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  1. It has been what, six months and still tons of untouched major bugs and no new meaningful features? All of your options are far too optimistic. Game will be completed some time between the apocalypse and never.
  2. Best thing about the patch is that it'll at least a month before the next one, and that one probably won't have any meaningful content in it either. Can't wait for the Christmas next summer update with ported-over KSP1 science (with a new feature called bugs!) .
  3. Sorry. They seem to have put maybe a weeks worth of work into it since you left. Come back in 2027?
  4. 2019 me seeing announce video: tear of pride and joys rolls down my cheek. 2020 me seeing delay: me gusta, I can take it. Do what you gotta do. 2021 me with more delays: ok. Not ideal, but ok. 2022 me with more delays: hmm. The heck is going on over there? Early 2023 me with EA "release": lol. The dystopian decay has spread to my favorite refuge. Not good Mid 2023 me seeing heat effect salesmanship: lmao. Nate's used car lot in full effect. "Drives out fine" for 2 hours until you're past warranty (steam refund period) then it's your problem, pal. (Slaps hood) This baby can fit so much heat effects!
  5. Neat. I saw some vids from them in like 2019 that had a whole bunch of stuff we still don't have in 2023.
  6. Video: "Suffer with me." Me: "No." I'll buy it and play it when it's playable. At this rate, that'll be 2033. More likely it's being kept in the appearance of development for effect on shareholders and will be cancelled when t2 has more big-ticket releases upcoming to feather its cap with. Either the lack of tangible progress on critical bugs bodes poorly for hopes of timely completion, or they've shadow abandoned it already.
  7. Which will we get first: science update or the next year-numbered covid strain?
  8. I thought one of the selling points was the fantastic tutorials? Did they not even finish those yet? Lithobraking in 2020.... pffft.
  9. The fact that so many people who bought at 50 feel ripped off when price drops by less than the cost of a McDanald's "value" meal means they already felt ripped off deep down but justified it because "investment." Now, they're already underwater on the "investment" and have gotten little to no "value" out of it. When people buy a fantastic game st full price you don't see them storm into forums and get cranky at the first steam sale...
  10. I was just looking at the reviews seconds before reading this post, and you're 100 percent correct. Bunches of "I totally recommend this game, but don't buy it yet." It's either some kind of tribal allegiance-signalling display, or people trying to convince themselves they made a good purchase.
  11. I've been watching this metric since launch, and it has been like there's a hard floor at 50 percent. Why not 49 or 47 or 52? Right at 50... not sus at all... Has it been 3 months yet? That's a quarter.
  12. It has been almost exactly tracking just above 50% ... odd. Almost like there's a concerted effort to keep it there, and i'm not seeing it from tbe community. That you, T2?
  13. This tells me it wasn't selling at all, and the financial outlook is not good. Better pull out all the stops and get those bugs fixed or the suits will be putting an empty box on a bunch of desks soon. -it's unpopular to speak the truth in the current year, but someone should.
  14. We talked about this for about 3 years while waiting through delays for the game to release "when it was finshed." Best case scenario is probably KSP1 science with a minor twist of some kind. Maybe experiments over time, or automated gathering. They're going to want to show timeline progress, and quickly... so any fancy notions of revolutionary science system should be hung up. Look at how the current product stacks up against KSP1 with mods (or no mods) to get an idea of what to expect.
  15. Why even release a patch at all if it doesn't solve any major problems? Might as well delay it again if none of the big ones can be solved.
  16. One side: "I'm not happy with this." Other side: "You can't think or say that!" Your post is basically telling people what to think or the thoughts they'd ought to be able to express (or not express). Very 2023 of you.
  17. Thanks for the update. I hope it can be sorted out and performing well soon.
  18. I prefer this communication style for early access. This might be the first post in a while that didn't make me feel crabby. I'm one of those people who is not inappropriately supportive and positive when the situation doesn't warrant it. I approve of the new tone and delivery (not that my approval matters). Transparency is like this is preferred by most people. As far as feeling rewarded by it, I don't really care. If my crusty posts helped in tiny part to lead to an increase in transparency, so be it. Better for all. I'm not thrilled with the state of the game, but at least my fangs aren't dripping with venom after reading this.
  19. Some people have to learn the hard way. If I wanted to pay for a false hope I'd buy a lottery ticket, it's much cheaper. Until then, I'll wait for the product to be adequate. If I wanted an investment, I'd fiddle with a trading account. I'm here for a fun game, and it has yet to be delivered. Good luck, OP.
  20. I don't really have anything to gain and only stand to lose hours of time scrounging through threads and videos for false promises and specific statements. Since I'm not filing suit and will not be party to one, I've no gain in the non-trivial use of time. Venting frustration makes me feel good, working on the weekend not so much. Good luck, tho.
  21. I see on places like reddit and social media more and more an odd social behavior where people are seemingly unable to offer a critical or corrective view on things, but can seemingly only express positivity, supportiveness, or unity when the situation may not be appropriate. This is such a situation. KSP2 release and everything leading up to it is the epitome of customer and community abuse by a game developer, as has become increasingly common in these years. People are seeing similar actions by game companies and are feeling increasingly abused and taken advantage of. Once upon a time, games shipped complete or didn't ship. They were performant or the company went out of business. (I don't need to be told what early access is, this isn't it, this is like shipping a car with no transmission for full price to be installed sometime soonish, maybe?) People are chafing about the whole industry and the industry needs to feel it or it will never stop. Remaining positive will not help. I'd rather read a helpful critical review than an unhelpful pep talk any day. Imagine how many people would be wasting money and stress if every steam review on every game was positive so as not to be negative.
  22. Yes, you're over the target, so expect flak and possibly thread-be-gone. Yes, they did make a lot of grandiose statements that turned out to be laughably unbacked by a deliverable product. Yes, Nate's language communication style is somewhat expected of a team lead, all the more so if things are less than ideal in terms of morale and product viability. Yes, many in the community felt deceived and misled by the marketing and undelivered promises. Yes, the game is likely to be cancelled despite all of the encouraging talk of funding. The only real matter of import is whether or not T2 will try to shut out mods from KSP1 and implement a locked ecosystem for paid mods. They do not care for competition as has been seen in cases of modders remastering certain of their IP better than their developers did. They may come to see KSP1 modders as eating into profit possibilities if they cancel KSP2. And then maybe they just thought since KSP1 was "early access" with tons of people super excited to play from day one (I was there, Gandalf), they could abuse the crap out of it and charge 50 bucks for bugcity and take (potentially) years in EA and we'd beg for more? Free development at player expense! Suits approve! Didn't work out like that, though... And no, to those who weren't there, KSP1 was NOT this half-baked and unfun, even in the earliest states I played. It was fun and refreshing. Everyone was excited. Bugs? Some. Features? Some. But even with it running at 15fps on my potato at the time, the best game I ever played. One person dreamed up KSP1 and delivered a large part of it themselves after other employees were added later. I've seen one or two dedicated and inspired devs produce some of the best games I've ever played. They've got 50 people working on KSP2... the heck happened?
  23. August 2019: Holy smokes! KSP2!?!? This is going to be the best game ever! May 2023: Birthday party did not go as planned... commences to distract crying children with balloon animals.
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