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  1. Thanks to that Scourge probe we got enough budget for the next mission. Mission: Manned Flyby of Windswept. Payload: Gemini Spacecraft named Beaufort (Cookie for name reference). Crew: Valentina and Bill. Launch Vehicle: Saturn V with a Centaur. The rest of the launch. After a long time cramped in a ship the size of a VW our crew entered Windswept's SOI and unlike the unmanned test we kept the S-IV stage on due to almost running out of fuel in the test (It paid off big time.) Val became the first Kerbal to EVA out above a different planet and it was broadcasted live. Unfortunately Val's EVA was short lived due to the flyby was half day and half night. One last shot of Bill checking the panels before dark. After more another enduring trip we made it back to Frontier. Reentry wasn't bad only sustained about.....14G. Atleast we didn't burn up ^^; Overall the Saturn V technically has more than enough Delta V but given my skills and patience even with Mechjeb I tend to use alot lol.
  2. I know I said the next flight would be a manned flyby of Windswept, well we don't have the budget so we decided to send a lander to Scourge. Mission: Land on Scourge and study its features. Payload: Ghost 3. Launch Vehicle: I honestly forgot the name in the craft files, its a bunch of Saturn parts with 4 SRMU boosters ^^; I wanted Titan IV but the heatshield was too wide for it and Centaur. Booster separation. After some travel we arrived at Scourge with surprisingly the S-IV had plenty of Delta V (I turned off boiloff). Goodbye the ranger's B&W camera an hello color cameras. These rocks look like quills on the planet. Hopefully either tomorrow or this weekend I can do the Windswept flyby before I go on Vacation next week.
  3. Mission: Orbit Scourge. Payload: A modified Wild Wind probe named Ghost 2. Launch Vehicle: Titan IV Centaur. Thanks to Ghost 2 I got enough science to fully unlock Apollo and the Saturn V. Preview of a unmanned test for a upcoming mission.
  4. The more serious mission to Scourge, no cola bottle this time. Mission: Flyby this mysterious object named Scourge that's between Frontier and Windswept to see what it is. Payload: Ghost, just a Juno Guidence unit with panels and fancy instruments. Launch Vehicle: Titan II with SRB and Centaur. After almost a year of nothing, Ghost finally gets a encounter with Scourge and HOLY $&@^ turns out its a planet. A terrestrial planet with moons. It has rings!!! Closes I came to the planet before dark, I wanted an altitude of 100K but due to a miscalculation the separation of Centaur I got 193K. Can't wait to do more exploration of this planet especially since now I got the parts for Saturn Is. Also this may be my last non commercial launch with Titan II and Titan III for I got a new toy.
  5. While waiting for a probe to flyby a mysterious object we call Scourge (Pictures will come either tomorrow or Saturday) We decided to test out a J-2 in Frontier. Still trying to unlock the rest of Saturn. The budget for this test came from a soft drink company in return we have to use their design and slap a logo. Yay product placement. Not gonna orbit, we just wanted to see if a J-2 could work in Frontier.
  6. Launched Chiatzou 2 on another mission to Tension. Same design as the first one but this time I rememeber the scoop and surveyor camera lol. Again the landing lights illuminate a a big portion when orbiting but not when landing. First we went to the Equator to get the scoop and camera science. Then we went to a Polar region where we encountered what looks like floating rocks. Whoa! close call. Can I not have probes land on their side.... The gravity was enough to use RCS to get on the legs, but we lost a solar panel. Overall I am not getting much science from Windswept and Tension, I might have to go to another planet because I am so close to unlocking the Saturn parts. With my skills no way would I be able to do manned missions to other planets with Gemini and Titan, I need Apollo and Saturn.
  7. Thanks, I thought I downloaded it already, guess I forgot lol. Would also explain why they were silent lol.
  8. With help from a Titan Centaur I was able to send a lander to Tension. Chiatzou is making its descent. We did land but not in a good spot. Thankfully we had plenty of Delta V and power to jump biomed and find a flatter area lol. These landing lights either light up a whole planet or not, it varies. Mission was a overall success, however I forgot to put on the topsoil scoop and surveyor camera ^^:. I hadn't been posting much LV pictures in awhile, for some reason the first launch after loading it lags until I detatch the SRBs. After that and later launches with the same SRBs its fine.
  9. No no, I can see where Goldforest is going, I got an alternative plan someone could use the X-15 on the C-8, Idea courtesy of our friends of the USAF. Someone could use the X-15 to do their own version of LUNEX or atleast use it as a lifeboat to the CSM incase the LEM breaks down. However you may need to have your Kerbals draw straws on who will go.
