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  1. You guys don't know this? I'm a bit surprised to be honest, it isn't exactly a secret. "Mystery Goo" is really the stuff they put in the bio-neural gel packs used by the federation in starships starting with USS Voyager. How it got to Kerbin isn't entirely clear, the standard explanation that it "fell of the back of a lorry" doesn't really cut it somehow...
  2. Now there's a funny thing. Turns out the fairings - and a whole load of other parts too - were there all along, but for some reason the game wasn't picking them up? The parts that were available worked perfectly, and I admit I never thought for one minute KSP 1.2 might be recognising some and not others, so never thought to check if the fairings, struts, etc. were in the RSR file. Anyway, all's good, and these new parts will make things much easier, limiting the number of non-RSR parts I'm forced to use in my RSR career game.
  3. Thanks very much for taking the time to reply. I'll just go right now and download this version of RSR; fingers crossed it'll work in 1.2!
  4. Hey Guys! Demo Sunday looks to be a thing of the past now, I seem to have run out of things to do, but a Rusty Star Rockets career game kicked off last weekend! I'm playing it in KSP 1.2 for a number of reasons, not least because as far as I can tell it hasn't been updated to work in 1.4 and I never did download KSP 1.3. My question is was there or is there a version of RSR which had fairings included? I found a Youtube clip which would say this did or does exist, but it certainly isn't my version unfortunately. I tried downloading another mod called Rusty Textures for Procedural Parts, thinking it would make me add rust to the stock fairings, but I can't see any benefit with having this mod in my game. Maybe it isn't compatible with KSP 1.2? I would appreciate if anyone can throw some light on this issue, rusty fairings would be a huge help, meaning Sergei (CEO of RSR) wouldn't have to have parts stolen from the KSA, so visible on RSR rockets! Thanks guys!
  5. Sorry for not reading these sooner guys, I've been busy recently and KSP had to be put on the back burner. Hopefully by the end of this week things will ease up a bit and I'll be able to launch a few rockets (ie blow 'em up on the launchpad). Excellent answers as always, I really do need to look more closely at that vis-viva equation. I too sometimes wait until I have a number of contracts for satellites, using the one launch to complete them. And yes, I too use satellites to gain science from around x, although unless I'm really in need of funds I seldom take on contracts to reposition them; I don't know why, but for some reason this type of contract doesn't interest me. Plusck has given me an answer which I'm going to have a look at more closely, really interesting and useful. Using them as spacetugs is a novel idea, one I certainly would never have thought of myself, it is definitely one really useful way of using up that extra Dv. All the answers are much appreciated and thanks to everyone for offering advice.
  6. So I've just finished another session of KSP (at 3.03am, lucky I'm off work today...) by putting the "John Glenn" satellite into a highly elliptical orbit. As usual I had way too much fuel on board, I could probably go interplanetary and return to Kerbin with what's left. The problem is I haven't got a clue how to calculate Dv for orbits specified in contracts for satellite launches. Going to a moon or another planet - just look up a Delta V map and Bob's your uncle, but with a one off orbit for a satellite it's not so easy. So the question, how do you calculate a Dv budget for such orbits so you don't end up hauling a truck load of fuel into space which is never going to be used? Thanks everyone.
  7. Very true! With the exception of two tiny probes on Duna and one on Eve, I too have never strayed far from Kerbin and have enjoyed whizzing around it and its moons no end! This is changing however, a few days ago (Kerbin time), President John F. Kerman made a speech at Tea University declaring that "We choose to go to Duna...".
