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  1. I've got a mission to deploy a goo module on Minmus. On the way to Minmus the mission somehow showed 169% out of 50% already. Nonetheless, I've deployed the goo unit, then fast forwards, I got a message on screen that something is working: https://imgur.com/BPKx0VO Then I had a quick look at the contract, and it went up 10%: https://imgur.com/jHOmnEg I'm at a complete loss as to what exactly is going to be needed for this contract, I'm even at a loss if it will complete...please, is there a solution to this? Edit: reloaded, went at it again, this time I got to Minmus with 0%. Put down all parts, each one shows it is online and connected. Then after a bit of fast-forward I get this message: https://imgur.com/eFDpvr7 What the....? So I thought third time the lucky, reload (this time from Minmus surface only) depoy again...everything is connected up beautifully, seems all is dandy. Except; nothing is happening. Fast forwards; nothing. Eventually I've run out of time on the contract. At this point I'm pretty convinced this whole feature is as buggy as it gets
  2. You can't simply state "this is the best practice for everyone playing the game" because playing isn't about generating consistent - or any - results, it's about having a good time.
  3. Firstly; this isn't the tech I'm working with. Second: the code isn't open source afaik. Third: I'm a paying customer. I expect things to be done, not having to do them myself. I enjoy playing, not working in my free time, thanks. I specifically like to avoid having to add descriptions. Numbering saves is good in theory; with this minute change it'd be fully functional. When I'm implementing numberings, I always try to anticipate the ordering algorithms. I prefer those types of quick-saves that keep the last 10 or so only; that's all I ever needed. But that's a significant change.
  4. Can you guys please simply implement a 0001,0002 etc sequential ordering on the quick-saves? It is a trivial thing for a half-decent programmer, and would save a lot of hassles. When you have 30-40 saves it starts to get really annoying that the ordering of saves is all over the place. I know you can save to any name, but that means you always need to keep in mind what number you're at, and keep looking up where you were, and if you don't play all the time, this is a hassle. I know it has come up before and frankly, I can't see why it hasn't been implemented yet, seeing it would take about half an hour to do. Please, please take this half an hour and fix it! Thanks
  5. Thanks! It's a shame this isn't an in-game feature. At least - as I've realised - you don't need to restart the game to reposition the window; it's enough to leave the VAB.
  6. Hey gents, is there any way to move the "vessel" and "resources" overlays/windows in the VAB? They overlap with other control elements. Thanks!
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