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  1. How long before the content creator embargo lifts?
  2. That video was 0% in-game footage, fya. Some parts assets were transferred to people who made the video, but it was cgi and not game footage. You can't reference the announce video for proof of anything to be in the completed game.
  3. Everything promised in the roadmap is included in the cost and the finished product is yours to keep after development has finished. Anything that is currently unannounced or delivered after the promised features in the roadmap may be DLC and would be purchased separately as an add-on. Don't expect a KSP1-style free DLC situation.
  4. We don't have that info, but I do know that Scott Manley from YouTube made a video a few days ago in which he stated that he realized he needed a new PC "about a week ago." That would coincide with the rumors from discord showing content creators using KSP2 beta. A forum member who may have seen the whole video indicated it was being built targeting single-thread performance, which may indicate KSP/KSP2 as the cause of "needing" a new computer. Today, a reddit post from another content creator who was present at the "insiders" event indicated that they were also building a new computer. Does this mean it's demanding? Unfortunately, it's very possible. We will have to see.
  5. I've been pretty crusty about the clouds so far, but these are looking good. These look like a good fit for the chosen art direction without being overly cartoony. Only a bit over two weeks left... I only have to drag my decaying carcass to work and back 10 or so more times before the wait is over!
  6. Distant looks good. I will use this as an excuse to once again beg for a parallax-style ground implementation to hide the flatness up close.
  7. This is some quality work, no sarcasm. That looks fantastic. Some more bright light from the blast might be the only suggestion I can think of.
  8. These graphics are truly stellar. The terrain textures look very 3d to me! The footprints and rover tracks really add to the realism. The lighting and shadows are top notch stuff. I don't know if my GPU will be able to fit all the textures into VRAM. There's a lot of polygons in those terrain scatters, so I might have to turn the settings down, but BOY HOWDY is this gonna be a fun ride. Don't worry, they won't release it looking like this, right?
  9. He says "about a week ago I realized I needed a new PC." That's about when the youtubers allegedly got hold of KSP2 beta. I guess it's taxing? He built for single thread performance... same priorities as KSP1. I wonder how this bodes for KSP2 multithreading and physics compute. Forespoken is a terrible example of what it takes to put a pretty picture on the screen. There have been MUCH better looking games that ran well with far lesser systems requirements. The devs just used DLSS as a way to skip optimization and chuck a terrible product on the market for 90 bucks to grab as much cash as possible. System requirements =/= good graphics.
  10. Unrestrained opinion follows... skip if you're upset by forum posts. Every time I see one of the screenshots released recently, it feels like a bit of an insult. First it was spring 2020, then delayed, then another, now we're delayed nearly 3 years to get an early access release for 50 bucks of a half-complete game where the planets would be inappropriately barren in a circa 2004 mmo. Compare the nonthingness of the planets surfaces to the scenery of world of warcraft (2004) or morrowind (2002). Go on, have look. The textures here are better, but the emptyness is insulting. Don't tell me about rover gameplay and rock collisions. There's nothing worth roving to in those scenes. Why bother? Looks like KSP1 with marginally better textures. I just watched the eve probe tiktok... I hope that's potato-mode scenery on the surface for the integrated graphics customers. Zero hype generated by that. I'm more discouraged than anything else. When you expend a bunch of time and energy to get somewhere, you should be like: "WOW! This is freaking amazing!" Not: "Meh. This looks like the last repeating-texture undulating-mesh I just landed on, but with a slightly different color." The clouds are ok, and may be an art style choice. I'm hoping they hear this since the game won't be done for another probably 2 years. You'll hear about it on steam reviews too (from a number of people) if it releases looking like the recent screenshots. The "graphics don't matter" crew won't care if you make them better, but the "graphics matter" crew will. I've moved from the "definitely buying on day one" group to the "I'll watch some videos first" group, and if it looks like this on release, I'll sadly have to nope out until my first experience with KSP2 won't be a disappointment.
  11. Those coulds look like the raised area you get around a line of stitches. You can't unsee it now. Also, howdy, rustled jimmies frend! I was just thinking of that term for the first time in years earlier today, and here it is now on the forum. Is it making a comeback? -forever unrustled.
  12. ? I don't want it to be. But I'm literally not understanding why so many people are upset about others wanting better graphics. Graphics don't make the game, but they can make it better. People were hoping for "WOW" and got "ok, these are perfectly servicable graphics, what really matters is the gameplay, and besides, all of my favorite games have serviceable graphics..." The real question is, would anybody here be disappointed of they pulled a fast one on us and it ended up looking like a major publisher put out a AAA title released in 2023?
  13. Why not? /s? But seriously, the devs decided on an art style. It looks like they went with cartoon-meets-realism to reach a wider CPU/GPU audience. For those of us who prefer the uber-modded KSP1 scene, it looks like the decision has been made and we'll have to beg the KSP1 modders to pay some love to KSP2 to get that noncartoony-realism fix we crave. It is what it is.
  14. Anybody else going to buy day one, fiddle with the game a bit, and shelve it until science/progression is released? Just curious.
  15. They were bad on day one. Basic to the supreme. They checked the 3D graphics box, but that's about it. People just want to be as wowed as they should expect to be from a 2023 release from a major developer of what will end up being a full-price game.
  16. The fact that it wasn't leaked until a month before release tells me this may well be a planned leak. Companies sometimes "leak" things on purpose. I can't imagine someone prone to leaking sitting on a video for 3 and a half years and then suddenly, when the marketing starts, deciding to leak it just then.
  17. Nobody knows anything about the performance yet, just the visuals. All we have to do is microanalyze every single picture and video for the next month.
  18. It's the expectation that a new game released in 2023 for new game pricing by a professional development team should look like it. If some modders can hack together code for a decade old game and make it look better than the new hotness... that is... ...unfortunate... It's a perfectly valid gripe. You shouldn't have to take a step down graphically to play a newly released game just to satisfy the 750ti crowd.
  19. Can you divulge what graphics settings these are taken at?
  20. Is the terrain pixelated? Look at the crater rims really closely. Looks like big pixels in some spots? Anybody else notice?
  21. We'll find out in a month. I fear the level of detail and graphics was turned way down to play well with potato computers for a larger market.
  22. Lack of scattering makes the grass look extremely shiny. Anyone else notice ultra reflective grass?
  23. It would make sense to give access to youtubers early enough to create videos to drum up hype for EA release. If it's timed right, video releases could make a significant and free impact on initial sales. I'd expect videos a week or so out from release.
  24. No worries. They just brought in KSP1 minimus for the lander video because KSP2 minimus was in the shop...
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