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  1. Hi Thomash, Thanks for the kind words and the heads up. I fixed the collider on the 2.5m trunk, it should work now. As for the IVA, i need to turn the model which will implicate redoing the colliders and thrust and RCS transforms. I will get on that as soon as I have time, until then, I beg your patience. I added an MCT in the öatest update it is not textured yet and still requires some work. Give it a test. Regards, Doc
  2. Hmmmmm, I have a ton of mods installed and I'm not having this issue. The only ones I don't have installed as per your picture are: Curve Cis FAR
  3. It is very strange. The only dependency it has is firespitter for the animations, otherwise it's a standard part.
  4. Tested. Mine is working fine. https://imgur.com/CgFonH7 Possibly mod incompatibility. Try removing FAR temporarily it might be the issue. Do you have firespitter core installed?
  5. Ah, I see what you mean. The staging is gone. Is this the 2.5m or 3.75m version? I'll give it a test and see whats up. Give me a few minutes.
  6. Why every time I try to launch it... all other parts gone? I'm not quite sure what you mean. The picture you submitted is rather small.
  7. Just something I needed:) A drogon V2 analog. Enjoy. Requires Firespitter. https://imgur.com/a/Gaj49 Added some stuff, spacedock seems to having issues at the moment so I'll upload there later on- Added 3.75 m parts Added attach node to inner part of the trunk trunk also hollow now Seems I managed to get it up on spacedock. Download there.
  8. The HLV, ( heavy landing vehicle or horizontal landing vehicle) whichever ticks your clock, is a multipurpose landing frame. It can be used to land a mini base with hab and science lab or transport a medium size rovers, the new version will be able to do both in a single launch, it is also used for cargo. The new version will have multiple cargo capabilities. The very first version I made had some CoM issues which have since then been fixed. The HLV 2, the current version, is 3.5m diameter. The HLV 3 the one I am currently working on is 5m and looks allot more like the original concept from NASA.
  9. You sure? Interesting! Just tested and seems fine. You have firespitter installed?
  10. I am currently working on a larger version of the HLV closer to the original. I may also add a few parts not included in the original concept. 5m diameter, 15m long, engines with extending bell Currently modeled and in game: Frame Engines and tanks Aeroshell None have been textured though. Currently modeling habitat for frame. The advantage is you can send up the hab, Cargo and a medium Rover in one launch. The current hlv is to small to do this.
  11. Hi Jhorriga, Thanks, I'm glad you are enjoying it. I am already working on a new version of the lander, a bit closer to the original. Also have added a few things to the current one. I will update as soon as possible. Regards,
  12. Hi Maverick, Thanks for the feedback. I also noticed the stage getting to hot on the deceleration burn, after some checking it seems there is a cousin mesh that is interfering. I'll fix it and update. As for the tank and copernicus, this is a bigger issue and I suspect we'll require a config patch to be compatible. I will attend to both issues and update the mod. All the engines have been readjusted for less thrust and more fuel. So your lander should land almost empty. You will need to produce fuel in situ to refill. The kopernicus should arrive at duna with enough fuel for a return trip and make it back home with a little too spare.
  13. Ah, I see. In the last update I did add a saddle frame and a drop tank. Never the less, I will try attend your request. Still reworking the texturing though.
  14. Hi Obijan, Thank you, I'm glad you are enjoying the mod. As for your request, maybe I'm just a little tired right now, but I am not sure which tank you refer to. Is it the large orange transfer tank? Or the deorbiting engine? If you could be a little more specific I could possibly help or attend your request:) I included a copernicus type vehicle in the last update.
  15. Hi Gerald, Where are you trying to Eva from? To Eva from the Mav hover your mouse just below it, where the lower hatch is, you should see a label callef "crew hatch", left click and then Eva the Kerbal of your choice, the same applies to the other modules, just hover your mouse over the hatch, left click till you see the "crew hatch" label and then Eva the Kerbal. Sorry for this, for some reason the crew portraits are not showing up try and fix that this week and I will begin work on the Iva soon. Should you require further assistance feel free to pm me. Regards.
  16. I am well aware of the TCA capabilities. I used it a number of times before I began making my own parts. However, my goal was to supply parts that could function on their own. Naturally players will eventually try and add things that "don't belong", that is the very nature of KSP and that is where they would require TCA. If you do have suggestions for the configs, i am always open. I remind you that I added the Mav fuel tanks separately because you requested them, not to mention the landing legs.... Because..... Landing legs;) Let's work together to make a great mod!
  17. Granted, but you see the problem I ran into with the first hlv was not the horizontal landing that worked like dream, even without TCA. The problem arose during liftoff. So the the entire vehicle would list to one side during takeoff and eventually tip over. This made me very sad indeed as it was a wonderful lander and looked allot more like the original than my current design. Now I suggest the following, you supply the altered configs and I'll supply the parts. Thus we all get a wonderful horizontal lander that is not only sexy;) but also challenging. What do say? Naturally all due credit will be given;)
  18. If I remember correctly about 10 tons a piece and I have tried it with almost empty fuel tanks, also balanced. Now if it bothers you that much and you lack the patience for the mod to evolve then I suggest you edit the cfg files yourself, which is not that great a task or use other engines. Alternatively you could just delete the mod. As I have mentioned, the original gave me allot of com issues and not in horizontal flight, the problem arose during liftoff. So allot of experimentation and trial and error have led me to where I am now. This is more than likely why the are not so many horizontal Landers out there. The config files will be reworked upon my return home, not only for ISP issues, which you have so painstakingly pointed out but also mod compatibility and career balancing.
  19. Oh, apologies. I used the umbra technologies trolley wheels for testing, they fold upward and hide neatly in the Shell. I am still working on wheels of my own.
  20. Hi Raptor, At the moment I find myself away from home. However I will be more than happy to post pictures on Sunday when I get back. The hlv currently only supports medium size rovers like the malemut or buffalo. Naturally any "homemade" rovers will have confine the wheel size. I'll post pictures on Sunday. Promise;)
  21. The ISP of the engines has been adjusted somewhat. But to be honest I am concentrating on other things right now, like the texturing. OMG! The texturing!!!! I think it's improving, but hey that's just me. I don't intend any more parts for the time being so I can concentrate the cfg files and mod compatibly. The lander is now balanced without TCA. Unless of course you pack all your goodies into just one cargo unit then things will go wrong for you. Naturally balancing the cargo as much as possible is advised. Thank you for your input. I will strive to improve the mod.
  22. Thanks man, just updated the mod. Added Copernicus and a few details. Nice to know you are enjoying it. Suggestions are welcome. Granted, but it is a game and I feel it is a tad not balanced this way. I might lower the ISP for future updates since it gets to duna almost empty. But for the time being I need to work on other things.
  23. Many thanks Thomash. Glad you like it. If you have any suggestions feel free to air them here. Granted, but it is a game and I feel it is a tad not balanced this way. I might lower the ISP for future updates since it gets to duna almost empty. But for the time being I need to work on other things.
  24. Hmmmm, I'll load up some of the mods you use and get back to you.
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