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  1. Years of research shows that Kerbals' health don't degrade after spending years in space. To become the true space faring race all it takes is a spaceship capable of moving Kerbals around in relative comfort while constantly producing snacks for them. We have built the first of such great vessel, which we simply called Mothership I for lack of a better name. It was lifted into orbit by the huge S-6B rocket. The S-6B was recovered. A few days later the first crew, Val and Bill, arrived taking the HKA-3E spaceplane. They would stay there for about half a year.
  2. Big satellite Small satellite Inter-planetary micro probes
  3. We need more lifting capacity than the S-3D lifter. So our engineers began building a heavy reusable SSTO, capable of lifting 30-35 t into LKO, based on the powerful Twin Boar. The project soon run into difficulty. The main criticism with the Twin Boar engine was its poor ISP, resulting in high fuel cost, not to mention the 65000 Kerbuck entry cost adopting the engine. The real deal breaker was its poor aerodynamic profile - the lifter could not be made to glide. An alternative was based on the Mainsail engine, which has the advantage of better ISP and lower entry cost. However the Mainsail proved to be under powered. At that point, seeing the success of the HKA-3E space plane, some engineers proposed using jet engines as auxiliary engine to save fuel cost, or even some hybrid winged rocket to maximize the advantage to the jet engine... obviously the project went nowhere. Lastly Kerbodyne offered us the cutting edge Vector engine, with excellent ISP at all altitude, and could be fitted into 1.25m profile - perfect for aerodynamics. At that point the R&D cost for engine alone had ballooned to a staggering 115000 Kerbucks!!! Some critics reckoned a SRB based single use lifter would be cheaper, given the relatively low planned credence. However, this time the lead engineer managed to 'convince' the treasurer and move the project forward. The final design, the S-6B, used 2 Vector, a Panther and 6 Hammer solid RATO. Three sets of movable fins and a set of 4 tail fins enable the 20+ t empty rocket to fly through air. With the Panther jet to assist landing, 4 parachutes was sufficient. One was the first payloads of the S-6B was the 30t Kerbin DTS relay satellite, sent into Keostationary orbit above Nye Island. To complement the relay, the S-2F sent two Kerb-link relays into Keostationary orbit to form a constellation.
  4. That offset is deliberate. I attached the docking port to a 1.25 fairing base, which in turn attach to the big fuel tank via inter-stage node. The small tank is attached to another inter-stage node, and offset down. There would be a fairing protecting the legs during transit, because I am sending it to Laythe. I found that even a simple design like this shakes On the other hand, I Alt-F12 the module to Laythe and there seemed to be no shaking :)
  5. And the result of lottery is... Jool Surveyor I Mission Pt 3 continue form here
  6. OK. I found that retracting the set of legs of the tank module close to the refinery module largely reduces the drift. Using the ground anchor would probably be the best solution. However the refinery module would be too heavy to move. Is it possible to attach the base to a ground anchor without moving it? (Last time I attached a gravity to scanner to one of my own rovers on Ike and the rover bounced).
  7. Just a simple mining base as shown. It moves at 0.2 m/s for no reason. The tank module causes this, and only when the tank empty. I have tried different spring and damper settings for the legs. Any idea how to fix that?
  8. Rockets aren't the only way to go into space. The HKA (High Kerbin Atmospheric) began as a project fitting rocket engines to Juno powered science planes, to greatly improve their operational ceiling. Soon our aircraft engineers argued that an improved rocket plane could send a vehicle into orbit, and such aircraft could land back to KSC after completing its mission. However, such vehicle proved to be to advanced for the time, as the wings, the landing gear and the Juno engines were major liabilities when going into space. On the other hand, the rocket engineers 'took' the idea and produced the highly successful S-2F/G reusable rockets. As nobody saw the need for a space plane, the HKA project practically stopped. A few years later TFK started a new aircraft project, aiming at building an Eco-friendly, electric powered prop plane, again for mysterious reason. The aircraft engineers regrouped. At the same time, TFK was confronting the problem of routinely sending multiple Kerbals into high Kerbin orbit, to meet with a space station under planning. The rocket engineers attempted to build a capsule riding the S-3D lifter. They learned that a rocket shaped capsule cannot do a good aero-braking and controlled glide landing back to KSC, while a more aerodynamic design is difficult to integrate with a rocket. This time the plane group silently took up the challenge, taking advantage of new parts developed for the electric plane, as well as the improved construction facility. They combined a pair of high performance Panther jets, and a Reliant engine for the S-2F lifter, to produce the HKA-3E space plane. The plane could send 3 Kerbal and some cargo part into LKO, with about 1700 spare Delta V for the subsequent mission. It was capable of aggressive areo braking from high orbit thanks to the fairing protecting the crew cabin. For meridian flight the plane took Val and Bill into orbit and then landed back to KSC runway.
