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  1. I'm sure modders will have figured out how to set a different system as the home system within a few days of release. I'll be happy as long as it looks like it was released in the current decade.
  2. I don't think weapons fit in KSP. Physics already provides enough potential to abuse the parts provided, we certainly don't need more tools for griefers. Some modders will come up with them anyway, and I will proceed not to download them. Kick them off the server. I wouldn't want to build on a server that allows a bunch of feral 12 year olds to tear up my work.
  3. I'm not really sure. I was just bored and replied because I agreed. Maybe OP is trying to solicit another "show and tell" thread?
  4. Probably the sun, way too much dv required to get close, plus the temperature wouldn't allow it. Not holding my breath for solar winds, sunspots, or CME, but hopeful... even if they are just for looks and don't change gameplay. I'm hoping for a Jool with volumetric clouds, multiple atmospheric layers/winds/composition/storms, and maybe a rocky core. With all the asteroids it has eaten up over the eons, there has to be rock or something solid in there somewhere. Hopefully it will be more than just the green center around which some moons orbit.
  5. Very possibly, but at this early stage there isn't much else for me to do.
  6. I was thinking of this more as a way to incentivize exploration, create new engineering challenges, and add to the science system. Everybody plays KSP differently, so getting a scientific/engineering benefit from a unique sample or from experience doing a new task might not fit well with your playstyle. I always thought it was weird that with all the times my Kerbals built and launched X part, they never got better at making it lighter or stronger or more efficient, like they managed to make it perfect on the first go. Then, I tend to play a heavily modded, grindy kind of career mode that most people may not like. I'm quite curious as to how the team will utilize the (apparent) new surface item collection mechanic to create interesting exploration and gameplay experiences.
  7. In the recent developer insights video, it looks like we will be harvesting surface scatter/ore chunks/items for resources from around planets and bringing them back to base for conversion into usable resources. I'm not sure if I'm right, but maybe Nate/devs can confirm or deny? Could this be expanded on to give bonuses for completing challenges on Kerbin like: Collect (hard to find and one of a kind) metallic asteroid fragment from highest peak for 1% reduction in dry mass to all components for duration of the save. Or maybe Move Giant heavy boulder from x to KSC for research and gain 5% joint strength, or move huge flat object through dense atmosphere from a to b to gain 2% reduction in wind resistance. Just rare, hard to find, easteregg like bonuses for completing unlisted challenges by discovering them as anomalies or something? Or even placing things, like place grotesquely heavy Jeb statue to give a 10% boost to courage and stupidity to Kerbals within 20km in line of sight. Or other exciting bonuses like, build a catapult to launch a Kerbal x Km for a boost in thrust within 50 meters of the launch pad for duration of save. (This one might be too much because completely unrealistic and gamey) Just some thoughts I had.
  8. It looks like the crane picks up resource chunks (scatter) that you gather from the planet (either where you landed or with a rover/transport) and drops them into those barn shaped things via their hinged opening top for crushing/conversion into a usable format. Looks like the crane is on a circular track around a control room, with the ability to drop the resource into different converters. I'm guessing this confirms that we are getting a more complex resource harvesting than just: LAND>EXTEND DRILL>PROFIT. Gathering chunks from difficult to reach areas could make for some neat design challenges and a reason to do surface/hover exploration and research.
  9. I think you know way more about this than I, and are probably right about it being far more work than it is worth for a big performance hit. I wouldn't risk delaying the release over RT, it's not worth that. Hopefully hardware and budgets will allow for some RT options as the game matures over the years, even if it's just window reflections or something small. Frankly, the duna base area shown in the most recently released dev video was pretty promising. I would not be unhappy if the release looked about like that. I just really want KSP2 to look better than a heavily modded KSP1.
  10. The ability to build onsite without downloading 20 cumbersome mods and spending days planning the mission to the nth degree just to arrive on location and realize I forgot to put a robotic arm adapter on the left underside of my doodad and cant match it up with my thingamabob and the only option is to drop it since I can't load it back into the cargo bay. (Frustrated screeching intensifies.)
  11. There has been lots of awesome discussion on game play mechanics with many valid points raised, but I didn't see too much in the way of discussing visuals for KSP2. From what I've seen so far for early development, it looks really promising. A more realistic vibe than the original, which I personally like. It looks like some of the planets are really coming together nicely. I know KSP has people running everything from a 2080ti to integrated 'tato graphics and that supporting as many players as possible is very important, but we are on the verge of a new console generation which will include ray tracing and major improvements in graphical capabilities. It would be easy to have KSP2 get a yawn reception from gamers in '21 or '22 if they are used to a higher level of visual fidelity from AAA games for their new console. Given the space environment and high CPU usage often being the limiting factor, I think ray tracing could be super applicable to KSP2 and the visuals could really help sell the game. I think they said we would not get RT at launch, but I'm not sure if they meant never or just not yet? Please correct me if wrong. I'm not trying to be negative, I'm just very excited about the graphical improvements I've seen and have lofty hopes for the final product. On the more realistic hopes... Dust storms and weather with dynamic conditions would really add to immersion and challenge. Probably best to make KSC a fair weather zone for new players tho. With KSP, I think most players never made it very far from home, and I wonder how much of that had to do with lack of visual incentive to explore. Physics isn't changing between 2021 and 2031, so graphics may be one of the deciding factors with KSP2's lifespan reaching that of the original.
