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  1. Look, that's why we say version numbers, I thought 2.7.4 was the latest. Let me try with -.5
  2. Indeed, I am having the same issue. "10 errors related to MarkIVSystem/Patches/MkIVCryoTanksSwitcher.cfg" with KSP 1.2.1, MM 2.7.4, latest mod versions (Too many to list).
  3. Will these parts have mod integration? Meaning things like KeepFit! or Kerbalism, which add crew quality of life. If not, I already offered my help in the Kerbalism thread (I am indeed particularly interested about this one) and said that I would be glad to give it a try and write some MM patches. However, since this topic is complex, I ask for some documentation on what modules are activated and deactivated in the inflatables, and similar, non-conventional things. Thanks a lot in advance.
  4. I am not sure, however, for the pedantry, what about Apollo's lunar rovers? They definitely had dishes, and I think they were able to communicate with the CSM in orbit. I have not done any research on this, however.
  5. No worries. I don't think many people used it anyway (Seriously, I needed to think about it for a moment to even remember what console you mean!) because it was so well hidden. An own UI would definitely make things more user friendly, so you're doing the right thing. At least in my opinion. Amazing, can't wait for it!
  6. Yes, that's been answered: --- Obviously, yes. --- Sorry if I broke any formatting, a lot of quoting in a WYSIWYG editor here.
  7. Some time ago on IRC, someone had the good idea of deleting about half of the mods at a time. That way you can do it way faster. If the issue disappears after deleting half of the mods, you know it was in the deleted half. If not, you know it was in the remaining part.
  8. There is a resource called passive shielding, and an active shield.
  9. Yay! You just indirectly forced me to play KSP right now!
  10. What about temporarily decreasing the antennae's ranges? This actually seems more realistic, even, than to fully disable it. Just make the range 0.5% or so, and revert back to normal once the CME is over.
  11. Some research and luck led me to finding this: TweakableFuelPumps by Linuxgurugamer. I see it is doing a lot of the things I need (most notably it allows me to enable crossfeed from a button). So I ask, if anyone has time, if they could explain me the relevant pieces of code. I actually PM'ed Linuxgurugamer about it, but I guess he's been too busy, so I figured I'd ask here, as someone else might explain it too. Thanks a lot in advance.
  12. Right. The point at which you stop being surprised at some code and just deal with it marks the border to a true high quality software.
  13. Sorry for not having done this, I didn't have enough time. In fact I already got distracted too much with science articles and should not be lurking around here too, but you know how it is every time. I am moving this to an indefinite time, probably Wednesday. Sorry again, and keep up the great work.
  14. Do you also plan SSTU support? Since they added quite a few inflatable and other hab parts recently. If not, I might give it a shot and try to make a few MM patches for it.
  15. No matter who does, he is awesome! Thanks a lot for sharing! I am totally excited now. And let me know if you need some testing, I'd be glad to do it!
  16. I will try to reproduce it once I have time. Not today, but tomorrow, that is. It does, and it also did in older versions. But, to answer the question, yes, it still persists. Thanks for your patience with me. As I said, I will try to get a log tomorrow, because I didn't actually do the mission. I used KRASH to "simulate" it. I will try to reproduce and send the log, if I can retrieve it (As I said, I do not actually do the mission in my persistent.sfs). And please mind that my game is heavily modded. I will try to keep the save a clean as possible, but you know...
  17. A frequent problem is with Apollo style missions. While I account for the lander while planning my delta-V in the VAB, I have problems in flight due to the engineer miscalculating burn times. It seems to ignore the docked lander, altering the node burn time and related readouts. (With my lander weighing about as much as the CSM, it is almost a factor of two). It seems to refresh after scene changes, though, as I do not remember any docking issues other than that (stations/big ships readouts do work correctly). It also may be some incompatibility, as I have a LOT of mods, and in particular the docking ports in question are from SSTU. So ignore this if you cannot reproduce it.
  18. I didn't come to test crossfeedStatus because I never came far enough for it (I wanted the GUI first). However, I suspect, or rather I hope, it is whether crossfeed is enabled. I did some quick test using craft files, and it looks like that's indeed it. toggleEditor is a stock GUI toggle, which I have to disable because I want to implement my own. Basically what I do is hide all stock GUI related to this and use my own, which, besides controlling crossfeed, also adds mass and cost. Thanks for the advice, though.
