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  1. On 6/18/2023 at 6:35 PM, ssd21345 said:

    Hello, can you check whether zer0kerbal maintained mods are up to date in ckan? He seems inclined to upload mods on curseforge, so his mods on Spacedock are not necessary up-to-date. Thanks!

    e.g spacey expanded in ckan still has the old version, while both Spacey base has a missing dependency: SpaceY Corp which cause missing texture.

    Same here

  2. On 8/31/2022 at 10:31 PM, Brigadier said:

    Thanks for the logs.  Although not all are related to TST and RB, there are 2605 error lines in KSP log, mostly due to textures and shaders.   I'm not an expert and not a modder but I don't think you should be getting any errors with ToolbarController, for example.  Some of these are general exceptions and NREs, including by RB, but the biggest culprits appear to be Tantares and whatever "mk3galaxy" is from.

    Sorry and i can't be of more help.  Some obvious questions that you many have already addressed:

    1. Are all of your mods up-to-date and compatible with KSP 1.12.3 (they look like they are but there are so many)?
    2. How are you installing your mods, manually or with CKAN?

    You might consider duplicating the game and, on the copy, start removing mods a few at a time (least important first) until the problem goes away.  I think there are more issues with this install than just RB/TST.


    Thank you.

    I Deleted all mods and indeed RB with TST is working again.
    Took me the whole day adding all my mods back (I think) and still RB with TST is working fine... huh!

    Maybe things got corrupted overtime while tons of mods get updated from CKAN, and its just time to have a clean install ? Maybe @JeyJeyKing is having a similar issue.

    Still I get errors in loading screen, I don't think you can have a heavy modded KSP without getting errors? I mean if things working fine then error all the way, right ?

    But still if its not trouble for you, could you check my new log for anything major please ?
    Thanks again.


  3. On 6/29/2021 at 4:00 AM, tjsnh said:

    I've created a few updated contracts that work with this pack to add the new anomalies from 1.12 in, until/unless such time as the pack is officially updated.
    If you find any bugs in these, let me know - I just did a quick cheatthrough and they seem to work ok. The altitudes of the waypoints may need tweaking, direct message me any feedback/fixes.


    Just put the .cfg files in your GameData/ContractPacks/AnomalySurveyor directory. The contracts on Kerbin require you to reach space, and the ones beyond Kerbin require you to have orbited the respective body before becoming available. The contract rewards are modest/simple, mostly just pointing the way to the new goodies rather than giving some huge artificial funds/science boost.



    Can you reupload the file please ? Link shows deleted for me

  4. 18 hours ago, Brigadier said:

    Funny, mine does.  I open the ResearchBodies and telescope GUI dialogs from the telescope, zoom in as close as practical for a stable image, click Take Picture on the Space Telescope window and transmit.  The more often I do this, the higher the percentage becomes.  I return to the Observatory, and the numbers have changed there as well.

    Perhaps you could post a log file for us to look at?

    Just tried again still does not give research percentage.






  5. On 7/27/2021 at 1:47 AM, IgorZ said:

    Not without code changes. In what use-case you'd need to have more than 100m range? For a spot light such distance seems more than enough.

    Was trying to attach it to landing gears, but because the range is short, landing at night was hard.


    But I managed to edit another mod (Aviation Lights) to give me the required range.



  6. CKAN.InvalidModuleFileKraken: TweakScale v2.4.5.1: C:\Users\Crimson\AppData\Local\Temp\tmp77E7.tmp has length 288150, should be 256221
       at CKAN.NetModuleCache.Store(CkanModule module, String path, String description, Boolean move)
       at CKAN.NetAsyncModulesDownloader.ModuleDownloadComplete(Uri url, String filename, Exception error)

    Hey @Lisias I am getting this error from CKAN while trying to update.

    lol we posted in the same time @Nova1

  7. 23 minutes ago, Serenity said:

    Maybe there should be a small redesign on forums to promote and somehow motivate more all the amazing mod creators, i don't know how exactly but

    it would be nice to see some added support to the modding community, its going to be a long ride till KSP2 and things like that would definitely ease that transition.

    Since the game is about to be considered complete, I suspect a ton of dead mods coming back to life.

  8. 1 hour ago, OrbitalManeuvers said:

    I'm able to confirm that without any planet pack, the sky is black in the daytime. But this same build works fine with JNSQ. Here's the log from the black sky install:


    This explains why I don't have the black sky issue since I have a Planet pack installed.

    But you still got the KSC lights issue ?

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