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  1. Funny that these are 2, almost opposing, views; and yet I agree with both of them. I won't bother booting up this game without stable trajectories (sort of a necessity on multi-year missions), and I'm simply not interested without reentry heating. Once those issues are rectified, I will take interest once again. And, when some form of progression is added, I'll actually start playing again. That being said, I'm happy to see some progress being made. I like the head-down, shoulder-to-the-wheel approach they seem to be taking. Yes, all these things should have been addressed before launch, but it doesn't do them much good to look back right now. Just keep moving forward and make the game we've all been waiting for. In the meantime, I'm running through the Dark Souls franchise. On DS3 now. Guess I'll buy Elden Ring after. If KSP2 isn't ready by then, there's always the Steam Summer Sale. I'll bide my time.
  2. Your point about the reviews on Steam are exactly right, I think. I was just reading through them last night and had the same thought. Just about any other title would "overwhelmingly negative" right now. It's a testament to the KSP faithful that most of us are withholding a review until things get better. And the rest are mostly just promising that things will get better; so not a true review of the game as it stands. And I love your "state" references. This whole thing feels like a political argument now. Those on the extreme ends are the loudest, while everyone in the middle kind of believes the same things; the only difference being the wordage (as pointed out by @Dantheollie.
  3. Yeah, I zeroed in on that right away as well. Felt like a pat on the shoulder of some old friends who are maybe working on KSP2. It was a nice gesture on his part, but not sure the comparison is quite right.
  4. Originally, I believe, KSP1 was supposed to have a story. Unlocking science to find the monoliths or something. You were supposed to learn something at each monolith that would lead you to another, and so on. Eventually, you were supposed to discover... something. Aliens? Kerbal origins? Not sure. It was decided not to give the game a narrative because then it would have an "end". Plus, everyone played the game differently, and the concept was working without any kind of story. I wouldn't be surprised if there was some implementation of that in the full release. Perhaps that's how you unlock interstellar travel and future tech? Would be kind of cool.
  5. I was so used to X stopping time warp that I did not realize it was actually a feature of Kerbal Alarm Clock, rather than the game itself. I can't do without it, so I changed the key binding on KSP2. Haven't tried it while under thrust and time warp at the same time, though. Definitely wouldn't be happy if I needed a mod for something that simple.
  6. Neither. It's not just you and it's not normal, but it's what we've got right now. Keep an eye on your framerate on the title screen as well. Mine jumped up to 550. Had to cap the rate to keep from frying my GPU. Also, nice rig. Bought a new desktop (mostly for this game), but I still have my Aorus 17x. It's a 12 pound behemoth, but the thing's an animal. And I can't do without a mechanical keyboard now. Once you go clickety-clack, you never go back ).
  7. Not really a claim. Just an observation. I haven't seen much engagement the past few days. Not many new threads opened. Which was why I opened one that you were not a fan of . The idea was to get people talking and lighten things up a bit. Most threads are gloom and doom now (with good reason), so some humor or positivity might stimulate more conversation. Preferably of the good-natured variety. And I actually agree about the silent approach for the staff, I think it's their best bet right now. They're better off to wait for a significant improvement, then come out and say "hey guys, sorry, we were hard at work, couldn't talk, but look at what we've done!". If it really was an improvement, they'd be forgiven instantly. Exactly right. That's what I mean about people losing interest and moving on. They also might be casting an eye toward the future for Harvester's new game. Looks like an atmospheric KSP. Gonna scratch a lot of nostalgia itches for people.
  8. Can't disagree with anything you said but, if you were the CM, what would say at this point? How do you convince people that you have a plan and everything's gonna get better when the evidence you've offered up so far is this bad? I really hate being critical of KSP but, I can't help it. Honesty has to be a priority. So I don't think this game can be defended at present. And you're right about engagement. Not only with the game, but have you noticed the lack of activity on the Forum the last few days? People seem to be discouraged; and with good reason. I think the entire team is hoping for a quiet turnaround. That they can incrementally make the game better with each patch, drawing more players back in, and slowly turn things around without acknowledging how bad it was to start with. It might actually work, but so few people taking interest is bad. I think I'd rather have people talking about my game, even if it's critical, then not talking about it at all. Cuz that means they stopped caring and moved on. I think that's much worse.
  9. In layman's terms, this is called "humor". I have to admit, I'm a fan (hence this entire thread). I'm pretty confident Alexoff is not sharing insider information here. Unless he knows more than he's letting on?
  10. Ouch. I did my part. I loaded up the game, confirmed it still sucks, then kind of messed around in the VAB anyway. Also, had to cap the framerate. The title screen jumped up to 550. I don't remember if it was WOW or something else, but there was a game a few years ago that fried out people's graphics cards because of the same issue. Seems to be something that warrants looking into.
  11. You bring facts to a debate? Hmm, well the last line does say this is subject to change. This vote may bring about that change. I'm now even more convinced of its importance. Let your voices be heard! Especially if you agree with me.
  12. That was good. I would love a KSP1 Remaster. Something to tide us over 'til KSP2 is actually ready.
  13. Here in Chicago, we actually eat pizza with sauce on the top. And it's very thick. Hmm, Pizza 2.0? I'm gonna see if that catches on .
