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  1. Nope, but I didn't play KSP in almost a year... Did you check out the mod list I provided? Let's see what we both have installed
  2. Gorgeous! Whenever I try to build larger space stations though, after a while (many launches for building it, and than many supply missions), they are all messed up, every part is shifted in some direction. Does that happen to anyone else? Is Kerbal Joint Reinforcements or some other mod to blame, or is this just KSP?
  3. Technical question: where do huge textures go? VRAM or RAM?
  4. Yeah, I have no idea what I'm doing here... @Apollo13?
  5. I see. Do you plan something compatible with the kOS language? Or your own, or an existing one, like Lua?
  6. Why would you do that before KSP 2 is out? Maybe there is a built-in scripting engine?
  7. Did you try to restart the game without installing/uninstalling anything? I had a similar problem, not sure if it was KK or something else, but it's broken after installing and fixes itself with the second launch.
  8. Are there any comparison screenshots between KSRSS reborn and this mod?
  9. Wait, is the size 2.7 (as everybody in the recent posts says) or 2.5 (as the dV map in the first post says)?
  10. But why is a problem everyone has not on the first page? Why isn't the patch included in the download?
  11. Unfortunately, Strategia is very broken, especially (but not exclusively) for Kerbalism. And it seems the author is not actively developing it anymore.
  12. Are the city lights based on real images, city maps or just made up?
  13. @cmet24 What is the time resolution for the climate weather data? I suppose half resolution means double the overall time for the same amount of data? Or maybe there's a possibility for compression, when data doesn't change very much? I.e. instead of 5 entries with wind speeds between 10.5 and 11.5 m/s, just make 1 entry for 11 m/s and specify a start and end time?
  14. I know what it is in real life, I just haven't seen it in KSP in any mod, and didn't think it was possible. Looks fantastic!
  15. I don't about the internals of KWP and what the resolution is, I'm talking about this (screenshot from the original thread) - "total cloud cover" is some 36%: We probably don't need 1 or 5 years of weather data. For the clouds, it just needs to nicely wrap around, and should not be in resonance with launch windows, so we still have different weather (and clouds) for every launch. Maybe 7 days, or 29, or whatever.
  16. Wait, what's that greenish/turquoise hue around Australia? Variations in how the ocean looks? Maybe a special biome? Does it look this way just from space or even when splashing down/diving?
  17. I see. I thought the data seen by satellites could be used. I'd be certainly willing to sacrifice 633 MB of disk space for clouds
  18. Do you need a fixed texture or just a map with values that can change over time? Could it work with data from Kerbal Weather Project? Yeah, I just installed Ad Astra with 8k textures, and while it looks meh in vessel view from LKO, it looks wonderful in map view. Anyway, I guess that one needs to be a fixed texture?
  19. So the texture map just tells you WHERE to create the clouds, but the texture itself is not needed? So no need for either 64k texture maps or pixelated cloud layers?
  20. When I set ship:control:mainthrottle, nothing happens. set throttle works, though. What am I doing wrong?
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