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  1. By forgetting a gravity turn, brute force by expending huge amounts of dV going straight up and slowly reaching high atmosphere, and off course a massive amount of patience. It took me about 1,5 evening to get this up in orbit. Fun? No, but boi did it feel like an accomplishment in the end.
  2. There's going to be bugs, like we have them now and probably even worse ones in the future, we'll have to live with that. But that's not really the point of this particular topic. It's more about if the current development progressed far enough to consider the base finished enough for the next big step?
  3. I can certainly understand as to why the base we have now feels empty due to not having progression or science. I have not been to all Celestial bodies in the Kerbal System, so for me it has plenty right now to build and explore. It's making it hard for me now within the game without a transfer planner or being unable to just make a maneuver in a future orbit. Those things can off course be added through mods (or in future development down the road), but they feel like they should be basic foundations to be added to me.
  4. So, we are being teased a bit that we'll be having our heads in Science soon enough, but to me I'm still missing some QOL features to be in the base we currently have. Just a few examples; I see that artists are working on 'stuff', but I also see non complete IVA's and no IVA view. I'm still missing some maneuver tools like to plan a maneuver in the next orbit instead of just the current orbit. I'm missing a transfer window planner which gives more info than just how much DV would be needed to get somewhere. EVA chutes and EVA lights not available yet or not working. TWR tools that only uses Kerbin as a reference and not being able to plot for other bodies. No reentry heating yet? I explicitly do not mention 'bugs', it has plenty but that's not the point of this pole. I'd like to know how others feel about the foundation we have now. Is it ready for science?
  5. I can't figure it out, when I create a manoeuvre node and want to have it placed in the next orbit instead of the current orbit, how do I do that, is it even possible?
  6. Reported Version: v0.1.4 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: Windows 11 | CPU: 12700KF | GPU: RTX 3080 | RAM: 32 GB DDR4 I'm unable to select the native resolution in the game settings. It just provides 16 by 9 resolutions. The resolutions 2560x1080, 3440x1440 and 5120x1440 are missing. Can be worked around by manually setting the correct resolution in the settings.json file
  7. Nothing needs to indicate KSP2 is a good earner at this point in time, it doesn't need to be a good earner in this point in time, it's an earner in the long haul. There also is no waste if it's an investment to get it where it needs to be, or needs to be going.Like I said before, it's would be reported of it was a waste aka; we botched and ditched it. The investment reports does exactly what it needs to do, create expectancies, if KSP2 wouldn't be viable, that would be mentioned. And it ain't in it, so no worries there, at all from T2.
  8. Steam reviews give a good indication of sales, take a look at the all time steam charts, just about at the release of the breaking ground dlc boosted KSP sales immensely.
  9. There goes your underbelly again. Nope, wrong. And they did so because they indeed do what is necessary to get that continued revenue instead of pulling out, they know what lies on the horizon. That's been my whole point and has already been mentioned by me quite a few times. Private Division, Take2's Indie label is the publisher, not Take2 itself. And yes, peanuts for them, why do you think I wouldn't understand that? If Private Divisions KSP2 wouldnt be a viable best seller, they wouldn't bother.
  10. You're probably right, it went for a second life after Take2 bought the franchise and gave it what players wanted and needed, stuff like steam cloud save, steam workshop and QOL features which were needed in the base game to attract players have had an impact. If you look into the timing when they bought it, and for how much, it can be considered a cash machine which probably still continues due to the bad state of KSP2 and people opting for the 1st one instead.
  11. Now it's little? Let me remind you of your own words; So what is it? I'f they get it right, it will sell for a decade. They bought the franchise for continued sales, like KSP1 sold before it.
  12. There is no evidence that on the long term KSP2 won't sell. KSP2's launch and its continued development was mentioned in the quarterly report. If it's viability to become a success is questionable and it either is or is going to be a money pit, you do not withhold that from your investors.
  13. You do mention it, when the long term investment and profit does not look like it will end up to it's expectations. That is, If you don't want to get sued.
  14. You are so right, KSP2 will sell for a decade, when they get it right, and it's got all the time of the world to get there, there is no rush to get it done, or to throw money at it right now to get it done faster. That's why the disastrous launch didn't even get mentioned in the quarterly investors update.
  15. Financing business units like Private Division is not unlimited, Such labels need to keep up their own pants and are responsible for their own profits and losses. They don't just have the abilities and certainly not the financial possibilities as their mother company. Private Division was created as an label to house Indie type games as an enhanced market for Take2, they can't be thrown on a pile with Take2 as 'the same standard to be upheld upon' as frequently argumented, it doesn't work that way and you probably do know that.
  16. I don't expect a groundbreaking patch. Milestones or bugs, they chose working on both and I can see why. Both bugs and lack of content are things people aren't happy with. One thinks it's more worthy to focus on bugs first, while others want more content. Somewhat stuck between a rock and a hard place until both gets to a better state.
  17. Ah, the letter, The very hungry caterpillar does not seem to have liked the answer given on the letter. But here's a link for you though, as expected, modders are gonna mod; https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/128-kerbal-space-program-2-mods/ Right next to Kerbal chutes.
  18. As they did. Probably true, I recall Linuxguru has already been praised. Early access isn't over yet.
  19. Nope, this was due to the fact that the philosophy changed, KSP1 was a nerdy 'figure everything out yourself' game which was lacking just about everything to make it accessible for new players. That philosophy changed when Take2 took over the franchise and a lot of QOL features which were missing were added. Off course these QOL features were already created by modders and 'therr was a mod for it', they were missing features in the original, mostly because of design philosophy.
  20. Assumptions are the mother of, well, you know the rest. The world isn't black or white.
  21. Guilty, picked up KSP before KSP2, and right now not playing at all. Mainly because of summer and light outside and therefore other things to do. Gaming always was a more a fall/winter thing for me. Also because I want science and tech tree progression. I'll pick it up later again, no rush.
  22. Have you tried holding the middle mouse button in the map view? One of the new features in the map view enables you to drag the focus to anywhere you want by holding the middle mouse button and dragging your mouse to shift the focus point of the map. The game could certainly use a transfer window planner tool like KSP1 has...
  23. If you read PDCWolfs elaboration on viewpoints on which I reacted they are absolute polar opposites, you might be making the mistake that the current amount of wobbleness is seen as preferable to anyone, it's not, it's like you say a nuisance, way to much and needs to be corrected, no matter which stance anyone has, that's (probably) agreed upon by everyone.
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