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  1. What the "new space sim/game" will probably be: like KSP 1 but with more focus on the spaceplanes!
  2. It's just a game. I mean this in the most sincere way possible, you could turn away from the computer for a bit instead, then maybe game-related drama wouldn't be so upsetting.
  3. You really think KSP 1's success was just HarvesteR.
  4. Well no, the moderators only knows as much as you and me what the game is going through. If the mods figure the game is dead, then plans to rearrange the forums aren't going to be the biggest clue that the game's keeled over.
  5. Okay, well which modpack do you want me to use that gets the game running within this geological epoch and alleviates its memory leakage and allows the game to run competently with very large vessels? Well, except for KSP1. And maybe the fact that the mods inside large modpacks always end up conflicting with each other in terms of vision and code.
  6. I would try to evaluate how good or bad KSP 1 looks, but there's no proper reference frame because it's a big hideous clash of cartoonish and pseudo-realistic styles, and the clouds provided by EVE don't really help.
  7. My guess is that, because I called you out first, they are waiting on you to answer the question before they do. And considering they could use the argument "Well, we've got mods that fix this stuff, so it can be assumed you can add that code to the underlying code", you are really up against it here. If there's a mod that fixes inefficient fuel flow calculations or how bad the game is with high part counts, I'd like to see it already. Did I not already do that?
  8. But Scarecrow said it was to my detriment
  9. You figured it out all on your own, did you now? You deserve a star Any chance of you answering a question or are you going to continue to be unfunny? I didn't realise I was supposed to be playing a comedian for you. Which is why I'm still waiting for people, such as Lisias making claims about how the game can be fixed with some tweaks, to come back with footage of the game not sucking on a technical level.
  10. The burden of evidence is on all the people who came before me saying they could spit-polish the game if given access to the source code. Oh dear.
  11. Where is your proof it can be fixed?
  12. Confidential. I take it he's not accepting your offer of 2 vintage bottle caps and a yo-yo.
  13. Again, the point here - that you initially made, by the way - isn't whether or not the game works, but whether or not it can be fixed. You have asserted that the game cannot be fixed so that it works, not that it simply doesn't work. Here, let me show you the actual post you made that started this whole thing: So there you have it. You stated that KSP cannot be fixed, but are now trying to say the game doesn't work. Which is it? Do you assert that the game cannot be fixed, or would you like to admit you have gone off on a tangent and are now talking about the game doesn't have a working build? I'll believe it can be fixed when it is. Otherwise it's just modders talking big about how they can optimise everything. So you are claiming to not be a troll? What are you then? Someone who does not understand the concept of debate? It is customary to prove one's assertions, otherwise we are left thinking you are speaking out of your behind. Look, nobody but you cares about your standard of what KSP should be. I get that you want to be edgy and not go with the flow, but your schtick is boring and repetitive. Good trolls are funny. You are not. Okay. How are your talks with T2's CEO going?
  14. Is there anything in particular you're hoping to achieve by being a troll that actually comes out and says "Hey guys! I'm a troll!" I mean, It defeats the whole purpose... And if we read the bit you quoted... "someone you believe is a troll" vs "someone who is a troll" Couple of things wrong with what you said here. First, you are the one that keeps shifting the goal posts and burden of proof. I've asked you pointedly and directly what proof you have to show that the game cannot be fixed, and you have yet to answer the question. In this latest example, you try to dodge the question by stating that neither I nor Lisias have proof that it can be fixed...and then state that Lisias has provided some explanation that you believe is hear-say. Secondly, I'd like to challenge you to go find where I stated that the game can be fixed. In fact, I'll even point out something I said in this thread as a direct response to you: So you either read what I wrote here and completely ignored it, or you glossed over my post and failed to see it. Either way, you are wrong when you say that I am saying it is fixable, primarily because I never said that. Go ahead and look through my posts in this thread; I've got all day. This assumes I'm not reading your posts, but rather just spamming the thread. Neither of which is true, because I am in fact reading your posts, and I'm responding to them directly. Copy/Paste only works when you aren't interested in actually talking. The big issue here is that you haven't even defined what you mean by "not fixable". I could make the assumption that you are talking about modding the game and not the actual code...but that doesn't seem right. Mods may make it appear that the game is fixed, but no, the underlying code is the problem as that still has issues for anyone who hasn't used the same mods someone else has. So let's assume, then, that you are talking about the underlying game code itself and attack this conversation from there. Are you a programmer? Have you had the chance to actually look at the underlying code and analyze it to the point where you can say with 100% certainty that it cannot be altered so as to make the game "fixed"? Have you had in-depth conversations with the actual developers on this topic, and if so, can you share those insights with us? My final guess here is that you don't even know what you mean when you talk about the game being "fixed", nor do you have an idea of what state the game would need to be in to be considered as "fixed". I think you simply have had bad experiences with bugs and just assume the game isn't fixable. Not that you've tried, of course; why else would you continue to not answer the question, other than to protect your own narrow viewpoint? I'll retract my claim as soon as you show me a build of the game that loads in a few seconds, can handle thousands of parts without turning into a slideshow, and doesn't implode if a Kerbal ragdolls in just the right way.
  15. Is there anything in particular you're hoping to achieve by engaging with someone you believe is a troll?
  16. My point is that you and Lisias don't have any proof it can be fixed, and you avoid confronting that truth by shifting the burden of proof. Lisias' only seems to provide hear-say like it is a kind if evidence. Oh no? Anyways, You're only wasting your own time. Better have CTRL, C and V on standby. Games from 30 years ago have beaten that.
  17. These questions do not have a lot of point in them. It's here
  18. I heard you the first 50 times. And no, your question is not nearly as relevant as the fact that there is no build of the game that one could call "fixed".
  19. Yes, it can. They said "Folks, the whole can't be fixed, can be fixed back and forth isn't really going anywhere"..... not "the whole can't be fixed". That much should be clear from the fact that the bit you cherrypicked makes no sense on its own. Limitations, bugs, silly mistakes, anything to avoid saying "broken". You know, these are two mutually inclusive requirements: in order to be able to affirm if something can or not be fixed, someone needs to know the damned thing, and at least managed to fix some of them. You again missed the point of what they're saying.
  20. The burden of evidence isn't on me. I'm not the one who asserted first that KSP 1 is just "poorly tended", and I've yet to see any fruits come from the armchair computer scientists (see: modders) talking big about how they could completely fix the game if given the opportunity.
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