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Status Updates posted by DunaManiac

  1. 0.3 has been released!

    Gameplay Changes:

    1. Fuischa and Crucible have been revamped.

    2.  Magmina, Sut, and Hote have been added as moons of Crucible.


    1. Crucible has had it's atmosphere changed to something more realistic and the bugs plaguing it's atmosphere should be resolved.

    I'm really excited for this update because until now all that the Arayya system has been is just leftover stock planets and a lone hot jool. Enjoy Crucible's new look and it's compliment of moons!

  2. Anyways, since 0.3 is releasing today or tomorrow, I'm finally revealing the names of the mystery moons and a breakdown of 0.3!

    Crucible has been revamped! It's appearance has been changed and it now has 3 moons for you to explore, each with unique textures.


    Magmina. A lava moon, it has pretty cool looking terrain in my opinion. It looks a lot like Venus, which is the point, and it's terrain consists of yellow to red to black, and it looks pretty cool in my opinion. As the largest of the 3 moons of crucible, it's the only one large enough to hold on to a thin atmosphere, about 0.2 atm, or a little thicker than Zep's.



    Sut. A midsized moon, smaller than the Mun (in stock) but a little bit more gravity. It's unique for it's terrain being almost entirely black. (If it looks like a black sphere, increase your brightness). It has no atmosphere. Due to it's small size and color, it is extremely hard to see it from the surface of Magmina or Hote. The only time when it is visible is when it passes in front of the milky way or a transit occurs between Arayya and Sut. (Yes, this is possible). It is the second major moon and second farthest moon away from Crucible.




    Hote is the smallest and farthest moon from Crucible. With it's 25km radius it dwarfs gilly but is smaller than even Bold! It's surface is a reddish color due to the heat from Arayya, which causes it's surface to be red hot. It's inclined orbit allows for unique views of Crucible and it's major moons.


    Finally, Fuischa's texture has been revamped (thanks to @Misguided_Kerbal). It's rings and moons haven't changed, so feel free to revisit Fuischa and look back at it's gorgeous appearance.


    Additionally, a couple of bugs have been fixed, such as Crucible's buggy atmosphere.

    0.3 releases soon! So stay tuned for that announcement!

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    2. Souptime


      I read em! also will there be a version where the kerbol system remains unchanged? i'm making a thing called exxsandere and its supposed to be a mission for colonizing other systems

    3. DunaManiac


      I might, maybe I'll bundle that with 0.3.

    4. Souptime


      Ah cool! thanks!

  3. KSP 1.8.1 is out!

  4. I totally agree with you with the update. Where are you! (Sobs)

    1. Finno12307


      I heard they're making huge progress in KSP weekly, i would say it will be released early next year, possibly by christmas if we are extra good!:wink:  

    2. DunaManiac


      I think so too. But I hope it's not "Early Next Year" Forever!

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