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    Thanks for checking in! I will have more time next week, but I already have the script ready! So stay tuned
  2. I play it on Steam and do experience orbital decay
  3. I am interested in your probe. Could you share it please? I wonder if we could recreate this and maybe narrow down the issues...
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    Thank you very much! But my stories don't rule out your theory. They just begin with the arrival of the last kerbal survivor on Kerbin. Who knows what happened before and where he came from? Maybe there will be a prequel sometime...
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    Here you are! Part 2 I bit shorter this time, because.. Real Life...
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    Oh! I did not know this exists! Thats cool! No, I created my comic with Gimp.
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    I want to share my missions in the form of comic strips. I hope you like it So, here is my first one. A short introductive story about the first Kerbal on Kerbin and its behaviour: Making-Of:
  8. Finally I defeated the Kraken and found my way back home from the Mohole (Val-Level)
  9. I can confirm this. Also the camera rotation speed is carried over to (some) other views when switching to another view EDIT: The speed carrying over is already reported in this bug:
  10. Holy Moly! That's insane! Very impressive. I am glad I gave you good times with this challenge
  11. @Socraticat Really nice work! Especially the idea with the "bumpers" pointing up! Poor Bill at the end of the first video
  12. @Audaylon Congratulations, you nailed it! Your paper plane design is awesome!!! And I love your additional IVA cam
  13. Yes! Keep on going! I know you can do it! I am really looking forward to your successful attempt!
  14. Congratulations to your first Mun landing! I really like your design of the lander module!
  15. As promised: My successful mission on Jeb Level
  16. Hahaha, thanks "If you can walk away from a landing..."
  17. Finally I found some time to upload a video of my attempt(s) of the primary level. I solved it by using a separable, unpowered glider. The glider is pretty stable in horizontal flight and I am confident to also complete at least the Jeb level with this setup. Stay tuned...
  18. Thanks to the 2nd Patch, the collision meshes of the Parking Garage are updated and we are now able to drive fly through it. Demonstrate your steady hand and honor the devs who made that possible, by flying through the garage unharmed, without touching anything. Primary: Fly through the small underpass on the top of the garage Jeb Level: Fly through one of the short sides of the garage Val Level: Fly all the way through both garage buildings
  19. As I just saw it here, the section title is "SIEE", but I guess it should be "SIENE"
  20. Thank you, thank you very much! I want to thank everyone who made this possible. Special Thanks to Bob Kerman, who volunteered for this mission and had to jump down from the VAB because the ladder fell over shortly after the camera cut. He barely survived with some fractured bones. Get well soon, Bob! I want to nominate @SirMcPotato and his design for his Minmus-Rover-Sky-Crane for Weekly Challenge #3, I was very impressed:
  21. But also, this sums it up :
  22. My try on Val Level: It was a bit buggy and I needed a few tries. Especially the Return Vessel spawning 300m under ground as I approached with the plane was a real pain. I had to fiddle around with the save game, but got it working in the end. But I have to say, I LOVE the Duna soundtrack! It really sets the mood for exploration! Launch of the unkerbaled Return vessel Landing on the Northern Icecaps Sending the Krew to Duna Gliding to the surface Planting the Flag Approaching the return vehicle Let's get back home Finally! "Uuuhhhmm, have so seen Bob???" Full video:
  23. I went straight up until I reached 50m/s Then a sharp turn to 70° As soon as the Prograde marker reached the Level Indicator, I set SAS to Prograde and keep on full throttle until AP was at 68km 20sec before reaching AP, I fired the engines Prograde and kept the AP ~20sec in front of me until the APwas >70km circularize Result Orbit: 71.504 x 70.635 km, (room for improvement) remaining deltaV: 785 m/s EDIT: Second try result: Orbit: 70.209 x 70.135 km remaining deltaV: 792 m/s
  24. My Kerbals are getting impatient and grumpy waiting for Patch 2. So I decided to build a chain carousel to keep them occupied. They seem very happy about it
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