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  1. After a fairly extended play session (12-16+ hours). When quitting the game from the main menu the game crashes instead.
  2. Try This one - https://discord.gg/NBpYye3 its also allegedly permanent., but if not then djAd4s is a temporary one
  3. It shouldn't, its a permanent link https://discord.gg/VtPqgst
  4. Thats fine, its for people who DO have a sense of humor
  5. Kerbal After Hours - https://discord.gg/NBpYye3 18 and over to keep out the kids and soccer moms. Few limits but keep it reasonable and appropriate. Nothing X rated.
  6. Wings, or ailerons will help keep your craft oriented properly on decent. Also turn on SAS and RCS. Depending on your ships design, with SAS choose either prograde/retrograde or in the case of space planes usually radial out.
  7. Well the intention is to modify the behavior of For Science so that on vessels including a science lab, it will gather zero science value experiments for use in the lab, which uses the data value not the remaining science value. So, for this specific case, I am looking at Is the There A Lab On Board. i don't need to know how many there are or how many modules total, just if there is at least one. But I do appreciate your explanation of the other methods which may come in handy for other projects. Now, in meantime since posting this I have shifted to just looking for a scientist on board. Since I develop on the base game (+ FS and Mechjeb) I assume a lab based ship or station will have a scientist on board. And if not too bad so sad you lose out on the opportunity to gather that experiment.
  8. So I need to find out if there is a science lab on board the ship. How can I do this?
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