  14. @Siska @Lyneira I don't think you're missing anything. A lot of things feel off. I needed a correction burn on the way to Minmus. And I don't mean to flatten out my orbit for a better approach, I mean when I came out of warp half way there I no longer had an Intercept. That obviously shouldn't be. And not being able to use the mouse wheel to fine tune adjustment, or see in tenths of Delta V is a serious oversight. I suspect they know all this, and it'll be corrected at some point. When a game hinges on picking out a dot in the sky and figuring out how to meet up with it in 3 years, precision is pretty important. It's just a question of when they get to these issues. I suspect they have a lot on their plate right now.
  15. Heard of this place once before. Sounds a bit like how Tyler Durdin makes his soap. And probably just as lucrative. I would steer clear as well. Good way to lose money.
  16. I like it, but not sure how well it would sell .
  17. Hadn't realized this, but I'm beginning to understand as well.
  18. There's been an elephant in the room (or forum) for several weeks now, and it can no longer be ignored. I realize this is a hot button topic, so no one wants to touch it, but it's time we got it out in the open. There's been a lot of talk around here about when KSP2 1.0 will be released. There's even an entire hype-train thread dedicated to it. This is a ridiculous question. Anyone with a rational mind knows that the name of the official release is going to be KSP 2.0. Anything else would not make sense. I'm sure you agree. And to those who would ask "if the official release is called KSP2.0, what should this current version be called?", I would say... please don't complicate things (KSP2-.9? ). We need to settle the issue once and for all before it tears this community apart. So, please vote on this most important issue and let your voice be heard. Especially if you agree with me. Thank you.
  19. Doing the same. Just can't quit cold turkey. Each day I load up the game, confirm it still sucks, then move on (trying my hand at Dark Souls right now). Not gonna just give up on it. I'll keep coming back. I agree with most of your posts (hard to disagree with the present state of the game), and I'd like to see more communication, but I was thinking the same thing as @Kerbart; at this point, if they were being honest, all their posts would be the same: "yeah, we know the game sucks, we're workin' on it". Not sure what more can be said until they have something ready. I'm still a believer, though. I know the AMA was light on details, but I really got the feeling that Nate is truly passionate about KSP, and completely dedicated to the project. Had to remind myself that we're only a month in. I think it's gonna take awhile, but I truly believe they're gonna pull this off.
  20. I feel the same. Lack of atmospheric heating is my biggest issue with the game, as it stands right now. It's a complete killer that takes all the feel out of a return. Which makes me not want to go in the first place. And from what I've read here on the forum, a majority seem to agree that the Parts Manager sucks. Takes some getting used to, I guess, but that would require a desire to get used to it. Which I don't have at present.
  21. I love when things get to that point, too. Like you said, makes me feel like I'm running a real space program. And man do I miss Kerbal Alarm Clock. Where is @TriggerAuwhen you need him? Even when they finally added a planner to the stock game, I still used KAC. I need me some TriggerTech! Exactly right. Not many games allow such a disparity between play styles. You have RSS/RO guys who want ultra-realism. Then you have the guys who build the most absurd creations imaginable just to show it can be done. And then you have what I think is probably a majority; those of us who think space is cool, grew up on Legos, and now get to run our own semi realistic space program that we put together piece by piece. Harvester is a true genius.
  22. This pretty much epitomizes the term "different strokes for different folks". While I often agree with you and @LameLefty, here we're in complete disagreement. I actually love the funds part of the game. I think it just adds another element to the overall game; especially early on. You need money to build rockets, of course, but you also need money to upgrade the KSC. Want patched conics? Yeah, that's kind of important, so you have to upgrade the Tracking Station. Heavier rockets? Upgrade the Launchpad. Want more than the 4 Kerbals you start with. Either take a rescue contract or hire them in the Astronaut Center. And each time you hire one, the price goes up for the next one. Then there's the contracts themselves. I look at each one and decide if it's interesting. If so, how much will it cost? How much will I make? Is it worth it? Then I try to stack as many contracts as possible to maximize profit. This, in turn, presents all new design challenges. If I need to plant a flag on Duna while putting a satellite in orbit while also putting a station with room for 7 Kerbals, a Science Jr (blah blah blah) in Orbit of Ike while also picking up a stranded Kerbal while I'm there, the mission (and the ship itself) gets pretty interesting. Granted, in the late game, you have so much money it no longer matters (true of any game where you collect gold or whatever). But it's just as true that once you unlock the Tech Tree, science no longer matters either. This is where I think maybe the Devs are onto something with the Resources aspect. You have to figure that you're always gonna need "resources" of some kind, right? If it's done well, I think it can maybe make all of us happy with the gameplay. Hoping so anyway.
  23. I can understand why people are so disappointed in what was said during the AMA. There was a lot of "someday", "hope to", and "eventually" going on. Not exactly inspiring the confidence I think we all want to feel in the game going forward. For me, though, it was actually not by what was said but how it was said. I've been saying since the release that the game (as it stands) is pretty bad, but that I think it will turn out to be great when it's finally finished. I feel that even stronger now. Admittedly, I did not watch the video, I only read through Dakota's thread. But I was encouraged by it. I got the feeling that Nate is still extremely passionate about the game, and that he is wholly dedicated to the project. It gave me some confidence that they're going to deliver the game that's been promised (can we coin that as KSP prophecy, "The Game That Was Promised"? ). I figured it would be about 2 years, but we would get there. However, after reading through all the comments here, it looks like I might be in the minority. Makes me wonder if I took the wrong impression from the AMA. I sincerely hope not. I really want this game to succeed and become something special.
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