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  1. I can confirm DangIt works perfectly with 1.12.5.
  2. Oh so one should avoid ckan and the like? I recently reinstalled everything and dangit felt off.
  3. I was wondering if you would be the first to come up with one of those!
  4. @pizzaoverhead many thanks for this mod!
  5. Updated - meaning, I merely brought it up to par with KSP's current version. As long as Final Frontier works, this should always work.
  6. This is something to celebrate. Mods can finally catch ans become fully up to date.
  7. Maybe this is being taken for granted as nobody is mentioning it, but I would also add, beware if one of your command parts has reaction wheels on. The reaction wheels and the control surfaces will be conflicting with eachother and that may cause the wobble.
  8. Old and grumpy Boeing 707 looking at you in scorn.
  9. Has this been reported yet? You dont splash, you stop a few meters above sealevel and hover there, above the waves. Maybe not a bug, just inomplete implementation.
  10. We have two runways now, maybe one could head 27 and the other 09.
  11. I neither love or hate the new mouse configuration for the VAB camera movement control; this is not to discuss that. What I do miss is using both mouse and keyboard at the same time, specially to move up and down a very tall rocket. Can we have the keyboard back, please?
  12. Health hehehehe... you should know. 100% agree. It was a golden opportunity to insert, from the start, some things flagrantly missing in ksp1 like all of those. Guess it will be up to mods, again. Garwel are you feeling up to it?
  13. Could this mean that thicker wings generate more lift at the expense of more drag? That would be great.
  14. Whomever had the idea of improving the cues you get indicating the target body's SOI via a visible volumetric sphere, and the point of entry-exit on the same SOI.... you're a genious. Thank you. But the execution needs some work. The basic idea is great but falls flat on being practical for a couple of reasons: 1. Now you no longer see what the flight path will be after entering the new SOI, with the periapsis indication. That was the single most useful tool we had in Ksp1 in that regard. If both visual cues can't coexist (because it would look too busy or whatever) sadly it is best to revert to the old system; 2. The concentric blue circles atop the visual sphere.... man they're just too large, cartoonish even. The idea is excellent but the point of entry/exit has to be more discrete. As it is, its kinda of an eyesore and maybe the cause for removal of more important visual data; 3. Overall in the older system I felt I had a better feeling of what would happen in the flightpath, regarding the changes due to future transfers. I cant quite put my finger on it but I think it felt more colorful and visually intuitive. Now everything looks too similar and confusing. Then again maybe it is just lack of practice. Worth mentioning tho. 4. Also, it feels I can see less ahead then what I could in the old syatem. Back then, I could do a single burn that would cause me to undergo a further 4 transfers and every patch of the flight plan would be there to see. Is it me or now you only see one or two ahead? Again, maybe lack of practice of my part, but it does feel I am getting less information than I used to.
  15. I didnt dive there myself but ksp1's Kerbin has and you can actually see it from above water. Stock parts could be made to build ships and subs (if not that apt) and mods added specific sub parts. New-Kerbin has darker water, you can't see below. Hmm. I wonder what's down there....
  16. Good point. The ideal solution would be a wide array of available settings. At the very least, options to increase/decrease navball size, font size and GUI size. Then everybody could just set it to fit their taste.
  17. At high time compression, I had a probe go inside the Mun instead of crashing into it. This is probably a common thing across the board and I expect it to be on their to-do list already.
  18. Imagine a shooting stand for BdA full of those little guys
  19. This is genious. It goes without saying that the mod's main idea is to challenge you in longer travels. So a long trip, say a Duna round trip, could be made less stressful if you have a crew of 3 pilots instead of one, what could be more sensible? They are presumed to be rotating on the job and thus making the trip less stressful - then again, it is triple the space, triple the mass etc, increasing the technical challenge. Good one Garwel!
  20. Mamy kudos, very interesting and useful, looks good too. Amazing that after all these years people are still finding new and useful stuff to add!
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