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  1. "Зачем играть в ksp1, если есть ksp2? Зачем играть в ksp2, ecли она пока неиграбельна? Поэтому не буду играть" — логика у многих такая, имхо. Онлайн в ksp1 сейчас был бы выше, если бы ksp2 не была выпущена, по причине выше. Грусно ещё что поддержку прекратили. С PR всё понятно, но оставили бы 2 программистов на иждивении у команды ksp2, они бы там что-нибудь делали на ksp1, моды бы какие популярные адаптировали. А то получается, первую часть оставили позади, а вторая плавать не умеет.
  2. There is nothing like that, and no interference whatsoever.
  3. launch site points in this mod are also KK provided feature, so it's impossible. Theoretically it is possible to make C# mod with launchsite system independent of KK, but that would be different mod, and doesn't worth time, because we already have KK.
  4. I'm not familiar with RO that much. RealismOverhaul guys cook their salad by themselves, and this mod could be just an unsuitable vegetable, ask them.
  5. @tg626 I was having this bug, and I don't have tweakscale. I think it was about bettertimewarp mod (by LGG). I switch to another timewarp mod, and the bug have disappeared.
  6. I am exited for Harder, Better, Faster and Stronger KSP
  7. Since some time, Opera browser have build-in "make all white pages dark" feature
  8. yes, also KSPCommunityFixes makes construction less explosive.
  9. manipulable-only parts are parts that have ModuleCargoPart{} with negative volume, therefore can't be placed in inventory, but can be manipulated in the EVA Construction. A part without ModuleCargoPart{} can't be manipulated in the EVA Construction. Therefore, enabling "Process manipulable-only parts" will process manipulable-only parts, and instead of -1 these parts will be having proper volume. make manual config for these parts, if the part have ModuleCargoPart{}then mod will ignore that part. (It is why all this fuzz with the manipulable-only parts was needed in the first place) @PART[reactor-125]:HAS[!MODULE[ModuleCargoPart]]:Final { MODULE { name = ModuleCargoPart packedVolume = 4254 } }
  10. Deployable Inventory have large inventory parts, you can set up PartVolumes to calculate volume for almost all parts, weight is not a problem in space or low gravity bodies, changing settings.cfg could make EVA construction more convenient: EVA_INVENTORY_RANGE = 15 // 5 EVA_CONSTRUCTION_RANGE = 15 // 7 EVA_CONSTRUCTION_COMBINE_RANGE = 15 // 7 KSPCommunityFixes makes EVA construction less volatile Result — you can print and build with the sandcastle almost everything.
  11. maybe it possible to make "unrealistic mode" in the settings, that will remove any colliders support, and will allow to move through walls and hatches of unsupported mods?
  12. What file? For creating Containment Field you need to have +x EC/s, (if the EC is on max, then you not see the +x EC/s in the GUI, but there is still some generation going on). My assumption that GU's SRX Flux II Bell (ICF) does not supported, so try Stock solar or Nuclear Reactors from Near Future Electrical. Also B9 Part Switch is recommended.
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