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  1. Sorry if this has been said already but this is the old Axiom Module Design The current Module design looks like this, no more tapered design, just straight all the way
  2. Configs are being put up in Pull Requests on the RO Github page now They aren't all there yet and it will be a while before they all are, but if you want to test them out go for it. Just read the requirements to use them since they require a few of the newer features and updates that RO has that are in development
  3. KSP2 Version 0.1.1 Windows 11 Pro i7-12700K, RTX-3080 Time Warp at high rates and Duna's atmosphere will jump around back and forth. Atmosphere should stay fixed to the planet. Mods: Cheat Menu, Interplanetary Calc, Lazy Orbit, Maneuver Node Controller, Stage Info, Time Warp Unlock, UI Scaler, Zoomer. Screenshots:
  4. Basically as it looks I can zoom the camera in closer to Jeb, but if I tilt the camera it'll collide with the surface but the surface is registered several meters above where it actually is.
  5. I've been working on updating RO support for BDB for the past month and a half Should hopefully be ready to go soon
  6. Artemis Construction Kit RO Configs V1.2 is now Available! All Changes Listed in the Changelog Changes Include: - Overhauled ROKerbalism Life Support Integration - Overhauled Waterfall Support for the Solid Motors and Orion AUX Engines - RP1 Avionics Support - Fixes for Orion's Parachutes/RealChute Support - Support for Benjee10SharedAssets Parts (AJ10, APAS, C-100, and IDA) - Many Many More Changes, Check the release notes for more! https://github.com/SkyPhoenix999/Artemis-Construction-Kit-RO-Configs/releases/tag/V1.2
  7. I'm having a consistent problem where when I dock my mobile crane to another craft, that the parts will extend/fold all over the place and often into the ground, causing the whole system to launch into the air and be completely busted. Weirdly, this doesn't happen the first time I dock the crane to another object, it happens the second time I dock to an object and onwards. It affects basically every part. I thought it was an issue with robotics in general but the DLC robotics don't reproduce this glitch Loading a save will also result in the same glitch, even if I reset the parts back to their pre-launch position, and using vessel mover will also force these parts into those positions, but placing/dropping the vessel from vessel mover will free the parts and the parts will slowly move back to their original position. (Image shows one example of what happens)
  8. I made it custom, it's just a bunch of procedural parts and flag textures
  9. The Heat Shield uses Avcoat which is a form of ablator, it works normally, just with a different name The CM decoupler is delayed as it plays an animation of the umbilical detaching, wait around 10 seconds and it'll decouple, or click emergency decouple and it will instantly decouple
  10. As long as you don't delete the Delta parts folder it should be fine. But don't quote me on that
  11. Artemis Construction Kit RO Configs V1.1 is now Available! Changes Include: - Accurate Mass Changes for most parts - Support for Orion Star Tracker and Antenna Parts - Corrected scaling for Orion and the ICPS - Corrected Fuel Loads for the ICPS - Corrected Real Chute drag modifiers for Orion - For the use of Block 1 Cargo, Bluedog Design Bureau is required - RP1 Tech Tree Placement now Included! https://github.com/SkyPhoenix999/Artemis-Construction-Kit-RO-Configs/releases/tag/V1.1
  12. First Release of RO Configs for Artemis Construction Kit Supports Versions V1.3 https://github.com/SkyPhoenix999/Artemis-Construction-Kit-RO-Configs/releases/tag/V1.0
  13. Did you make the RO configs yourself or did you find them elsewhere? (If so please point me in that direction pretty plz)
  14. No need, my install was just bugged, fixed it
  15. KSR isn't working in 1.12.1 I'm getting the loading part upgrades death screen
  16. Beautiful Mod, this is exactly what I've been waiting for Is there going to be support for USI Life Support in the near future? It's my preferred LS mod and I'd still love to play with this in my career mode
  17. Is there anyone working on a 1.10 version for this mod?
  18. Glad to hear that everything is ok, It was really scummy what Take2 did but as long as the employees are ok and the game isn't compromised we can all rest easy.
  19. Probably will. This is too high quality to be a one off for a joke.
  20. Can we toggle between the Orange and green. I don't think I can live without a green jool. Edit: You probably got me if this is an April fools joke. But this is too high quality to be a joke so I assume Jool is getting a revamp but you photo shopped it to be orange.
  21. I know that you lost the source files for NF Aero but is there any chance that it comes back for 1.8 or 1.9
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