  8. Really looking forward to seeing more of this!
  9. Two contracts became available today to position satellites in equatorial Munar orbits. They were small affairs only requiring solar panels and an antenna. In addition one of them needed a thermometer. The higher orbit was to go counterclockwise the lower one, clockwise. I was going to reject them, but then I had the idea of trying to shove them up there on one rocket. I had set up geostationary orbits with three satellites around Kerbin before, and always being out to make a quick buck, the financial rewards would total almost 225K for a total expenditure of less than 12K, nothing to be scoffed at, and so "The Roman Project" was initiated... The rocket turned out to be a simple, clean, elegant affair with a stage powered by one LVT-30 to get the whole shebang underway, and a second stage with a Terrier engine to make orbit, perform the TMI, and set both satellites - now named Romulus and Remus - on their merry ways. Ready For Liftoff. The countdown proceeded without a hitch and the launch was successful. And Away She Goes! Because of the characteristics of both engines, it had been decided to let this rocket fly higher than normal before tipping over to begin its gravity turn, and indeed it had went through an altitude of 17km before reaching 45 degrees. Soaring Skywards. Stage Sep! At an altitude of about 68k the fairings were popped open. I tend to keep the fairings longer than most KSPers, I've had trouble with payloads overheating in the past, so I'm willing to sacrifice a little fuel efficiency to keep everything nice and safe. Now safely out of the atmosphere, Romulus (in front) and Remus are ready for the transfer burn to the Mun. The stack decouplers are a bit big for this mission, but they're all I've got at the minute, the smaller decouplers and stack separators are still locked in the tech tree. Unfortunately most of the rest of the mission took place in the dark, but almost everything went as planned, except a slight miscalculation in the Delta V saw the second stage of the rocket fall short of achieving what was intended, failing to reach a Munar encounter. However this was not a problem, the satellites had more enough Dv to make their orbits, thus fulfilling the contracts, and helping the expansion of the KSA's bank account. Remus In Orbit Around The Mun.
  10. I wonder if someone could help me with an equation for calculating the Dv required for an Apollo style free return trajectory around the Mun? Thanks everyone.
  11. It's seldom I post anything in this section, indeed I think the only other rocket I put on display in here was one I built in the Demo version, the first rocket I ever built which could land a Kerbal on either the Mun or Minmus. The reason why I don't is really simple, my rockets tend to be crap to be honest, and would be an embarrassment when compared to what you guys have created. However... Today, for the first time since I started playing KSP in October 2016, I finally made a rocket that I'm really proud of. It doesn't look like much, but it flies as straight as an arrow, indeed I can take my hands of the keyboard and let it fly itself; this is a first for me. It was designed to lift a payload into orbit, which would then set out for the Mun, and it does it perfectly. Take a look, but now guys, don't laugh!! Specifications: Part Count: 42 (24 without Payload) Height: 14.4m Width: 2.6m Weight 24.764 tons (22.904 tons without payload) Jeb really hates this rocket; an untrained gerbil could fly it and it's making it really hard for him to find a plausible excuse to show off! I have absolutely no idea why it flies so well, but from the moment it lifts off until it reaches orbit, it never moves or deviates from the 90 degree line. Launching into an inclined orbit isn't quite as easy, but that's down to my poor piloting skills and not the rocket. There's isn't much else to say about it really, fingers crossed all my future rockets will be as well behaved as this one!
  12. I haven't played 1.4 much, but I loaded it up today and within 20 minutes found a bug with a contract. All I had to do was haul a Hammer RT-10 SRB up to an altitude of between 38,000 and 43,000 meters, with a speed between 340 and 520 m/s. I absolutely nailed the conditions required, but the contract would not complete. I reverted the flight and tried again, but no luck this time either. So it's back to 1.2 for me and hopefully Squad will be able to sort these bugs out soon.
  13. Thanks for replying guys, I guess I'll just have to load them up and see what happens! I really do like Unmanned Before Manned, along with the SETI parts that are necessary to make it work.
  14. What about the other 29 genders officially recognised in New York? Or Facebook who after hitting 70+ genders have now left it so you can call yourself whatever you like? Should we have 70 genders in KSP? I don't "play" as any named Kerbal, I'm more in the roll of the mission commander allocating the best Kerbal for the job, regardless of sex, the way it should be in real life as well as in KSP.
  15. Hi Guys! Just looking at CKAN and I must say how impressed I am with the number of mods now available for KSP. Looking at some of the mods I'm interested in, such as Unmanned Before Manned, and under the Max KSP Version column it says 1.99.99? Does this mean it'll work with any version of the game, or is/was there a version 1.99? Looking at other mods and I see a couple which says they're compatible with version 9.99.99?? Really... Version 9.99.99??? I really don't think there was a version 9 released, so what do these numbers mean? Thanks all.
