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  1. Wow, thank you so much for this feature, it saves us so much time. I haven't tested it yet, I will try my best to test it soon. Another thing is that my VPN is dead, so I am currently not able to visit Discord, but I will be able to very soon. I think it's time for us to migrate to 1.6.1 RO/RP-1. 1.6.1 is a way better version than 1.3.1, but the migrating part would take quite a while to complete, considering we've been using 1.3.1 for over a year.
  2. I did not expect anyone to found that out, it's a surprise to me. But somehow it's still not really finished, I still have some stuff that I want to write, and it's not on there yet, I might put them on there pretty soon. For 腾讯微云, I've tested it last night in China, and it worked well, it solved the problem of us can't access Google Drive normally, thanks.
  3. Because Principia updates every month, so I am guessing that 1.5 support will be here on version Ἐρατοσθένης, release on Nov 07/08 depend on your time zone.
  4. I reported in GitHub, with the file, the game did not seriously crash, but somehow freeze, and not respond. https://github.com/mockingbirdnest/Principia/issues/1864
  5. Sorry, I am in China, so I can't use google drive, I hope you can use this link and download it @pleroy @eggrobin https://pan.baidu.com/s/1xL2wAyckeDCafz3nxr1XgA
  6. @pleroyMy friend and me is currently working on simulating Voyager 2's orbit in RSS+RO+Principia+a bunch of other spacecraft mod but it seems to be crashing near Saturn when using time warp, the game version is pre1.3.1, principia version is the one just released, idk if there is any solutions. My friend have 16g RAM and I have 64g RAM, but I am out, and can't get anywhere close to my computer. Even we tried to delete all mods that is not used, it's still crashing when have a warpspeed higher than 6x, if not delete them, even using a 2x warp will crash the game.
  7. From our test, Chinese character 土 and 水 is illegal, but they means soil and water, this may because of other problem.
  8. I am the translator of CRP(CommunityResourcesPack) but soon me and modder find out that single Chinese character and empty character is illegal, which makes a big problem for translation, like word 'water', I think the same thing would happen to Japenese.
  9. 嗯。。。目前已经和作者联系了,这个Mod是楼主汉化的 有更新或其他问题都发在这个楼里
  10. @Acea咱看了看,KPBS那个没有汉化完全,大概还有30line,我找个时间做完了吧
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