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  1. I feel like Im watching people guess the stock market
  2. Depends on the enrichment, see: https://www.projectrho.com/public_html/rocket/enginelist2.php 20% give just under 7000s 90% gives nearly 500,000s
  3. Hey welcome to the forums! Sorry to disagree but Cities skylines already gives this to me and personally I couldnt care less about the interpersonal lives of kerbals. That said, if the feature magically existed in the game and I had to look to access this data instead of it popping up while I was playing I wouldn't be put off by its inclusion
  4. And if they can get long re-entry trails maybe they could apply that to SRB exhaust plumes!!!
  5. I'll wait until the next patch comes out to give my ideas in detail. Im hoping to see, though doubting I will, a science overlay from the tracking station/map view. Basically a toggle in that view between ship mode and science mode
  6. Wasn't an issue with KSP that it wasn't multithreaded and KSP is heading in a multithreaded direction? I understand there are cache sharing issues with multithreading a single craft but couldn't multiple threads be dedicated to multiple craft? I assume this might create a lag spike when craft come into contact as the 2 threads will have to merge or something so that part positions can sit on the same cache but wouldn't this mean a great performance improvement overall everywhere else in environments with multiple craft which seems to be a goal of KSP2? Also, I never suspected that we would ever have have a performance improvement in regards to part count affecting performance on the RBD side (though a lot of performance issues for high part count craft in KSP 1 stemmed from the fuel flow system as shown by stratenblitz in one of his videos) though there was a lot of speculation RBD could be streamlined for better performance by making full collections of parts fused, artificially lowering part count by making those collections act as single rigid parts collectively. I assume adding a system like this could still happen down the line when the game gets to a state where many players are finally playing it and getting to those kinds of part numbers in their crafts despite the slight diminishment of realism as a result. It would certainly be a trade off though in the realm of realism vs game, but it's one I would personally support if performance improvement was significant.
  7. I think this patch will start off slow with minimal parts and iteratively scale up. A whole new system is being introduced that will likely bring bugs with it and the more that is added on release the harder it would be to fix them as that would be more possible variables to look into for the root cause I would assume.
  8. My company shuts down, so many people request PTO around this time that anyone left behind wouldn't really be able to do much. For national holiday days pay is compensated, for the in between holiday shutdown days you can either use PTO to get pay or just leave it as unpaid time off. I'm guessing they might have a similar policy. Idk how it is in the software game but I would assume communication between workers would be key to making progress and with the holidays causing many to not work I could see having those that would stay working instead possibly be counter productive and bugs that get created that may have been spotted might more likely get missed. Just speculating
  9. These should be stock OP allowing of course...
  10. the 16th would be a Saturday (possible release day) and is correct to your theory if you do not include the white space
  11. Missions I would like: General progression - get to space, land on the mun, land on another planet, get to interstellar space, repeat, etc Launch a premade payload from a company to a destination orbit - X company wants their probe/satellite in this orbit to perform their mission (reward based on payload mass, orbit difficulty and return (y/n) ) Also have the payloads be dev made payloads or community voted payloads, which shoehorns into... Challenge missions - Missions that are updated over patches as seasonal challenges. I can see this getting whacky with time and would make for great content Colony establishing and resource gathering missions - Create a mining outpost for resource X somewhere to start gathering this material which will soon be helpful to your next endevours Trade route setup missions - Establish a route from A to B carrying X tons of cargo Send a probe out to a region of interest to find resources, a new planet, new solar system Finally, if I were to have my way with science being revamped like kerbalism and a flight UI got filled out as more data was recorded then I would say: Send probe like mission above for gathering more data on the attributes of other celestial bodies like atmosphere pressure/temperature profile, magnetometer/Geiger measurements looking for X bodies magnetosphere/radiation belts, SCANsat esque mapping of altimetry/resources, impact probe for high definition mapping for possible collection sites, etc..
  12. @Dakota Do you know if any of these are being considered more so now since this thread was made?
