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  1. In general *First off I'd really like to see other then 16 by 9 native resolution support in the settings menu, 21:9 and 32:9 work flawlessly when manually manipulating setting.json and I found no issues at all playing widesceen and superwidescreen appart from the loadingscreen pictures being stretched and cropped, In Flight *Please make all Flight UI elements and gauges completely modulair so I can place any element where I'd want to. *I would like to be able to select a part of the vessel for the screen to focus on, I think its currently set to COM, for large vessels that is not very handy and frequently need to zoom to far out to my liking. *I'd like to be able to select the field of view. *Opening the Part Manager covers part of the UI of the Kerbals, very minor, could be neater if it didn't. Mapview *The 'next orbit'button is missing in the manouver tool, which makes it impossible to plan a manouver beyond your current orbit, this makes it difficult to get a rendevous or encounter. This is the biggest show stopper for me from enjoying the game (How do others do it? Mods???). VAB *I really like the 'Rotate and Translate' Tool, execpt for it being right above the part which makes it a bit hard to see what I'm designing, I'd like to see that the tool would be a little offseted. *New PAW's opening behind ahother, very anoying. Did I already mention to please make all Flight UI elements modulair?
  2. Steam award nominations happend, 'complete your task by reviewing, or updating your review of a game you nominated.' People love tasks to get 'achievements'.
  3. I'm glad they didn't put in LS, at least in first place. I think the game would be difficult enough with Colonies, interstellar and recourses.
  4. Hmmm, I personally liked the homogeneous look of the Kebals in KSP¹ more than the differentiation in KSP2. In KSP¹ they are Ragdolls to me, without a conscious mind or own will, subdue'd by the player. The personalization of Kerbals within KSP2 gives the impression they do have their own mind, ow. will and opinion. I'll live with that, they'll have to keep living with me as well.
  5. Oh boy, I didn't have to much to complain about the exploreability of the current terrain (except for falling through it from time to time) I'm really liking the terrain works in progress. I'm looking forward to the terrain, heating and science.
  6. Didn't think to much about cadet orientation implicating something else, but yeah, reading up to the discussion I can see it raises questions marks. Especially when missing context like in the Topic title. Considering the 'First time user experience' is something that probably also needs to trigger 'old players' interest to engage to check the box I'd try to stay away from words like 'tutorial' ’tool tips', ’beginners' or 'guidance'. 'Onboarding experience' would be something that would trigger me personally.
  7. Considering your love hate relationship with KSP2, I genuinely admire your perseverance.
  8. Can we change it to; 'Do, or do not, there is no try, unless you tick this box' Or would that invoke legal actions?
  9. No it really isn't, the bickering is just a few people, and both does not represent anything. People who are unsatisfied are prone to complain, and like I said, it's not the topic of the town, from which you can definitely draw the conclusion it's just some discussion between a few, instead of it really being an issue for a majority. Which again, has Intercepts recognition that they are aiming for modularity, so it's it's a discussion in the margin, in the end one can probably place it where one wants it. And in deed you are right, I've already mentioned it earlier, if it's in the middle, most will play it like that, if it's on the side, same.
  10. On the contrary, a very vocal minority wants the Navball back in the middle as standard. If it indeed causes problems for the majority, it would be the topic of the town, which it isn't. Anyway, good that Intercept acknowledged the wish for modularity and they have it in their scope.
  11. It basically comes down to that indeed. I've had a laptop, set top box and now a Chromecast with Google TV on my third input, haven't had a console for years so not tested but bound to work. More business oriented monitors have KVM switches so you share inputdevices over more systems and I also see complete USB-C dockings for laptops are becoming more common as well. Both Nvidia and AMD can merge screens to be seen as one, start up a game that spans accross both monitors and the bezel will probably be somewhat bothersome. But you are right, monitors outlive computer upgrades. Whenever there is the opportunity, I sell my old stuff and buy my new stuff secondhand as well.
  12. Black bars is something you definitely don't want, than you indeed loose height. You don't have those bezels if it's your monitors native resolution though, playing 21:9 on a 16:9 screen is something I wouldn't do either. 16:9 is far from useless, unless you don't use the additional wide space. I've worked in an office with 400 people, and frequently did some workplace management, I reluctantly replaced 5:4 dual setups for 16:9 dual setups. I was the last one to loose my 5:4 setup, I kept them as long as I could because the added workspace was a nuisance. None of the used applications scaled nicely back then, and the double 16:9 setup was just a waste of deskspace. It became better, because the applications now do mind better that there is space that can be used. And you do see the same thing happening with 21:9 gaming. i'll try to be more mindfull in how my writing could be perceived, thanks for the feedback. I can see how that would be troublesome, a one meter monitor does take up a lot of space indeed, they are more to replace two monitors, not just one. As I mentioned in the other topics, an 32:9 monitor has multiple inputs and can replace a dual monitor desktop. You just loose the physical bezel while retaining a dual setup configuration with the press of a button.
  13. Well, unknown makes somewhat unloved I guess. you actually get more flexibility. A 32:9 monitor has multiple inputs, and with a press of a button it becomes a dual 16:9 setup (or 21:9+11:9 or the other way around) And that's all hardware wise, no software needed. Their is just two cables going into one monitor instead of two, and you loose a physical bezel between the dual monitor setup.
  14. As Periple mentioned, I'd love having KSP2 being multi-monitor. 2x 16:9 however is the same as 32:9 (or 21/9 and 11:9) :), it just doesn't have the bezel between them.
  15. Can you elaborate? It you're thinking height. going wide doesn't mean you'd loose height, height in this case is 1440P. Like all screenshots except for the the KSP1 one are in 1440P, even the 16:9 one, the UI still keeps being huge in higher resolutions.
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