  16. Sunday is always KSP Demo version day for me, and today - well yesterday now I suppose - was no exception. Many months ago I set myself a mission, do a Soviet style landing on the Mun. It didn't have to be an exact copy of what Moscow planned, this was in the demo after all, but something that would resemble it. First things first, there was no way I was gonna squeeze thirty engines into the first stage, I did put in nineteen, but after that things just got silly. Then came the BIG problem: the lander! Unlike the Apollo lander, the Soviet vessel had only one engine for both landing and leaving the surface, and get back into Munar orbit. I really bashed my head against a wall with this, I just couldn't suss out a way of staging the lander, leaving the descent section on the Mun while the ascent section flew off. Believe it or not, but two months - albeit only on Sundays - were spent trying to solve this, but it really did seem such a system was impossible in KSP Demo. And then I found a Youtube video: I really can't recommend this channel highly enough, some of the replicas this guy makes using totally stock parts is incredible! Time for some industrial espionage; I downloaded his craft file, tore it apart in the VAB, and discovered its secrets... And the rest is history! The "M1" just after lift off.Gravity Turn.Staging.In LKONext Stop: The Mun!In Munar Orbit, EVA From The CM (Meteor) To The Lander (Meteorite).The Deorbit Burn.Final Approach.Meteorite Impacts The Munar Surface.Mustn't Miss The Photo Opportunity!And... We're Outta Here!Munar Orbit Rendezvous.Crew Transfer Complete.Trans Kerbin Injection.Preparing For Reentry.Toastie!Chute Deployment......And Touchdown! The Desert Landing Was Appropriate But Pure Chance.What Remained On the Mun.
  17. Sorry for not reading this earlier, I've been a bit busy lately and KSP has had to be put on the back burner for a few days. So my little question in another thread resulted in a challenge eh? I think I'll have to have a go at this, probably failing spectacularly in the process.
  18. As usual, great answers from everyone. And it's good to know this is the norm, I was beginning to go slightly mad trying to figure out what I was doing wrong.
  19. Simple question guys, how do you transfer out to Minmus so you arrive in an equatorial trajectory? I can launch into an LKO which matches the orbit of Minmus perfectly, yet when I arrive I still am not doing so along the equatorial. I've tried every combination of launch/inclination adjustment I can think of, but all to no avail. And I'm not talking about a degree or two out here, this is an appreciable difference of maybe ten or more degrees of error. So what am I doing wrong, or is it just a fact of life that because Minmus is on an inclined orbit, entering its SOI on an inclined plane is just a fact of life? Thanks all.
  20. Does anyone know if the Soviets give their N1/L3 Lunar Landing project a name such as "Apollo"?
  21. That right there will surely be the comment of the week! Simple and profound.
  22. That's a really cool video you linked me to. A little dated now unfortunately, the Mun has been through a heavy bombardment or two since that landing was made, but it was a really good one to watch.
  23. I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right section, if not my apologies in advance. I wonder if anyone has ever done a proper Apollo style landing? I know a lot of you guys have made some fantastic models of the vessels used in the Apollo program, and have made excellent landings on the Mun, but in all the videos I've seen of these, the engine was cut off at some stage during the descent. Some of you have the skill to then use a suicide burn to complete the landing, but there always seems to be a bit of the descent process when the lander is falling down towards the surface with the engine shut down. In the real Apollo missions, the boys fired up the engine of the descent stage at 50,000 feet, initially for twenty six seconds (I think) at 10% to allow the guidance system to align the thrust with the centre of mass, and then they throttled up and started the landing procedure for real. They burned the engine all the way down, only shutting it down when the blue contact light came on on the panel. Have any of you guys ever done this, run the engine all the way from PDI to "Contact Light" (we don't need to worry about the 10% burn)? I admit I have nowhere near the skill to do it; although my landings are now almost always successful, they can still be a hair raising experience, usually resulting in a large intake of blood pressure medication to get everything back to normal! If you have, or if you know of someone who has, and there might be a video available showing it, I'd very much appreciate if you let me know. Thanks everyone!
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