  10. All weekend I sent 3 (technically 4 but one blew up on launch) to Windswept and its Moon Tension. First Mission Wild Wind VI was an attempted splashdown on Windswept, turns out it might be a Barren Wasteland ^^;. I can safely say that at one point, Windswept had life but then dried up. Next mission was a flyby of Tension I dubbed Wild Wind T1, unfortunately it flewby the dark side. It was alright. Next Mission Wild Wind T2 was more successful with orbiting Tension and had some interesting pictures. All those missions were broadcasted live for the Kerbals at home thanks to the Ranger. Next step is to make a unmmaned lander for Tension, might name that one Chiatzou because Tension sounds like Tien Shinhan. Unless someone else has a better idea that fits lol.
  11. The only thing I can think of is build a B.A.R aka Big Ass Rocket lol. But I'm not that great on the NERVA, the others might help.
  12. You could just launch a few NERVA stages and dock them together like some early proposals for Mars missions.
  13. Wild Wind V attempting to land on the surface of Windswept. Still using Juno Guidance units as the base. I went with a different antenna so I wouldn't have to use a wider heat shield, plus it relays off of Wild Wind IV. Also the landing is filmed live with a ranger camera. We did land on the surface unfortunately the chutes deployed too late, either thin atmosphere or wrong chute setting. I'll call it a partial failure, the core and some instruments did not blow up but I did lose the topsoil scoop and seismometer. The Camera still works and even found these strange structure like things. Might have to try a water splashdown with Wild Wind VI. Also Bonus of a Gemini capsule landing near a cryovolcano.
  14. After a test above Frontier and a Dress rehearsal after that, we had done a landing on Scar. Honestly I doubt you would want to land a LEM onto Scar given it's gravity is around 10% or less of Kerbin so the Gemini lander would work. First Launch: The lander. Rocket: Titan II with Delta K stage. Payload: Gemini Lander codenamed "Kovu" Unfortunately, Dummy me forgot to put an Avionics unit on the Delta stage so we had to send the Gemini to it and have Jeb EVA to the lander, decouple and dock with Gemini while still above Frontier. Second Launch: Crew Rocket: Titan II Centaur with SRBs. Payload: Gemini Lunar Capsule codenamed "Kiara" Crew: Jebediah Kerman Gemini Pilot, Mirik Kerman Lander Pilot. You seen my launches lol but for now the Docking and EVA. After using Centaur to get to Scar we reached its SOI and orbited about 28,321 Meters above Scar. Mirik enters Kovu and enjoys the view. Careful....steady...... TOUCHDOWN! One small step for Kerbals, another.....small step for Kerbalkind. We brought ourselves a CCTV camera on the lander but Mirik forgot to turn it on until after landing. Wasn't until I was about to leave when I realized this is the first time I landed on Scar with Frontier visible from the surface.
  15. The terrain is is very rocky and the space center is in a crater like area and parts of the runway is covered in snow.
  16. I'll wait until the X-15 is out of beta before using it, plus the planet pack I am using the home planet is not airplane friendly lol.
  17. Wild Wind 2 made a flyby of Windswept. Wild Wind 1 did reach Windswept's SOI but due to signal issues it was very far lol. The rest of the mission. Unfortunately we miscalculated the minimum distance and it ended up entering the atmosphere and burning up, we did get science from the flyby but not from the Atmosphere. Hopefully Wild Wind 3 can make a orbit or flyby of it's Moon.
  18. Mission: Manned Flyby of Scar. Payload: Lunar Gemini named Zira. Launch Vehicle: Titan II with SRBs and Centaur. Crew: Jedediah and Bob. Liftoff we have liftoff. Houston we may had a problem. Everything was good and we got to a stable orbit, unfortunately my decals disappeared until reentry. Centaur did not blow up on us. We arrived on Scar and proceed to gather science while we flewby. Hey Jeb Now the decals show. Overall a lucky successful Mission, now as much as I love Apollo, given how this planet pack is I will run out of unmanned science and funding for Frontier and Scar before i get Apollo, so I might be thinking of a landing with Gemini.
  19. I tend to have the main interplanetary ship orbit Kerbin, never for atmosphere unless I am decommissioning it. I tend to launch a smaller craft like Gemini, Apollo or Fuji and sock them with the bigger ship and when I'm done onuse the smaller ones to reenter after orbiting Kerbin. I only directly reenter if returning from Mun or Minmus.
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