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  1. The readme still seems to contain the old information, and the contact information of coffeeman. I am fairly certain this is intended otherwise.
  2. I do run x64, and I have the window grayed out as well. But that is only on a new save, changing the difficulty in an existing one works. Although I have not had any failures too, but I was not playing much since installing Dang It! (seriously, maybe two launches or so).
  3. May I remind you to update the KSP version number on SpaceDock? As any parts pack mod, this perfectly works in 1.2.1.
  4. This, sir, is absolutely awesome news! You never cease to amaze me, by how many mods you manage to maintain. If I may make a suggestion... One thing still not yet offered by any mod, is antenna failure. Could you try to add that in the Entropy merging update? (EDIT: Sorry, I hurried too much posting that - just saw it has been suggested already.) Thanks a lot for taking so much of your time for all the mods!
  5. Well, this actually includes no offense. Though, literally translated, it is not fully correct: "Welcome you in the Forums! We are glad, that you here, so get yourself a chair and feel like at home!". Correctly, it would be: "Wilkommen im Forum. Wir sind froh, dass du hier bist, also schnappe dir einen Stuhl und fühle dich wie zu Hause!" If your only German is from years ago at school, that sounds quite good, even. Understandable, at the very least. Danke! Yes, this is a very international community. Thanks! Ah, that sounds legit. Still, I keep tripping over it.
  6. Humm, not wanting to be rude or impatient, just asking... Is this still being worked on? KwirkyJ wasn't here since August, 22th, when he last posted here...
  7. I just wanted to say how much I LOVE this mod! Thanks, ShotgunNinja, your add-on ranks number two on my must-have list, just after MM. Also thanks for mentioning my Profile in the OP - it is a honor for me! Keep up the great work, and I can only totally agree with all of the people patiently waiting for the 1.2.x version to be released!
  8. Hello! Some people may know me from the IRC channel and/or SpaceDock. I was playing the game for quite some time now, and heavily modded it. Naturally, that lead to lurking around here and on the channel, but I never got to register on the forums. Until now, that is. Well, about me, there is not much to say. I am a student from Germany, and English is not my native language (though I do read and write a lot). So excuse any grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes I make, and I ask you to point me at them, so I'd do better next time. My hobbies are Chess, KSP, sciences (I always liked physics and maths, but blame KSP for astronomy!), programming, photography... And well, that's about it. In no particular order. I made some simple mods, more like configs for existing mods, but I never went beyond that. I know some programming languages and some image editing, so I feel like I have the resources to move on to real modding, but I never really tried - but who knows what will be in a few years? One thing that I would like to mention as my "newcomer gift" is just a minor issue here - it always bothers me, how it says "IRC Chat" in the navigation bar. Could you change that to "IRC Channel" or something like that? Okay, that's it, about me. Thanks for this game, which uncovers hidden interests, teaches programming and inspires people (and of course entertains!), for this forum, which does all of the above and brings people together, and for all the community made content, which keeps amazing me!
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