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  1. Another Korean here to help reclaim fellow Kerbalnaut's rights! The youtube channel that OP is talking about has a habit of using other gameplay video uploads without permission from original authors in any form. SWDennis, Felix Lagoon and Gordon's Workshop are three of the currently identified sources. I've currently tweeted&mailed SWDennis, but it's hard for me to reach out to the other two. I'd appreciate if anyone could reach out to those that had their videos used without permission(including the three identified) and tell them about this. If you recognize any part of this video from other previous videos, feel free(and pleas do so) to mention it as a reply!
  2. Ooooooohhhhhhh Neat! why didn't I come across that site before... Since when did it exist? Edit: but still, if there was a way to edit(not only add) the in-game KSPedia text, I'd like to know. If it's not feasible, then, well, gotta need a different plan
  3. Quite right, I guess. It seems like first creating a 2-D simplified model of ksp then trying ksp-RL out will be a more feasible approach, since there are many problems like ones you mentioned.
  4. I'm planning to translate the KSPedia in Korean. Is there any method to extract KSPedia text(and hopefully images too) from KSP?
  5. Dying is actually needed. Will just give high reward on flight time, but details may and will vary. Plus the 'delayed reward' problem is a classic one in RL, so that won't be quite a problem.(I hope?)
  6. Plans aren't yet set up(this wasn't my idea in the first place), but we'll probably start with things like "making planes reach a certain altitude and keep cruise height while using the least amount of fuel." I'm not quite familiar with RL.(my friend seems to be. probably.)
  7. At least what my friend is trying to do is Not usable KSP assistance, but RL (preferably on KSP), so gotta try 1.7 then fallback to 1.5 if any problems occur. That'll do. So on the Reinforced Learning part...Comments are still welcome
  8. Sorry to ask "Is this mod X supported in game version Y?" sort of question, but I've run out of time, so...unfortunately. My friend wants to practice his 'reinforced learning' techniques on this game(yes, I mean KSP.). First mod that came to mind was kRPC, but I'm not sure if it works well with the current KSP version(no time to check myself). So 1). (the 'kRPC works on currnet KSP?') question 2) I think I've come across a post on Red*** about a similar project, but I cannot recall it. Any recommendations for this project(?) is welcome.(especially from those who do RL)
  9. I feel like just putting precession into action would be great alone by itself
  10. Came back from a long hiatus. University life needs effort more than it seemed. Huh, never expected to leave KSP this long and see the birth of KSP2! 1. Visited this site to check out -which was book 2 (I believe?) when I left. 2. Found out that 'Like' button was disabled. Went through my AdGuard settings, found nothing. Went to Privacy Badger settings. Still nothing. Then visited Kerbal Networks...bam! 3. Found out KSP has been updated quite a lot. I guess I need to do some tutorials...wait I should buy 'Breaking Grounds' first! 4. Posting.... so I'm here, but I don't know when I'll be able to come back again
  11. Welp it seems like this takes KSP to a higher level. Take My Money
  12. That rocket-assisted launch reminds me of JATO!
  13. Hmm if somebody made a timeline for all the events occurred...
  14. Planning to get back to KSP shortly, so just decided to fly a simple lander to Mun... ...and dropped on Jool(sorry, no photos this time )
  15. I think when this series finish, I might as well print this in a form of a book. BTW where's book one?
  16. Actually, I don't think anyone related to the Space-industry will be chosen. (not an opinion backed by reasoning, but it's just my feeling..)
  17. I think so too, Tim Dodd would be the most probable one among us.
  18. BTW maybe I lost the part where the refueling method was proposed, did Elon mention anything?
  19. BTW any chance anyone in this forum *might* get a ride? (Just a wish, you know)
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