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  1. Floor 4521. Everything is silver plated to ISO standard.
  2. Hi and welcome @finij27721 How's it going?
  3. In that case, consider this a formal welcome to the Forum... even though you've been here for a while AMA... OK, what is your favourite landing spot on Kerbin (in either KSP1 or 2)?
  4. Vexillar


    mello! Welcome to the forums... feel free to tell us about yourself, ask questions, share your accomplishments... (or epic fails - either way )
  5. Welcome @Titan2076! Great to hear you're looking into modding... let us know what you are doing!
  6. Hi @DigitalEva As you've been through the KSP 1 roadmap, you have a good inkling on how things will progress with KSP 2. It does seem quite different/strange to those of us who have lived with 1 for a good while... but it's a curve worth following IMHO. And as @adsii1970 says - (or rather the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation did) - Share and Enjoy!
  7. Nice to see you round these parts again! All the best for your KSP and RL missions to come...
  8. Hi @Questor30 Trial and error sums up the Kerbal approach much of the time - though a computational approach can be used to great effect too (though with fewer explosions - probably). Per Experimentum et Defectum Ad Astra!
  9. Hi @nukeman123456 welcome! Feel free to share your experiences and questions - gameplay, space tech, modding, whatever...
  10. Hi @Nuriya Preciado! Welcome to the forums!! It looks like you can speak Kerbalese backwards .
  11. Hi @BettyLarson welcome to the forum!
  12. Make your base colour fully transparent, and the underlying part material will show through - generally silver or black for the thermal surfaces.
  13. Hi @Janeer - if you're new to the game, feel free to ask questions - or if you're an experienced player, share your expertise... either way you're welcome here.
  14. Floor 3328: A shop selling oxygen bottles. You buy one.
  15. Welcome! Plenty to see and do around here... and do share your experiences!
  16. Oh wow! Thanks so much! (Hope you all enjoy(ed), and btw don't miss the post-credit scene)
  17. Fascinating! Thanks for lifting the lid on this - there are evidently many folk on the forum who can relate to this kind of tech insight.
  18. Hi @Jack_Slapdash - better late than never There are lots of new challenges, sights and sounds on the horizon... welcome to the Forum!!
  19. Exactly. Personally, I was expecting something - for EA - well short of the final game. As I said in a pe-release post "There will be bugs. There will be performance issues" (well, Duh!). If my comments thus far sound unduly positive, it is because I am enjoying dialling the res up to 4k, turning up the volume and experiencing the sights and sounds the game is intended to provide once it's complete. I can appreciate (to a degree, as it's beyond my skillset) the graphical, animation and sound design elements of the game already. Moreover, based on those expectations, there's no way I'd be trying to start a grand tour or building "bases" on Eeloo with the first EA release. That's not to say there have been many frustrating bugs - decoupling destroying a ship I've spent a couple of hours coaxing into Duna orbit - my Mun lander falling over because I got Bill to type a full stop into the flag text and the game went into time warp - manoeuvre plans that send my ship way beyond where I wanted - fuel drained from my transfer stage by the launch engines - yada yada,, But one of the things - looking back - I enjoyed with KSP 1 was getting a new version drop and getting in to try out the fixes, improvements and new features. SO perhaps I'm not typical. TLDR - it all comes down to expectations.
  20. Vexillar


    Hi Taz! Welcome. I'm sure your long experience with KSP1 will be useful around here... there will be more folk joining who perhaps have not played KSP1 and are getting to grips with the finer points for the first time.
  21. That would explain a lot... oh dear...
  22. Yep... what @Periplesays. It's one thing to create and maintain test plans for business software (which, after all is where the professional IT skills and processes are defined... if not always used...) where the use-cases are fairly predictable and well defined in the requirements set. It's quite another for an open-world game where there are almost infinite combinations of possible events and situations. That's precisely why EA is a thing. And the nearer to a release date, the more danger there is from the D'Oh! moments where a quick fix breaks something even bigger. Sadly, the real world constrains the developers on the decision as to when to release... '
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