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  1. Hello cinematic mates Here's something I've made (exist also in Kerbalish) : See ya
  2. Hello, is there anyway to fix the glitched animation of the kerbal on "parts" since 1.12 and above? Or to completely remove the animation? I'll explain a bit, since 1.12 (and above) when a kerbal stand on a part (no matter wich one) his animations (you know the littles ones that happen every 10 seconds) are "glichted". Here is a video to show you : It's not a very big deal for players, but for me (I making cinematic) it's a bit of a problem. It was never happening before 1.12, so I'm wondering if there's a fix, or if we can simply "disable" the animation from happening. Thank you.
  3. Hey I didn't expecting that! Thank you.
  4. Hello Kerbonauts! I've made a new KSP 2 cinematic (with a tiny little story). Here it is
  5. Tried to mess around with the camera! Great first times
  6. Ksp 2 Launch in T - 10,9,8,7,6... See System Requirements ABORT! ABORT!!!
  7. Hi, thank you. I'm using Sony Vegas Pro. I know that's there's better video editor, but I'm used to it for years
  8. Hi everyone, it's been a long time. Today I propose you "Jebediah A Kerbal's Journey". The sequel of one of my previous video, "Jebediah A Kerbal Story". I hope you will appreciate, this 30 minutes cinematic movie of mine. Feel free to share your thoughts and to ask your questions if you have some. Take care Oraldo Revak
  9. Hi, sorry to bother you again, but is there a way that I uncap the move speed limit? I cannot put it over "100" both with the slide bar or number mode. Thank you
  10. I mean at the bottom for keypad control. Before we could enter the value manually , now it's a slider. I would like to use, the old way, enter the speed with number manually, and not by moving the a bar, if it's possible to choose. Thank you for your time.
  11. Hello, first thank you for continuing the mod. Huh, is there a way to choose between the keypad move/zoom speeds and the sliders one? I would prefer to use the old style (more precise in my opinion). If I use an earlier version, then the Interpolation doesn't work. Thank you.
  12. Emiko Station EP 02 is coming earlier, and it's about, right now Thank you again to @Just Jimfor allowed me to adapt his story into a cinematic! Feel free to share your thoughts!
  13. Hello Emiko Station's fan, I have news! Emiko Station Ep.02 will be available the 15th July!!! It's a bit more than 1 hour, and are made of hundreds of video clip! I just can't wait to share it to you in only 5 days So see you very soon!
  14. Thank you. Well I get your point, so I got few answers. Well first if the knew from the first launches that the Mirror was leading to the copie of the world... Well there would have been no movie. So you know, as it a "science-fiction" the goal is not to make it "realistic" otherwise if it was, well, wormhole are existing in theory only and even if they would, it would so be so tiny that nothing could go through it. But I get the point of trying to make thing plausible, even by creating unreal physics. The idea was that, the data gathered from the returned probe were seem false and corrupted by the results they found. For the body decade, well yes obviously, I couldn't use decomposed Kerbal body, but I wouldn't done it even if I could. I admit that I didn't thoughts about that, but even if I had... I would have just let it as it is. As I say, I'm never intended to do something realistic. And for the last part, yes it had consequences and side effect, that's what explained "Gerry" the "Henry" grand son on the recorded message. That anomalies started to appears, like the mass is increasing (that's why the Kerbol sun collapsed and became a black hole) and that's it's probably due to the wormhole or the fact that they overused thoses infinite duplication. I do appreciate your critisicms they are very good and make sense, but I precise again, that I wasn't targeting for something realistic, and that I am 100% alone on this, so I can't think of every single things, and even if I do, i have to let them "unsolve", because trying to give a reason to everything on a impossible story IRL, well it would have no movie at all. Thank you. Ps: Also, it can be very tricky to explain or give a reason and explain it in the video. Like the character can't guess everything perfectly as if they were the writers. It's hard to find how to bring some answers that's supposed to come from the characters. For example I wanted to explain that the black hole apparition was really recent, and that was the reason why Jool wasn't sucked by the black hole already... but I just could find a way to explain it. I can't pause the film and writte a message to explain... Those video are not perfect, I know it, in my opinion, perfection is unreachable, specially when you are alone with your own resources and knowledge. I'm not an astrophysicist or a biologist lol. But thank you for watched and take the time to give your thoughts.
  15. Je m'excuse du retard, elle est à moitié corriger. Mais la personne qui s'en occupe, prends son temps.... Malheureusement... Mon objectif est dans la semaine, mais ça ne dépends pas que de moi.
  16. Thank you, that's actually my 10th cinematics, I gathered experiences and skill all along to be able to do "Mirror". Good luck with your cinematic I wonder what's beyond eloo
  17. Thank you Yep, YouTube can be weird sometimes. What's the WDYDIKSPT?
  18. Thank you. And sorry for the typos. I admit that I havn't check the Kerbalish version that much... Well Emiko Station Ep.02 is the next project. It will be as long as the first episode (~1h20) so it's going to take some times, specially that's there's difficult thing to "adapt"/find a way to do it in KSP. My target is May. Ps: and thank you for joinned my discord server
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