  13. An archive of collected scientific data/in game wiki That data is easily accessible from the map mode and helps in decision making for aerobraking, colony placement, etc Multiple map types (2D/3D/Contour/Resource/Biome/etc..) Multiple sets of resolutions for the data allowing a progression curve as scientific instruments and and methods improve to get more accuracy increasing resolution Space telescopes SCANsat Kerbalism style data collection Already have. Just want this game to show off how science is useful and fun, not simply gamified Also, the polls I have put up around these proposals have come out with pretty high approval from the community so far: VR building in the VAB so I can build lego rockets with my hands and work in a 3D plane instead of mapping a 2D one on 3D space. VR IVA Smoke trails behind SRBs last longer
  14. Almost, but I can still see non-navball things. Also can you make the text smaller so I have to squint?
  15. Sinks dont work without gravity though Getting and holding the condition to collect it
  16. So this is what I would do in my ideal system... Below are three images. Image 1 you guys might recognize from SCANsat and I would like that map projection system to make it to the base game, though having a plain 2D map as well would be ideal. Image 2 would be the hard map data which would be uncovered by us over time. Finally Image 3 illustrates to us what uncovering the map might look like. On a mechanical level Image 3 would be generated by taking Image 2 and running a series of masking layers over it that blur the image below. Each layer would correspond to a level of detail that has been revealed by specific hierarchical means. Notice in Image 3 there are three boxes (red, yellow, and green)... Originally, before planet discovery, the planet wouldn't show up nor its orbit revealed. Not even a blank page in reference material, just nothing. Once the body is discovered though, possibly with an orbital telescope, it would show up as a grey sphere representing the player knows something is there, but there is no clue as to what it is. In the image, to the right of the red rectangle, is the portion with maximum blur. This is what the body would be covered with using a level 1 scan (advanced telescope from a distance or perhaps a crew report from orbit). Inside the red square would be a level 2 scan (Orbiting probe with a low tech camera). Inside the yellow box would be a level 3 scan (Orbiting probe with a more high tech camera). Finally, the green square, a level 4 scan (which wouldn't show up as a box but perhaps a 20km radius circle around where a site was prospected. Just make it so if you do a level 3 scan in a region that has only had a level one scan it bypasses the level 2 masking layer as well. Now as to the cases of planets in the Kerbolar system its obvious we should know where they are to start with as IRL we can see mars and Jupiter and just... cmon, y'know? But for these planets we shouldn't have full perfect maps. Instead, for instance with the Mun, we could have the the kerbin facing side be revealed with level 3 data while the opposite side is still greyed out as no Kerbin bound kerbal has seen that yet. As for the case of Duna, perhaps the whole surface could have a level 1 or 2 scan projected on it as would also be the case with Moho. Eve would be a different story and Im curious how you guys would like to deal with 100% cloud planets, but I don't think we can consider their surfaces known and I think they should require a special scope like the Synthetic Aperture Radar systems Scott Manley showed us in this video: Finally, I personally think it would be okay for Eeloo to remain hidden and we could use its discovery to introduce players to the planet discovering mechanic as they prepare for deep space/ interstellar missions. Though others may disagree and Im not hard set on this and don't care to argue on the matter. If you can manage to do so then you would uncover the map of the planet in the ways specified above as well as the planets orbital characteristics.
  17. My original guesses were: Im going to stick with my original ratios for similar reasoning and scale up... I really don't think each major update will come with as many bugs as phase 1 did as I don't think they will introduce as many bug prone systems. Also, when FOR SCIENCE! comes out I think the player base will increase, possibly speeding up bug discovery and fix speed Phase 1: 10 months Science: 2 months Colonies: 6 months Interstellar: 2 months Exploration: 5 months Multiplayer: 1yr
  18. Nahhhhhhh Is that aquatic sciences I see? Maybe that's where we get boat parts? (incoming buoyancy bugs)
  19. I think telescope usage shouldn't be needed to uncover basic properties (size/mass/color/orbital path/moons) of super nearby planets like Duna, Eve, Moho, or Jool. Though maybe have it be a mechanic for Eeloo to introduce players to the mechanism as they prepare to go interstellar. As for those concerned about the mechanic existing in the game or the devs being aware of the concept I can at least off this quote by Nate confirming that using telescopes to discover planets as a mechanic was an intended mechanism to implement:
  20. With the new FOR SCIENCE! update coming I thought I would make a thread for people to propose new science experiments for the game, explain how they would function, etc... For instance: So everyone else please propose your ideas and if we get enough maybe I can make a poll to see which experiments people find most intriguing
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