  19. By the way, if I do recall correctly, KER has an API for kOS? If so, could someone hint me at how to use it?
  20. You are awesome. There is no other plausible explanation to your behavior.
  21. I see how you made The Martian style missions possible (CO2 extractor, Sabatier Process). That is totally awesome! However, I have one wish... Would it be hard to make a flat 2.5 m or 3.75 m ISRU converter? I always found it hard to place the converters in landers without making these insanely tall. It would be nice to have a perhaps weaker, but more lander-friendly part for this. Or is this the wrong place to suggest that/there already is a mod doing this? If the latter applies, could you add support for it? Thanks a lot for your awesome work, again, I can't wait to try it!
  22. There weren't any status updates for some time now... How is it going? Do you need any help testing? I'd be glad to do it, if so. I seriously think screwing up a save or two is worth early access to a mod. Thanks for working on it, anyway, and take your time. I am not hurrying you up. (As some critics to this forum in general, it seems to be problematic to ask about how a mod is going and is often perceived as hurrying someone up.)
  23. Credit goes to Red Iron Crown for this, he taught me: Launch straight up, and by reaching a speed of 100 m/s, pitch to 75°. After that, you can set SAS to point at prograde and most launches will be good, but try to aim to reach 45° by an altitude of 10 km. If you see that you're missing it, just pitch a bit up/down manually. After that you should be at maybe 20 to 25° by 25 km and horizontalize by 45 to 50 km. My personal additional advice is, have a lower stage TWR of around 1.5 (atmospheric), an upper stage TWR of more than 0.6 and the stages should have about an equal amount of delta-V. This trajectory and rocket should get you to orbit for 3300 to 3400 m/s.
  24. So, where do I start...? Well, a while ago I tried playing with the stock setting "Resource Transfer obeys Crossfeed Rules" or something like that, as I figured this would add an interesting flavor of realism. And guess what? Stations become totally impossible! So I figured I'd need a way to add resource crossfeed to any part. But that itself would have been totally boring, as you could just add it everywhere. I decided to make this cost money and mass, just as normal pipes do. The only problem is, I know no C#, and currently do not intend to learn it. I am using Python, PHP and JavaScript until I feel like I am familiar enough with them to move on. TL;DR: I, a person with NO knowledge in C#, want to do a plugin that adds a button "Install/Remove Pipes" which would toggle crossfeed for some cost and mass. I started a bit, but it does exactly nothing... Could someone point me at what to do? C# code, should add a right click GUI button in the Editor to all parts: using KSP; using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine namespace PipeInstaller { public class PipeInstaller : PartModule { [KSPEvent(guiActive = false, guiActiveEditor = true, active = true, isPersistant = true, guiName = "Install Pipes")] public void InstallPipes() { this.ModuleToggleCrossfeed.isEnabled = true; this.mass += 0.05; this.cost += 1000; Events["InstallPipes"].active = false; Events["RemovePipes"].active = true; } [KSPEvent(guiActive = false, guiActiveEditor = true, active = false, isPersistant = true, guiName = "Remove Pipes")] public void RemovePipes() { this.ModuleToggleCrossfeed.isEnabled = false; this.mass -= 0.05; this.cost -= 1000; Events["InstallPipes"].active = true; Events["RemovePipes"].active = false; } } } MM patch to go along with it, should add a ModuleToggleCrossfeed to all parts: @PART[*]:HAS[!MODULE[ModuleToggleCrossfeed]] { MODULE[ModuleToggleCrossfeed] { crossfeedStatus = false toggleEditor = false toggleFlight = false } } Of course, if this code is bad beyond any hope and someone feels like it, it would be nice if they took over this idea and made a proper mod from it. I really just wanted to add myself a little feature, but I wouldn't be able to properly maintain or expand this mod, after all. Thanks, any help is appreciated! Although, I ask not to go too deep into technical details or vague hints, because, as stated above, I know next to nothing in C# and even less so in KSP modding.
  25. Man, you're awesome. I never thought a human could be as overclocked as you are! Seriously, thanks a lot for maintaining all those mods!
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