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  1. Thanks for the feedback and sorry for the late reply! Yeah optimizations are on the way But that's awesome, good look for your website! Let me know if you need anything - love connecting with other devs
  2. Hey, sorry for the late reply! Built using React for the front end, with Firebase Firestore for the server and authentication, and firebase functions for a bit of back end functionality. Also using AWS S3 to store uploaded craft JSON because the JSON is too big to fit into a single firestore document KSP builds on github if you want to check it out https://github.com/nyius/ksp-builds Thanks! If 4 tags is what you desire, then 4 tags is what you will get ^-^ 3 tags was just an arbitrary number I chose but I can definitely increase it.
  3. That looks awesome seeint it next to the rings!
  4. Sick, I dig the color scheme and I really like how the hydrogen tank looks
  5. This is awesome, looks very authentic! I cant wait until propellers either get added/modded into the game to really bring builds like this to the next level
  6. Nice design, i love the red lights at night!
  7. Yes that is a good call - That is something that I had forgotten about. This will definitely get more problematic the more builds are stored on the website and loaded on the page. Currently working on saving a compressed version of each builds image now, thanks
  8. Hey everyone! Over the past few weeks I've been putting together a website for uploading/saving/sharing your KSP 2 builds and I've finally got it to a place where I feel comfortable sharing it. It's currently still in beta so I'm hoping some of you lovely people can try uploading some of your builds and see what you think (hopefully not quite as buggy as the game currently is...) It's completely free to use and you can check it out here at ksp builds , although it's going to look a little barren currently as it's only been me testing it out so far. There are a few features I'll be adding such as te ability to create folders to organize your own builds, the ability to have your builds be public or private, and a way to quickshare your build without having to signup (like if you wanted to quickly send your craft to a friend). And as of right now the 'search bar' doesn't search the database yet, just the builds you're currently looking at, but that is being worked on as well so that you can search by name/tag/creator/etc If you have any feedback/suggestions I'd love to hear them! If this isn't right right forum to post this in mods just let me know. Fly safe!
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