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  1. Haha, it sure has been a while since I've been on here. My last post was April. Incredible how much I've changed as a person since making my account here 3 years ago. Good friends made and lost, personal discovery, lots of things. I love the KSP community, and it is responsible for me being who I am today.

  2. Long time no see...

    Good to see you're still around!

    1. Chel


      Thankyous! :3 

  3. wait. since when did you become a moderator?

    1. Geonovast


      The day after two days ago.

    2. Barzon


      yesterday? nice.

  4. Will you ever do more with this:

    It looks really promising!


  5. Profile picture by @The_Cat_In_Space !

    1. Chel


      Only took me five mins in Photoshop to make, but now you can spread the glory of Commucatism!

  6. I love how the official Squad account doesn't even have 5 dots.


    1. Finchy_McFinch


      Hello Squad, when will "To Vee or not to Vee" (Nice name, by the way) be updated to KSP?

  7. Excuse me, but will you update your mods soon, as I really like your textures, but the mods are for 1.2.2?

  8. Note to self:

    Have a go 

  9.  I need to get this book!

  10. I need this: 


  11. @NathanKell will there be more progress on the ETS mod?

  12. @CobaltWolf when will BDB be updated? Sorry if this appears to be rude - it is not, and I am just curious. :) 

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    2. Barzon


      I will  :D. Sorry for being demanding, but would it be possible for a version of BDB with just the Eyes Turned Skywards parts. 

    3. CobaltWolf


      No, sorry. We've looked into it several times and it is actually a lot of work to split the mod up and maintain separate downloads, especially because of how integrated everything is within folders. And, once you split the mod up, where do you stop? Everyone would want a separate version that has only the parts they want. Instead, we tried to make it easy to prune and separate the parts and only use the folders you want. If there is still too much stuff, you could use something like Janitor's Closet to clean your part list up further.

    4. Barzon


      Ok, thats fine

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