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  1. We have no idea and there's no point buying for it right now with the current supply issues in computer parts. Best to wait until a month or two before release before even stressing over it.
  2. I hope so. My old PC took around 25 minutes to load my heavily modded KSP install off of a Hard disk drive. I went to a new PC (largely because of my love for KSP) with a samsung 970 m2 ssd and it cut it down to a few minutes. The difference was massive. KSP load times are possibly the worst I've ever seen. Many other games, I can't even read the tips on the loading screens because there isn't time, but not with KSP...
  3. How about a "doomed" moon that is destined to be ingested by the gas giant it orbits, and is only just barely above the atmosphere at closest approach?
  4. I can't figure out how to illustrate it properly, nor can I adequately predict how orbital mechanics would work with it, or how a dev team would implement it... so it would probably be a lot of fun and new experiences for players. I just want a planet I can fly through without hitting anything. Swiss cheese planet! Unrealistic at large scale, but maybe some ice evaporated away from a rocky core on some asteroids stuck together? No idea how to get it done, just submitting for something new.
  5. This is a cluster of debris that arranged in such a way that the center of gravity and center of rotation are open to space. A player can fly through the center. This body contains surfaces of positive, negative, and zero gravity and in many angles about the center. Many new challenges and interesting orbits/structures are possible with this. Low gravity and smallish size allows players to explore the unique dynamics of the body using RCS. Good item to add to Jool for using as a base to build interstellar ships.
  6. I was wondering this as well. It looks like the larger round parts could be easily modified to fit massive asteroid mining rigs.
  7. I think for floating and underwater colonies, a few special inflatable parts that can double as ballast and balloons would work wonders. No need to redo every part for underwater/floating use. Assuming the atmosphere and liquid physics and pressure curves are done realistically, achieving neutral buoyancy should kind of take care of itself with the right amount of weight/displacement. Something like those inflatable landing cushions from that one mod would be perfect...
  8. I strongly suspect the Kraken is the shadowy object at the bottom of the lake on the eyeball planet.
  9. 99.9% chance the limiter will be CPU speed for KSP2. I spent several thousand dollars building a computer for KSP since I got tired of suffering with modded install load times and rubbish physics performance. Current setup is 8700K @ 5.0ghz, 32Gb 3600mhz DDR4, 2080ti, and several Samsung 970 series M.2 SSD. It doesn't look like graphics will be too stressing for a modern GPU of mid-grade, I'm guessing a 1050ti or 1060 6gb is the target for "suggested" GPU. RAM will likely depend on mod count, I had to upgrade from 16 to 32 for KSP1 since I ran into the upper limit of 16Gb a number of times. The real killer for KSP is single core CPU speed. That's probably where you'd want to spend your dollars if you build a rig just for KSP/KSP2. The best single core performance CPU you can afford and overclock the heck out of it. I had a 1060 in there before the 2080ti, and it did fine. For KSP1, an M.2 SSD is a lifesaver, but I'm guessing (hoping) the dev team will fix whatever made my modded KSP1 take 25 minutes to load on HDD, so it might not be as critical for KSP2. Most performance per dollar for physics based games is going to be single core CPU performance, almost certainly.
  10. I'm just hoping they don't tie mods to some proprietary, publisher-managed account system. The last thing we need is to be forced to log in to play, or be limited to "approved" mods, or be limited to the amount of mb/gb of mods you can download per day without a "sooper premium paywall" account on your "kerbal install manager exxtreme" account that is tied to one computer only.
  11. I've never personally seen that kind of "magnetism" in any of my dockings, but I play (played. currently on halt until KSP2) a heavily modded older version than the current one. For docking, as with everything else: Please make it as realistic as possible without making a career of it. It should be a challenge for a grown adult that knows what they're doing, and has done it before. I don't really see a toddler pulling off an orbital rendezvous and docking no matter how many tutorial videos there are.
  12. I hope new complexity, number of planets/systems, and added realism makes this impossible without major colonization/infrastructure projects. They may be changing ISRU systems to be more realistic. Hopefully it's not as easy as: "LOL, I haz landed. Now I stick down a straw and I haz gas!" This is not likely to be possible given the size and mass of interstellar drives. No in-atmosphere lifter would be capable of lifting even an empty interstellar engine, let alone the fuel. It would have to be constructed from parts/materials in zero-g or near-zero-g asteroid setting. Not trying to nitpick, but I really think new mechanics will make this challenge DOA/Impossible.
  13. I'm going to be conservative and guess around 3 systems worth of work. I can't see them pumping out too many systems up front when they can be made DLC later on. 1) Original system 2) Full new system near the original 3) More distant, strange system with less worlds but more unique/far fetched ones. 4) About half a systems worth of other stuff. Maybe a rogue planet, machine world, black hole, or even a nebula with a utopia world hidden inside?
  14. I bet It got pushed back probably due to the covid/telework situation, and now they have to optimize for a completely new generation of consoles in addition to the PS4 era they were originally going to release on.
  15. Do I see interior hatches? The rear cockpit seems to have them fore and aft. Do the other parts with habitation get interiors, or is it just cockpits because of the IVA piloting need anyway? It would sure be nifty to move a kerbal about inside a colony/colony ship...
  16. With the inflatable domes: It seems weird to have them up on stilts, but I understand that terrain deformation to make a flat surface placement is not in the cards... Will there be a compromise for aesthetics? Maybe a slightly built-off-the-ground concrete-looking foundation option so that they are on a flat surface, but not in the air?
  17. All of this is easily solved by game options. Select "Klassic Kerbal" to start on Kerbin, or "Exploration Extravaganza" to start on a life-viable planet or moon of your choice in a different star system. Just make the alternate starts more challenging for resources and expansion than the default system. No reason to have a forced choice, especially for veteran players.
  18. Unless there's a sensor for that? I just think it would be a shame to have atmospheres without atmosphere stuff. I'm sure they would add a setting for turning it off anyway.
  19. You're going to hate the scatter/asteroids in the rings then... When in doubt, save save load.
  20. New planets appear to be in different solar systems, with the original Kerbal system staying roughly the same/revamped with better graphics. Seeing as the consoles that it will be releasing on are roughly equivalent in graphics processing power to a GTX 750/750ti, that would probably be the minimum to shoot for. GT1030 *might* get the job done at 30fps 720p low detail. The 460 and 550ti I doubt will be able to handle it. I wouldn't upgrade anything until we see what the requirements will be, unless you need it for another game.
  21. I hate to say this, but if they're reusing the original solar system, it really needs to be BEAUTIFUL this time to impress anyone with the same planets over again. It will doubtless be more taxing, as it is 10 years newer.
  22. Oumuamua! We need an Oumuamua! Seriously tho, they're all pretty neat. It'd really be a waste if we couldn't explore the depths of those waters of "puf"...
  23. It almost has to be minimus due to the flats. I think the restyle is excellent, and was badly needed. The original looked absolutely silly. On another note: Did anyone see something in the bottom of the "eye planet" crater lake? Kracken???
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