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  1. To a computer, there is no fundamental difference between a vessel collision calculation and a calculation in an otherwise fine situation that's gone awry. A Kraken attack is simply impossible to detect - the game just sees the vessel doing a thing.
  2. Presumably the same thing that happens when the VAB collapses with you still working inside it. To be specific, the building where time pauses while you're inside it.
  3. Keeping the vessel simulated during construction was a less-than-ideal move on Squad's part, and it also probably made development a million times more difficult than it needed to be to have physics running during construction, not to mention being inconvenient for the players who aren't entertained by hours of work blowing up for reasons beyond their control. If KSP 2's devs are taking notes from Squad, the vessel will not fully load for as long as it's being edited.
  4. If said community treats anything less than inviting everyone to live in the development studio as a disservice...
  5. Accusing me of ignoring it is a bit of a low blow there. I'm not happy with what I've seen. How can you not be happy with them engaging directly with players?
  6. There's no use in communication if they only say the sugarcoating you want to hear and not how complex development actually is. The type of communication you're comparing KSP 2 to is vapid and doesn't give you a good look at what happens behind the scenes.
  7. Ignoring the communication that's happening doesn't mean it's not there. The post Pthigrivi shared is good.
  8. I thought the diffuse light of planets shining on nearby objects was a feature? A feature people aimed to mod into KSP 1 before, even?
  9. if you want to use craft that use the DLC, sure. Otherwise, the DLC doesn't do anything that mods can't do, and with development having ceased, there's no need to worry about mods becoming outdated.
  10. How long did the mission take by the in-game timer?
  11. You can't complain about the forum being horrible to use when it's full of exactly what I'm quoting right here.
  12. If Juno is the same as KSP 1, then KSP 2 overshot its initial goals
  13. There's also KSP 2 which will catch up sooner or later provided T2 makes the right decisions.
  14. "no Intellectual Property of any kind - except the Source Code." it's my understanding that this phrase implies that the Source Code is an IP, the word "except" would be an, well, "exception" meaning that only the Source Code would be the only IP those some rights would be granted. "no Intellectual Property of any kind - but the Source Code." would sound better? Both phrases translates exactly the same to PT-BR, so I really can't tell the difference. BUT… If you want to discuss Open Source philosophy… Yes, Open Source is Intellectual Property, and that's the reason we need CopyLeft licenses to protect it. Your garden is not less your property if you decide to let your neighbourhood' kids play on it (granting them a "license" to play on it) - you can even impose conditions in which they can do it, as demanding they fix things that get broken and/or clean up the place before the end of the day, or you would revoke their "license" to use the place. If Squad gives up the source code, why not the assets? The source code is the meat of the deal, the assets hardly took much work compared to the time spent making the game. Why not ask for the entire game?
  15. And exactly how did you arrive at that conclusion? Go check out what some of the things people who got inspired by this game have went on to do. Kinda like when I was 7 years old, my Mom won a hot air balloon ride. Now you might call it "just a balloon ride" but that day, I knew that I wanted to be in the sky...like as a career. And it has influenced many of my big decisions since. If you've got an entire village getting on someone's case because their balloon didn't break the sound barrier, I can't say anything besides the fact it's just a balloon. Not on vacation they aren't. Developers deserve vacations. It's hard to talk about a game you like or have hope for if any discussion is going to invite pessimism. Implement submillimeter precision for interstellar distances, run several systems of colonies in the background... simple, right? Here's something that's simple: drop any pre-2020 expectations because the old technical manager was out of their depth with these promises KSP 2 is still trying to reach.
  16. I wouldn't say those put it much above being just a game. I can guarantee they are. If said proverbial claws ever come out, they should be pointed at the corporations, not the devs.
  17. Would a rushed game be preferable? I hate to say it but the old technical manager (or whatever) set everyone's expectations too high and they need tampering now if ever.
  18. that's the hotkey for pause What keyboard arrangement are you using (if there are any that replace / with esc)?
  19. Neither should people wish developers live in caves because of their fascination with said games. It's just a game and it's a ridiculous reason to be saying what people are saying about the devs. [Snip]
  20. [Snip] [Snip] It is hard on the devs and CMs and I'm tired of people pretending otherwise so they can paint the developers as lazy demons who do nothing all week because they don't like some stinking game.
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