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  1. I was never too into Delta IV but I will miss Atlas.
  2. I've always been a fan of Valve, but even moreso the last couple years. They've dumped so much dev time into proton (mostly likely for the steamdeck) that I don't even bother to check compatibility before I buy games anymore. I don't remember the last time I even had to mess with launch commands to get one to work. Been a Mint user for 7 years now. The only reason I'm running the Windows version under proton instead of the Linux one is because I have a single mod that doesn't work with OpenGL. By default Steam will install the Linux version. If for whatever reason you need the Windows version, you just right click on the game in your library, go to Properties, then Compatibility, and check the "Force the use..." box. Then pick a proton version. If you don't have a reason to do a specific version, just grab the highest number (most recent)
  3. System specs? The only thing the log shows is that you have a GTX 1050... and not even the Ti version. Just strictly guessing off of your GPU, I'm assuming your CPU is fairly underpowered for KSP and you're probably struggling with a very small amount of RAM. (Would also be helpful if you supplied the KSP.log)
  4. Neither. When you buy KSP you get access to the Windows, Mac, and Linux versions. Just install the Linux version and copy your save folder over to the new install.
  5. I don't want this. But I also don't want to not have all the NASA sets.
  6. Construction of the space hotel continues.
  7. Easily one of my favorite views in the game. Been doing a lot of orbital construction with a shuttle lately.
  8. As in the camera wasn't cutting out or the ship was in stable orientation? Cause I was keeping my wife updated in the other room and my lines were almost exclusively: "It's still spinning" "It's still spinning" "I don't think that spin is intentional anymore" "It's re-entering and it's still spinning"
  9. Installed a tourism contract pack the other day and got an interesting contract: Space Camp! Done two of these now and it's nice to have something different. So I've basically been doing tourism stuff and expanding the ole' space station while I wait for some interplanetary stuff to transit. Have some random screenies. (yes they're thumbnails, clicking on it should open the full size)
  10. The auto delete altitude of Kerbin's, what, 20-25ish km? I think that's too low. I fly a lot of shuttles and I like to get what I can out of the ET before dumping it, so I tend to eject it around a PE of 50-60km. Which means I have to ignore it (which I can't do), delete it manually (which I don't like to do), or watch it burn (which is fun but can get old, especially if the AP's pretty high. So basically I would like a way to change the auto-delete altitude. If this is a thing that already exists, I cannot find it. Anyone happen to know if this is already a thing or if it's possible?
  11. Starting to think these companies trying to land on the moon should take a page from pathfinder's book and build the thing so it has to open up and will right itself automatically no matter which way it lands.
  12. Moved to Kerbal Network. This sounds like something on Discord's end. I don't know if Discord servers have privacy settings to prevent hotlinking to images uploaded to it (IMO if they don't, they should), but that could be a factor. I would recommend using an actual image hosting service for sharing images instead of Discord. It might work to some degree and they might allow it, for now anyway, but that's not what Discord is for and therefore you can't really count on it always being a thing.
  13. Calling 911 because your lander is laying sideways on the moon.
  14. F1 had rich gas generator and used the exhaust from that for film cooling. No gas generators here. Pretty sure the only things the F1 and Rutherford have in common is they both run on Kerolox and make rockets go zoom.
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