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  1. It figures. It was early when I noticed, still short on coffee, and I was baffled as to how that went under the radar all weekend. People were all over a lot of topics... but not this one. Just a weird weekend.
  2. On a side note... am I losing it? Blind? Is the new weekly challenge even in the Challenge section? No, I didn't miss anything. It's not there. Is the forum irrelevant now? Why... why depend on Discord rather than a forum? Why do we have to use that horrid UI. ... I feel like I already know the answer, but I just don't like it.
  3. Built at v0.1.4 There are a few groups 1. Forward Drive- Disables engines, Sets pod to forward on Nav, Toggles manual reaction wheel, Disables AWS, retracts ladder 2. VTOL- Enables vertical thrusters, Sets pod to up on Nav, Enable Ladder, Enable Brake 3. AWS on 4. ??? Engine Toggle? Lights... Probably Lights. 5. Engine Toggle- Jet Engines ... 9. Pod to Up (VTOL)/ Pod only. B for Brakes off when you are ready to drive. .json from google drive KSP Builds - Mail Truck See if you can beat my Rolling Start time of 3:46 in the "Garage-Tops" Challenge!
  4. I wanted to make a cinematic. I fought the Kraken, the Kraken won. The craft never became what I wanted it to be. It never performed quite like I hoped... but it did do some things right and it seems to be a good contender for Garage Top racing! So here it is. What was intended to be something larger is just a short series of videos about the Mail Truck going about to get mail, Rendezvous with the Rover Delivery system for international travel, then cruising around what is clearly not KSC, because deserts need mail too! And their all links in the paragraph, since they are all shorts and I don't get to choose the thumbnail. Except for this one. This is where I get to conservatively use the engines to stay competitive uphill. Good fun: (It's the same vid as the first hyperlink) Now please excuse me while I put the Rover in the craft share. I hope you all have a great whatever time of day it is for you soon.
  5. Ideally you could set the parameters on a KAL like unit for any automated part. It's a lot easier to say than do, but that does sound like a worthwhile mod.
  6. I don't use RCS for SAS unless I need it for short bursts. Even if SAS is tuned right RCS gets obliterated if it's used for stability. It's been difficult since the earliest- the "Fastest Underthe Bridge" Challenge is where I experimented the most with aggressive SAS.
  7. I put Tim in the cockpit of one of my SSTOs and had a little jog north through the Great River's winding turns. After spotting the southern boundary of the river I cruised down to see how the craft would handle the turns. It's not bad, but not great. It's built for building up speed up to 20k and coasting for short suborbital reconnaissance, or it can use it's reserve of Ox to extend small suborbital jumps into full hemisphere transfers or ultimately Orbit. Somewhere near the beginning of the river run I decided to give the ole' 'ctrl' "Fine-Adjust" a shot and wouldn't you know it... it worked like a charm. It's terrible when you need to make a large adjustment, or for landing- at least that's my experience. As far as the landing is concerned- the final cut just before the landing was a save. I had been gathering footage for a larger cinematic utilizing this craft (and this scene) and had struggled to land the jet in the desert. I must have wrecked a dozen times before realizing that landing "uphill" was what this craft needed in the wild. After having the expectation that I would fail similarly at the river's end I was pleasantly surprised when my practice scored me a "first attempt" landing. I've had quite the experience with patch 4 so far. This excursion has been no exception- I couldn't get the vessel above 320m/s after a save. Not sure how that changed (drag, weight, thrust, air?); SAS seems a touch aggressive, or maybe it needs to be more aggressive, like sampling twice as often; Graphics are good, but some things are off- on the horizon you can see some "pops" of light, Kerbin's Crust competes with the River from far away, and the clouds look... out of sync? Slow? All in all quite fun. This is the tip of what I worked on this week and I look forward to sharing the rest later. I'm off to get more footage!
