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  1. Holy smokes, are there still people clinging to hope even after all this? Take a rest from it. It's over.
  2. Can we get a gamers nexus documentary on this? Where's tech Jesus when you need him? I must have read right past it? Where?
  3. At least I had KSP2 to look forward to during covid. Kinda like I have retirement to look forward to during work...
  4. Forgot the band and song, but some of the lyrics were like: "that fake Jamaican took every last dime in that scam... it was worth it just to learn some sleight of hand."
  5. I'm not. I keep my installs in seperate folders. But point being that not everyone out there already owns the game or knows these things. I was talking about KSP1. A future IP owner could take action to restrict mods to milk the complete KSP1 for DLC cash to fund KSP2 completion. Probably won't happen, but I have to put on my best Mr Burns impression when thinking like a suit. Google must have old results indexed, because there's zero listings for jobs at Seattle. https://careers.take2games.com/jobs Unless you've got breaking news about intercept being moved to a new city?
  6. That and to remove any company-specific stuff to try and sell it to someone else. Keep an eye on KSP1 for an update to remove publisher info???
  7. That's only if future owners allow this. They could "update" in a blocking of mods, a drm system, and only one version available to download if they want to farm it for DLC.
  8. Please! NO! Do not update KSP1 anymore! It's finally a solid, constant base to mod off of. Updates will hurt more than they help! Besides, if they sell the IP, the update you get might be to block mods so the new owners can sell DLC packs.
  9. I read somewhere that these were automated uploads of development builds. I guess we'll find out, but at the rate the team was working the whole time, you can't really expect more than a few minor changes in the month or less before they're official jobless.
  10. We gonna beat this dead horse until the maggots have turned into maggot jelly?
  11. Still stuck with the tarnish of KSP2, and that will forever be attached to the little green men. Easier to just not pay the millions at this point and do your own IP.
  12. Who's going to pay big bucks for what's now an old game with a trickle of sales, and a liability with a black eye you need to spend tens of millions more on just to get to 1.0. By what magic would KSP2s steam rating recover at this point, I have no idea.
  13. Mom: "Stop being so negative." Me: "I'm not being negative, I'm being realistic."
  14. Point was: they still had most of the 70 working on KSP2 and it still took nearly a year to deliver science, that should have only taken a few months tops.
  15. Wow. So they just flat weren't getting anything done in any reasonable amount of time. No wonder T2 finally pulled the plug. Surprised it took them so long.
  16. Did anyone spill the beans on the other project the majority of the team was working on since EA release?
  17. It can't be... 2015 was only a few weeks ago it seems like...
  18. Wow. It's even the same executive doing the same thing with words. If that's not the final nail in the coffin, I don't know what is. See y'all if any other news comes about, but I guess it's time for me to quit kicking this dead horse. Hopefully the remaining hopefuls can come to terms with it in their own way on their own schedule.
  19. Might want to reassess even considering buying the game. They just fired the development team and there are strong indications the game may never be finished. It is currently in a poor state. Besides that, I think that computer is well below the minimum spec, so even functioning at all is not guaranteed, and probably would work terribly if it does work at all.
  20. If it's not any of those things, they would have had Nate come out RIGHT AWAY and spell out in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that it wasn't over, development is continuing, here's our plan, etc. Instead, they're being "cute" about it and dodging direct questions with legally precise language that doesn't inform one to the future of this product. You want closure, but closure has legal and financial implications that management evidently is unwilling to accept. I can't think of a game that was released to early access just to be shelved for a year or two and then was resumed later, can you? Sounds like wishful fantasy.
  21. Nah. They've got 2 years worth of development left to do on this. They can scrape something off the bottom of someone's shoe that will reap more sales than this dumpster fire would after its ratings drop to 25% after 2 years in hibernation. You just reeeeaaallly want it not to be over, but it's pretty obvious it's over. And no, they're not going to say as much because they want a "future release" on their books due to the GTA delays.
  22. I bet there's a small group of fans behind every abandoned EA title just hanging in there waiting patiently and hoping...
  23. It was a colossal disaster that they only didn't cancel in the first place because they knew they could dump it into EA to recoup part of the cost.
  24. Really reaching here, mate. You're willing to admit that out of all the projects they've got in the pipeline, this was right at the bottom of their list in terms of revenue outweighing cost, but you're not willing to admit that they have the alternative of just coming up with other options in the future instead of coming back to this. Why even come back to it later when you can just, you know... not? You don't need to try to school me on the money part. It's pretty clear they don't think there are enough possible future sales to justify funding it anymore, or they would have funded it. At the end of the day the finance and accounting people made the projections and this one got the axe. No need to come back to it when they can develop something more financially promising. Besides, they already got your money.
  25. It appears to be over, but some people with certain psychological profiles often caused by complex parental abandonment or abuse issues are likely to continue to need to hold on to belief and feel supportive, even if only to prove to themselves that they are not like the person whose behavior caused their complex.
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