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  1. this rocket has something that prevent the autostage to work, not only on radials but in every stage. can u pls help me to determine what part to remove/modify? thanks. craft and log: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9si5nehe3bg0jid/AAAbwwPGTE3NghBunwmLm75La?dl=0
  2. ok, with CF disabled it works, but I lose dV. I've never used decouplers with CF disabled.
  3. I have 1.8.3 installed from CKAN. This is player.log https://www.dropbox.com/s/dnez3u9u00oimhn/Player.log?dl=0 but I could not find the output_log.txt file anywhere.
  4. craft: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7ac37kni7hj9znc/0 test.craft?dl=0 I know u need 2 logfiles, but can't remember their names and where to find them.
  5. some time ago, I remember to have report a problem about autostage worked with boosters but not with radial LF tanks. re-tried few time ago, is the same, LF tanks do not detach. can I do something?
  6. those buttons on top left.. I know I can change the root part, but here the problem is the root is already the command pod, except for the stuffs attached into the fairing, so i don't know how to use the re-root button in this case. of course I can easily solve the problem using a couple of struts, but I'd like to understand why of this behavior.
  7. hi, I'm trying to figure out why all those parts that I put into a fairing are not stable, are not steady, they are moving because I can't autostrut them in the usual way. I mean i usually autostrut all the part to the root part, but when into a fairing, the root part is no longer the command module, the root part changes, the root part is the below hinge, same for all other underlying parts. why?
  8. thanks for having moved it. i try to explain a little better, I think i maybe have to change that "Time" number from 10 to 8s and 6s, but how? edit: I found a way that could works: at the first hinge I've added an intermediate point, set it up to 1s = 40°. is this the unique solution?
  9. hi, I'm almost new to KAL-1000 and I need a small help. I'm prototyping a simple rover release system. What I don't remember is how to change the speed of the 3 hinges indipendently. I'd like the 1st open fast, the second at 80% of max speed, the 3rd at 60%. I know it's ultra simple, but I really can't remember how to vary the speed. thanks
  10. Hi, I'm doing my 1st mun landing in this career using deployable science. I'm just not sure about if I've done all well or if I missed something. I've deployed these 3 stuffs on the ground, pressed F(Interact) where possible and nothing else. Jeb and Bob have 1 star while Bill has none, the points per hours indicator says 0.39p/h, could it be a correct value?
  11. ah yes.. I now remember, thx! the burn at node works only if I have Advanced Flight Control. unfortunately I need Basic Science too and have not enough points to buy them both, so I think I'll burn manually for this time. Thanks!
  12. hi, I'm here again, started new career, but it's a lot of time I don't play and I think I do not remember some things. I need help. Situtation: I did 1st launch and a suborbital launch. Now, 3rd launch, objective LKO, I'm in space, going for the circularization node that GT has created. As I'm at beginning of the game MechJeb does not show all its functions, anyway I remember that I can use Scripting Modules in order to use missing functions. So i try to use it like this way https://www.dropbox.com/s/n91vv6cowioa802/sm.png?dl=0 but when i press START, the warp goes, but the engine does not burn. what am I missing? I only have to auto-execute that node. https://www.dropbox.com/s/iyer2o331h7tce4/node.png?dl=0 I have mission control and tracking station to level 2, what else i need? this is R&D: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s8y0bae9nqc08ck/rd.png?dl=0
  13. nice altitude @camacju, new record! anyway we are talking about a non-ordinary assembly, with intersected floating parts attached in the vacuum. On Youtube I've seen a big ship assembled more less the same way using shields as propellers, capable of reaching hi-horizontal speed and the orbit. This is not my way of building rockets, but anyway interesting. For my test I've added an extra stage which let me to reach 120km eq orbit with an MK1-3 Pod. edit: I can't figure out what are those 3 for fin, kind of pins/pivots/screws, I know they have a specific name but can't remember at the moment, anyway I've never see them before.
  14. thank you for noticing, yes, you're right, I used the "set position" tool starting from 16k or so, in order to save time and batteries but forgetting to remove the "ease to ground". in fact, the max correct altitude with that test pod is only around 24k and even with the biggest rotors/blades the max is the 30k limit.
  15. Thanks all for the tips, I'll try with some other configurations. About the settings of the blades I only assign the "change angle" to the main throttle and I regulate them by small throttle adjustments depending on the altitude, not the speed, for example from 10km they need to be set up differently, with a lower angle. only for fun and to see what is the max reachable altitude I tried to push a small pod using low energy rotors and medium blades, it had reached 40k. Like @18Watt said, I noticed is almost impossible to pass the 18k limit with a useful payload.
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