flying low under the radar into a place with free of radar before boosting into space

    2. Disguising the launch as something inconspicuous, like say, u want to launch a spy satellite by smuggling it inside a normal communication satellite launch

    3. Using railgun or mass driver to hurl the object into space from a place free of observation (I don't know whether metal gear REX-style railgun can REALLY deliver nukes undetected or not)

    4. I'm considering space elevator. But I don't know how to use that to send stuff into space stealthily

    If you have other suggestion, feel free to write (sorry for my bad English -_-;)

  6. On 08 September 2016 at 0:25 AM, Waseemq1235 said:

    As @Streetwind said, it's the best to have the slowest minimum speed possible. To do so, add a lot of wings, the more wings the slower the minimum AND maximum speed will be.

    Also, good floaty parts would be empty fuel tanks, by the power of kerbal space program water physics, you can get something very floaty with them.

    Hope this helps.

    Does using airbrakes helps?

  7. I'm planning to create a seaplane for an exploration of kerbin. However, I don't know how to build a proper floats for a seaplane (I'm planning a medium sized plane). My first seaplane either breaks apart, have it's floats torn off or flips once it lands on water. Any suggestion how to build a good floats for a seaplane? and if possible, suggestions how to land on water?

  8. So, I'm planning on sending a rover to mun, but I'm having a difficulty about  how to land my rover there. I know that mun lacks atmosphere, so my parachute won't work, so I'm using thrusters to slow my descent, but it seems that every time I'm trying to land, it's either the whole thing goes kaboom or my rover just crashed into the surface (usually with broken wheels), even after I'm slowing my descent on full thrust (My rover is placed in a fairing with landing thrusters on stage below). Any idea how to land a rover easily on the mun? (And generally on airless celestial body?)

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