  8. This is the result of Kraken-Proofing the "Slamvan". It uses zero trussing or hubs; it uses the same steel frame as the Van; the cargo area carries limitless possibilities. I call the frame "SpaceTruck" and the particular build "Tuff". It's a "Tuff" Truck... when it's upright. Should I jump the Dres or Eeloo canyons? Does anyone want to see this in the craft share? Sidenote: This one was built to dominate Minmus, but R&D insisted on testing capabilities on the Mun. The rationale was that if it could perform at all on Mun, it would be successful on a host of other bodies (some have even mentioned a secret program for Duna exploration)
  9. Stop putting so much energy into so many words. Go play. Share the play. It's so much more fulfilling to worry less about what others are saying- if you enjoy it just go and enjoy it. Come join me in the "What did you do today" Thread! I too have an obvious opinion, but every time I put too much energy into worrying about how other people are "not enjoying whatever", I usually also end up bereft of fun I would have otherwise had, had I just gone and done the thing the people said I wouldn't enjoy. Let the fretters fret. Nod in agreement cause some of it is warranted and everyone is entitled to an opinion, then go do you. The community will heal in time.
  10. This is what I will be doing today: It's currently on Minmus, but the Kraken got it pretty good. Working on sending a repair crew to repair damage today (Nevermind that it's made of cursed parts)...
  11. Welcome! We look forward to seeing you share!
  12. This vessel is horrid. I love it. I call it "The Flying Pancake":
  13. Going back to the VAB was way better than moaning and complaining about how I didn't get what I wanted the first time. Still, I feel like the Kraken literally rode with me the whole time. Like, we're pals now... Notice the Jenga style stack that took me to this point... thank goodness for gimbal. Like balancing a broom on your finger at every maneuver. Val on Vall with her Vehicle, "Little Dragon". I'm right by the Lake- It will be easier to see in a video. And that's about as far as the fun went. Not long after I drove away the support vehicles experienced catastrophic failure/ AKA Kraken Attack. Guess that little guy that followed me finally got hungry. The rover wheels are simply fantastic. Having said that, so far the least "buggy" mesh to drive through/over has been the KSC garage. Everywhere else on any celestial seems to have hidden crevices, bumps, hooks, and hydraulic flippers that make continued rover use rather frustrating. Still, I had fun.
  14. Here's a cool shot from a doomed mission. This was going to be an exploration of Vall, maybe a return. Turned out to be a return to the VAB. The tanks on the side are docked. Each side has two stages to drop. It works great if it actually worked, but it completely broke the maneuver node planner. Once the last segment was docked the vessel read <400 DV. If I made a prograde maneuver it would send me into spiraling dive... I fiddled with settings. Same result. I scrapped the planner. Long story short, I'm going back to the VAB. The bug report forum is a mess- not because it's not being curated and worked on, but rather because it's flooded. It's difficult to navigate through what feels like the debris of promised greatness... it's also difficult to add extra buckets to the pools of kerbal tears. I'm going to make something basic and One-Way. Return trips and multi-vessel continuity is still absolute Kraken-Bait for patch 4. But the part's manager is way better now, so that's nice.
  15. Reported Version: v0.1.4 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: Win10 | CPU: ryzen 5 3600 | GPU: 3080 | RAM: 32 As the title suggests, the Bug is first noticed by the sound of a flamed out engine (sounds like a seperatron to me) while constructing in the VAB. This has happened to me previously, so I knew to investigate when I heard the sound. I go to KSC, then Tracking Station (because you can't go from VAB to tracking station), and everything looks fine. I take control of the vessel I just left in orbit to assemble the companion. As soon as I take control the vessel begins to gain velocity- while in the Tracking Station... I change to map view with [M] and then I'm in map view watching the same phenomenon, but realizing the vessel has no fuel in that stage... the engine is not on... there is no plume. I reload back to the save I made just before going back to construct the companion and all seems OK. The bug is present at 60 seconds- .json for file during Kraken attack is below video. [Anth Edit: Added 60s to link. It will start at 60s.] https://drive.google.com/file/d/16Gcer71h-OoKlkVErZ3JIusf1IwlN4cq/view?usp=sharing I haven't personally opened that save yet. I've been trying to capture the worst of what I encountered last night before I try to navigate through patch 4's expanded Kraken territory. Included Attachments: Kraken.json
  16. I would love to test it for you, but I'm away from the KSP2 rig until tomorrow. I will get into the same situation this occurred in and report back by tomorrow night.
  17. The Laythe screenshot... Mineral or Bone? Douglas Adams reference? Magrathea Confirmed?!
  18. Oh yeah, v0.1.4 makes serious progress on rover wheels. If anyone wants in on this it will be (and has been) an ongoing challenge in the KSP2 Challenge section. This course is called "Garage-Tops" I look forward to defending first place position should anyone care to challenge it!
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