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  1. They were planning on messing it up, but since you asked nicely now they won’t.
  2. It is the massive glitchyness that bothers me, if that is completely gone then I don't think I'll be too perturbed. Although given our experience so far, I highly doubt it will be free of that.
  3. If we had enough data on planets to be able to accurately recreate the real solar system in such a way that it would allow the player to experience other plants as they are in real life, then I could see the value. As it stands right now creating the “real” solar system would be more fiction than fact, so in the end it really does boil down to higher dV requirements and longer transit times and not a lot more.
  4. Ya, I would be VERY surprised if it is significantly different. They have had more than enough trouble just getting the same features up and going in a reasonable timeline, I really don’t think they have a lot of runway to innovate on much of anything unfortunately. As always, I hope I am pleasantly surprised.
  5. Showing unreleased gameplay is generally used for hype/marketing purposes, so if that isn’t their goal then it is no surprise to me that they wouldn’t release anything. I suspect they will show off science and other things later on when they actually want to do another marketing push again. Since we don’t know their plans… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. I think all players would want to experience boarding a rocket. No, no. It can't be the pop-up text because as Bej pointed out, people could completely miss it if it is there. This has to be the name of the actual button itself. I do agree, your version is even better, but it has to be all caps otherwise the player could still miss it! "A TOGGLE BUTTON THAT CAN BE OPERATED BY THE PLAYER TO TURN ON AND OFF A FEATURE THAT IS INTENDED FOR PEOPLE WHO FEEL MORE COMFORTABLE PLAYING THE GAME WITH SOME ADDITIONAL HELP AND TRAINING." No one can possibly disagree that such a useful description is clearly the way to go.
  7. It has gotta be all caps, but that is also acceptable with that minor aesthetic change.
  9. That is good, I’ll double check as I thought I saw something but I am more than likely pulling outdated memories. In that case assuming all the science stuff is done and rest is on schedule then they can go nuts with this I guess.
  10. Aren’t lots of parts in the game still missing descriptions in various places? You tell me.
  11. You can give feedback all you want, just be conscientious as to its real impacts.
  12. “Beginner Help” or “Beginner Guide” since as Spicat mentioned tutorial is actually not the best term since the tutorials are actually a separate item. Although IMO this has already wasted dev time and will now continue to waste even more time than it has any right to. *community nitpicks every little thing* *game never gets finished* *surprised pikachu face*
  13. Once again, don’t care. The game has bigger fish to fry.
  14. Ya that part of the UX really doesn’t matter. Keep in mind it is enabled by default. So anyone who turns it off and ignores the giant text box that pops up when they do so AND still complains there is no tutorial is just…. ya.
  15. They could just put “(Tutorial)” after to make it more clear if that is really needed. Or just change it to “tutorial” altogether. Really though, this is pretty low hanging fruit so do you really want them wasting time being perfectionists on things that really don’t matter all that much?
  16. There is a giant box to the right that explains what it is when you click on it. People will be fine.
  17. Currently 20% off in Epic
  18. That is definitely not what I was meaning, I meant a literally transparent navball. However the idea of augmented reality in game is intriguing.
  19. That's fine, I am not the creative type so I am not going to give specifics anyway.
  20. 1) Interesting and varied gameplay mechanics that keep the game fresh from start to middle to end game, giving the players something new to play with and something new to strive for along the way. This is easily my most preferred thing. I don’t need to be specific because I don’t really care what you come up with as long as it is fun and engaging. 2) QoL and polish. Nothing kills a good game easier than when it turns into work or troubleshooting sessions because of janky mechanics, bugs, annoying issues, etc. 3) Listen to modders needs and implement as appropriate. While it will be impossible to please everyone in points 1) and 2), a good modding community will eventually bring the things that can please most people. 4) Allow KSP2 to make its mark as its own game. As much as we all loved KSP 1, I personally I am not interested in a carbon copy, so while this may be controversial with some I am okay with risk taking innovation and changes to try to create something unique. 5) Advanced challenges or game modes. Give us something that veterans can take a bite into that will really shake things up but at the same time is optional as to not turn off new players (think Deathworld settings in Factorio for example). I can’t think of anything else at the moment so I’ll leave at those for now.
  21. I would be curious what a transparent navball in the middle would feel like.
  22. Are these PFDs mounted right on the cockpit glass so they obstruct the pilots view?
  23. Figuring out the implications of the navball being smack dab in the middle of the screen during gameplay is left as an exercise to the reader.
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