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  1. @cxg2827 Thanks for taking the time to make your great videos. They've been an inspiration.
  2. Thank you @severedsolo for all the cool mods you’ve made! I got inspired to learn c# and made a customized version of Bureaucracy for myself a few months ago!
  3. Spreadsheets. Another reason to get a 21:9 monitor, lol.
  4. So, "Local Time" is the time on the local celestial body, and "KSC Time" is the time at the KSC. What is "Kerbin Related Time"?
  5. I believe [LM] is the maximum level of the launch site. [TC] is the total cost of the vessel, and [RC] is the number of rush clicks (useful, for example, if you want rush cost to go up with the number of rushes you do). I'm not sure about [Adm], [AC], [MC], etc., but I found this. Not quite sure what it's doing. https://github.com/linuxgurugamer/KCT/blob/master/Kerbal_Construction_Time/KCT_UpgradingBuilding.cs#L166
  6. I've actually never used OPM, but I looked at it on GitHub and it has a Custom Barn Kit config (OPM_CommNet.cfg) that modifies the tracking station to have a 4th upgrade level with 2E12 range. I think you could actually call this a bug on Kerbalism's end. It needs to have another method to calculate this damping exponent for people with small Astronomical Units but large DSN requirements, such as with OPM. For OPM, I'd just keep using that override. Here is the source code for this specific feature, if you're curious. I stuck all the numbers and math in a spreadsheet to see how it worked. https://github.com/Kerbalism/Kerbalism/blob/master/src/Kerbalism/Sim.cs#L841
  7. I took a look at the source code, out of curiosity. What the code does is try to make data rates fall off in a similar manner, regardless of the size of your solar system (the stock system is really small compared to our real life system). It does this using the max DSN range in your game and the "Astronomical Unit (AU)" of your system (the distance from your homebody to its sun). @Empiro You are playing with the stock system, and changed the default max DSN range, correct? That log entry shows your max DSN range is 2E12, which is 8x larger than the max DSN range of the stock tracking station (250E9). A damping exponent of 365 is correct given the stock system and a max DSN range of 2E12. If you plug in 250E9 (stock max range) and use the stock system (and thus stock AU), the damping exponent is 6. Of course, if you want a large DSN range and small system, that's what the override in Settings.cfg is for.
  8. Interesting! I'm gonna have to have a look at that on my game as well.
  9. Data rates do fall off quickly with small changes in signal strength, but that is rather extreme. What are your settings under the comms section in Settings.cfg? Are you using the default Kerbalism-Config?
  10. I'm gonna try to make a mission planning spreadsheet myself, because it'll be a good learning opportunity, but can you share any protips from making and using your sheet? Also, looking forward to Lindor V, if it's in the works!
  11. Here are the recompiled DLLs that include @JonnyOThan's memory leak fix. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Rzc4joYIsMUcd56uDx3c1C2QCO9T3d0I?usp=share_link I think they're working, but obviously no warranty. I haven't had any crashes since I started using these.
  12. You can try using this guide. It helped me get started with recompiling mods. Otherwise, I believe the GNU GPL3 license says I can share the DLL that I recompiled, but I might not be able to get to it today. Obviously, best case would be @ensou04 recompile and commit to the GitHub master.
  13. I've been playing JNSQ for a while without KK now, but recently decided to try it out. Do you recommend setting the KK option to disable the stock CommNet stations if we use the new KK stations? EDIT: I think I've answered my own question by browsing the Kerbal Konstructs thread. Looks like that setting to disable stock CommNet actually does not work.
  14. There is a pull request that was merged on GitHub that fixes the memory leak, but you will have to recompile the dll from the source code. I don’t think the dll on the master includes the fix.
  15. @Coldrifting made some configs for Parallax and JNSQ. https://github.com/coldrifting/JNSQ_ParallaxScatters Obviously, these are not official, so if you come across any issues, you will not receive support from the JNSQ devs. They seem to work fine, though.
  16. I was actually wondering the same thing, since I recently added System Heat after seeing you using it. I wonder if there is any savegame editing that could be done to work around the issue instead of going through the trouble of EVA installing tanks and such.
  17. Maybe they have global warming in JNSQ, and that's why they had to move from the old KSC.
  18. I actually recently discovered Kerbalism Companion Calculator. There is a pull request that claims to fix it for Kerbalism 3.15+, but I haven't confirmed it. https://github.com/ValentinBischof/KerbalismCompanionCalculator/pull/5
  19. Thanks for sharing your settings! Looking forward to the third Jool video. Your videos also make me consider a 21:9 monitor lol.
  20. Wow, I am very impressed with your mission planning, craft design, and video-making skills! This is really cool. I loved the Laythe segment with the ticking music. Reminded me of the Miller planet scene in Interstellar. What difficulty settings are you using for Kerbalism? I was under the impression that a crewed mission to Jool was nigh impossible (at least with the hard difficulty preset), but I haven't gone interplanetary with Kerbalism, yet.
  21. Software development ignorance here but why would Squad remove available methods?
  22. What's the reason for the special Kopernicus comet/asteroid system? Also, some people turn it off by setting the config to use the stock system. What are the tradeoffs for doing this?
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