  9. Pol Miner I Mission Pt 2 continue from here Meanwhile, we still had to survey Bop, so we sent another rover. Bop Lander I Mission Pt 1
  10. While Jool Surveyor I maneuvered to Pol, Dres Lander I arrived at Dres. Dres Lander I Mission Pt 2 continue from here
  11. More rumor on Kerbin... It appears The Truth Foundation has come up with a new device. It first appeared on the launchpad, but was obviously not a rocket. After a few months, both the small SPH and runway were rebuilt. Then the device was moved back and refitted in the new SPH. Then, from the runway it moved 3 km to the southwest of KSC. Some self declared experts thought that the antennas could be programmed into a phased array, which would have much greater sensitivity and transmission power than an individual dish. However, why would the engineers of TFK attempt such stunt, and what is the use of such device remains mysterious. Meanwhile... Jool Surveyor I Mission Pt 2 Gilly Lander I Mission Pt 3
  12. I'd begin with fitting the blades with the angle snap tools, to ensure they are perfectly straight. Then after sending the plane out to the runway, set the parking brake, and then turn on the motors with very low torque/RPM, and that the RPM of the motors and AoA of the blades are all exactly the same.
  13. After 2 years of research our scientist was finally able to extract the ore inside the Minmus sample and then turn it into useful rocket fuel. The engineers built an ISRU device that automates the process. As Jool Surveyor I was approaching its target, we decided to send a prototype mining and refinery vessel to Minmus for a test, before sending it to Jool. Pol Miner I Mission Pt 1 The Truth Foundation survives by constantly defying expectations
  14. Year 3 was also a good window to Eeloo, so we decided to send a rover. That does mean the mission to Jool have to be further postponed. Eeloo Rover I Mission Pt 1 After launching the probe we only have a few thousands Kerbucks left.
  15. Yes. Just open the PAW of the mk2 drone core (right click) and then click "Control from here".
  16. Great. I have 'ordered' a copy. Do I have to download now?
  17. Half a Kerbin year had passed after Dres Lander I left Kerbin. Duna Lander I was ready to return from Duna. Duna Lander I Mission Pt 3 continue from here
  18. Since antiquity there had been debates whether Dres exists or not. Clearly sending a probe was the only way to settle matter. Dres Lander Mission Pt I
  19. With the contributions from out Gilly landing, we upgraded R&D to level 3 our scientists and engineers were having a field day researching some cutting edge technology. Mun Surveyor I Mission
  20. Soon after Duna Lander I arrived at Duna, the transfer window to Eve was approaching, and debate on what to do with the window heated up. The engineers argued we didn't have the right tool to study Eve. Even if our Sparo-2 rover could survive the violent landing on the purple planet it would not have the power or speed to drive any useful distance. A better rover would require new parts costing tens of thousands to research, and our treasurer would not approve the funding. However, our first successful Duna mission drew a lot of contribution, and Admin expected similar income if we can travel to Eve. At the end, we decided to send a limited mission to Gilly. Gilly Lander I Mission Pt 1
  21. For a classical space plane the Juno is a liability. However a combination of Panther and Reliant / Swivel is practical. https://kerbalx.com/TheFlyingKerman/HKA-4C-SSTO-4t-cargo For minimal tech I'd turn to SSTO rockets https://kerbalx.com/TheFlyingKerman/Simple-reusable-lifter-S-2F
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