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  1. [MAJOR UPD8 0.2.0] Size 3 parts!! still a bit more work to be done on colliders, but for now they're working great!
  2. been mostly radio silence lately, and I apologise for that, been working hard on S3 habs!! should be coming real soon, after that is going to be a revamp of S4 parts to give them better colliders, and doing parts are basically done but just wanna give them a look over here's a look at the S3 commanders office until then!
  3. that would be amazing! let me know what can be done to help!
  4. thanks! The best part of making this has been hearing all the feedback!
  5. no direct support, but someone has kindly offered to add life support patches, so will let you know if and when those are in! currently, the mod only adds habitats, no actual tanks, I'm not certain quite what aspect of the station you're looking for, but plans are in the work for a docking module that goes inside tanks so you don't have to dock at the bottom
  6. that would be amazing! thank you so much for the offer, and let me know if there's anything I can do to support u when the time comes!
  7. once i have a full release i will put it on CKAN, I'm tempted to now but its still prerelease so I'm unsure, will gauge opinion as for freeiva, it is fully supported by all habs, and highly reccomended
  8. UPD8 added optional indicators to show when a hab is assembled gave habs an external mesh in case of a crash made the converter a command module moved all current parts to pods added a prototype "window" to the lounge added full support for CLS
  9. P much! The plan is to make a few more 5m have, then make versions of all of them in 3.75m and 2.5m Thank you so much! Wouldn't have gotten this far without such a supportive community
  10. Fun example mission used to create this station!
  11. idk why all my posts got merged, those were 3 replies originally
  12. this is a great idea! will test this out damn just updated, will do tho! [NEW UPD8] fixed some bugs, changed to using SSPXrs hab module, and added a flatpack converter
  13. https://github.com/dawn0303/GRAPEFRUIT/releases/ very early days still, but hope u enjoy!
  14. FIRST RELEASE just for testing so not amazingly polished, just wanna get any feedback I can https://github.com/dawn0303/GRAPEFRUIT/releases/tag/0.1.0
  15. the commanders office is the closest anyone is getting to privacy this was the image that originally inspired this mod, and with the commander's office, I have now implemented every original design, don't worry there are still about 20 more habs planned, but a public testing build isn't far away now!
  16. and the lounge! all old habs are back up and running! and with freeiva support
  17. size 4 converter, quarters, and gym all revamped and now supporting FREEIVA!
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