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  1. When you are in a move mode, then hower with a mouse cursor over the edge or the corner of the toolbar and you can resize it to whatever grid you want (single line, single column, two lines etc.)
  2. You can do this at least in the last version. When you click on the dish button in the tracking station, then you can change target of antennas.
  3. Be aware, that wheels can be stuck in "Deploying..." or "Retracting..." state. The animations are finished, but they state isn't changed to "Deployed" or "Retracted". The fix is to edit the state of a wheel in the quicksave file and to reload.
  4. I've had problem nearly with every one until that edit of cfg, but they docked at the end. I'm not sure right now, how the paddles were oriented against each other. I can check that later. I've had learned about that grey stripe side during a test of undocking on the runway. EDIT: I checked the position of the paddles and they were mostly against each other and all but one pair of docking ports mated.
  5. Hi, I have a feedback on C-8M Berthing Connector. After nearly one hour of countless tries to dock laboratory to the station with the help of Docking Alignment Indicator and MechJeb I was forced to remove few lines from the config file of this part, because the connectors refused to dock. There was magnetism present, connectors were attached with the right orientation (that's another story ), but no joy. I compared your config with stock ones and leave there only following lines. MODULE { name = ModuleDockingNode referenceAttachNode = dockingNode nodeType = size1 stagingEnabled = False } And now my Kerbals are happy again, because they survived my frustration and desire to throw out whole save file If there was problem with rotation of connectors against each other, then it wil be nice to have some visual cue how to orient them when in design mode.
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