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  1. Hello and welcome to my narrated 1.12 Let's Play with New Horizons! For those who don't know this mod, it can be found here: Like Alternis Kerbol, it has the quirk that Kerbin, which is still the planet we start on, is not a primary, but a moon of a gas giant. Here, Kerbin is orbiting Sonnah, a rather chill blue gas giant with quite a set of rings, and five satellites in total: -Mun -Aptur, a pseudo-subsatellite outside of Kerbin's SOI, but in a 1:1 resonnance with it -Kerbin -Eli, a mid-size moon -Serran, a habitable moon with an atmosphere resembling Kerbing, but with no life. The system contains all bodies from vanilla KSP, but remixed, along with some crazy destinations, such as Titanus, a super-Earth, and Ernus, a very dense planet that's pretty much Moho after it drank its weight in red bull. Now, without further ado, here are the rules! Anyways, now that's out of the way... Let's roll. Chapter 1:This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.
  2. I've been doing a custom "very hard" New Horizons playthough. I plan on maybe doing a semi-narrative LP on it, if people are interested.
  3. I'm having a glitch where, if Kerbin isn't a primary, the contracts to visit the other moons of the system do not appear.
  4. Cramming two goos, one thermometer, one barometer, one OKTO, one parachute, two small reaction gyroscopes, one antenna, one OKTO, one battery bank and a KER chip in a 1.25 bay in a way that doesn't look like garbage is difficult, but possible.
  5. Drogues? Why use a drogue when you already got a perfectly good cargo bay?
  6. Okay, I have come back from my holidays, and it seems that setting friction to its maximum mostly fixes wheels, otherwise it's like I'm driving on buttersticks. This means this elcano will come to an end successfully, I think.
  7. As we wait for wheels to be fixed... here's the Ike run! It seems however that I had forgotten to take the final "ring of flag" shot. If needed I may try to reconstitute the path I took.
  8. I tweaked nearly every single options including those relevant to steering and it's still nigh-impossible to turn, what am I missing?
  9. For some reasons since the update it's almost impossible to turn using wheels on Minmus. Is it possible to restore the old wheel model, or at least to fix the new one, in some way?
  10. I just updated to 1.12, which for some reasons almost completely prevents me to turn using wheels on low gravity worlds such as Minmus. Any fix?
  11. Well then, here comes part one, the Duna run. Stay tuned for part two!
  12. Glad to see someone adopt my methods, and yes material bay are lethal joke items in caveman runs. They are literally heat shields/science protectors/aerodynamics conservers/airbrakes.
  13. I found a few images from a Duna and Ike circumnavigation I completed about two years ago but never posted due to various problems. Is it still valid?
  14. Huh, I just noticed that in the advanced options, plasma blackout is on and required connection for control is on... was it always like that? I'm pretty sure my attempts were made with the other way round.
  15. Given there is a relatively easy method to send a kerbal to orbit even without the fall off by putting something under their feet, I'd say it should be off.
  16. It's probably not *the* best route for what I did, as such I went through a canyon twice, and I had to make some detours to catch anomalies. At the very least, an optimized run for what I wanted to do would have gone straight from the starting crater to the polar one.
  17. Here it goes: Mun Elcano, or how I loved to stop worrying and love craters So before we jump in, let's analyze our target. The Mun has a medium gravity, meaning that while you have *some* friction, near your top speed it's all too easy to go flying in the air at nearly every single obstacle. Oh, and the Mun has a LOT of craters. So let's say right now, this is gonna be a bumpy ride. Primary objective: catch every single biomes on the Mun and squeeze them as hard as possible dry of science Secondary: visit as many anomalies as possible
  18. I built the Space Casino from Tourism+ In case you're wondering the asteroids are class A, B, C and E. Oh, and the class A is a magic boulder, it took me 30 tries... Now I can farm money with 2.5 million profit a flight. Time to explore! If you're curious I made a detailed "tour" of the station on Reddit, here's the post: https://www.reddit.com/r/KerbalSpaceProgram/comments/nz18a5/i_have_completed_the_tourism_space_casino/
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