  12. Maybe some kind of way for outside apps to interact with the game? It would be nice to be able to keep my screen clear of telemetry and mechjeb to enjoy the improved visuals. Being able to input/output from the game might help advanced modding and powerusers alike. (I don't know for sure, as I don't code). I like the idea, but I wouldn't delay the game over it. Maybe it could be patched in later or put in a DLC?
  13. I'm guessing since the whitish patches were on KSP1 Dres, and they didn't want to break too much with the traditional solar system. Even with trying to stick to KSP1 lore, I feel like this planet is begging for a tiny moonlet with a very low orbit around the equatorial ridge. This would make for some awesome moonlet-rises for a base situated on the ridge. I guess I could just capture an asteroid...
  14. Buying day one, but going to try not to play until: MechJeb and Kerbal engineer. The two that I can maybe kind of enjoy a stock playthrough with. Not going to do a career without these or some kind of similar functionality, basically. As for a more serious career: Gravity Turn - Efficient ascent. Way better than MJ. Ferram aerospace - Stock aerodynamics in KSP1 is no. Deadly reentry - Really adds to the challenge. Real Chutes - Customize parachutes to fit particular needs and planets. TAC-Life Support - Life support style is a preference thing. And the other 75 mods I have installed... Seems like many people can agree on MJ, though.
  15. I'm pretty sure Kerbin was flat when I started playing... It's come a long way.
  16. I was somewhat disappointed that we aren't getting voxel-based planets because I wanted to realistically mine for resources to expand. A major production operation should scar the land and leave a mark much larger than a hangar. Maybe they can give us a compromise? Perhaps instead of mining vertically with deformable terrain, we can at least have to set up large areas dedicated to mining (like a quarry), with accompanying conveyors, pipes, resource storage and processing etc. Maybe some resources are in surface dust and must be mined with a harvester like in "moon." I'm just hopeful for some depth here, that's all.
  17. With multiple planets and star systems, I wonder how the team is going to keep the challenge level up and keep people from losing interest after they've unlocked the tech tree? Will they reduce the pace of tech tree progression? I was thinking maybe with the addition of space and surface colonies and construction, some changes might be necessary to maintain fun (while boosting realism). My thinking would be (in addition to unique planets and systems with unique challenges), they could implement a modified system: Tech Tree: A civilization-wide level of technological attainment. This is fought for and won at great cost in time, treasure, and lives. This is the university and institutional knowledge of Kerbalkind. With the correct industry and facilities, Kerbals can produce technology up to their highest level. You can produce to this level on Kerbin, and with the right infrastructure: in Kerbin orbit. Local ability: Kerbals cannot land on a distant pebble with a bare-bones basic ship and produce an interstellar colony ship. Setting up the ability to create even basic rockets on a distant planet should be a challenge in itself, and a fun new part of gameplay (especially multiplayer). People spend hundreds of hours in a game with block graphics building factories, why not in KSP? I understand that the core competency of KSP is building ships, I get that. But KSP2 can be more without ruining the core Kerbal experience (especially since the core experience has been core for about a decade).This means making things a bit more involved. No more magic ISRU the size of a van to produce unlimited fuel for operations. Once a colony with appropriate construction facilities reaches a certain point, it can build craft to a much lower tech level (maybe unique designs optimized for construction in spartan locations) than would be capable on Kerbin. This will keep the level of challenge and interest up as Kerbals expand through the star systems. Exploring new planets with a ufo-grade supership isn't challenging and cheapens the experience. More realism might be beneficial here, as long as it isn't overboard. Science: Experiments and research take time to achieve. Sometimes they are a dead-end, sometimes breakthroughs are had. Experiments that don't have an external antenna/appendage can be mounted internally to certain parts, adding weight and taking science payload space. No more need for 25 physics-inducing baubles clinging to the outside of my beautiful creation! Knowledge of planets must be earned. The planetarium/tracking center does not provide full and accurate data about celestial bodies until that data is earned by sending probes to map/explore the planet (like scan-sat, but for everything). KSP has always been lacking in things to do and see when you've arrived at your destination. KSP2 can (and should, for a full price game released in 202X) fill out what was missing in the original. I'm sure the team has some great ideas on all of this, but with so little info being released, it's starting to make me worried. I have high hopes for this game to launch another decade of greatness. Anyone have any ideas on how they can make the late-stage portion of the game more fun?
  18. Hi, I am having a problem with some of my outermost planets being black forms with no texture, with the exception of some of the atmospheric planets which have a light haze around them, but no texture beneath. Most of the planets seem fine, and the ones on extrasolar work great too. I am using OPM, New Horizons, and extrasolar. All of them work well with sve/eve, but only without scatterer installed. I installed all of them manually, and tried deleting the flare components from the scatterer install. Nothing seems to work. Other mods are installed, but none caused the black planets. I heard it might have something to do with sun flare or some such, but I have not had any luck finding a place to start. Anyone have any ideas? I searched the thread and couldn't come up with a solution. Edit 1: I added the "Other Worlds" mod which adds a new star circling the Kerbin system, and it fixed most, but not all of the black planets. I'm guessing it has to do with light, so I'm going to try boosting the light output on the "other worlds" star and see what happens. The side facing the new star shows textures, but the side facing Kerbin's star is still featureless on a couple planets... Edit 2: All that did was make the textured side of the offending planets slightly more visible. Edit 3: I changed the config file on scatterer from full sun flare replacement = true to false. That didn't seem to work either. I can't seem to get the config to stay as false long enough to test it. Still at a loss. Also, I can't access the main menu options via ALT+F10...
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