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  1. Yes, that's what I guessed, sorry if I didn't phrase it correctly. So there's no way to make these parts storable in containers?
  2. Are we supposed to get filled fuel tanks after printing them?
  3. I'm getting "construction only part" when trying to add some parts to storage containers (basically all crew pods as far as I checked), even with all the options enabled in the main menu settings. Can we change that? ---EDIT It's clear that the mod is bypassing the crew pods because they have ModuleInventoryPart. Is there a reason for this? Can we add volume to these parts anyway?
  4. Yeah I noticed I could change the values but for some reason the "Supplies" input lets me set it to 0, but it will revert to the default 0.005 after loading the game. The other inputs allow setting to 0, I thought this could be a hard limitation to prevent from disabling a core aspect of the mod or smth
  5. Can we disable all aspects of the mod except for the 0.01 EC / s for every kerbal on board?
  6. Ah everything is in order then. Guess I'll just have to be creative to launch the XL scoop into space
  7. Do I need a special requirement for the RR Particle scoop / RR Particle scoop XL parts to work? When I drag them from the parts list they're already deployed, and pressing the Deploy/Retract button does nothing. Also, they don't work in flight (there's no button to start the collectors)
  8. The available parts seem to be only small parts, is there a way to print bigger parts?
  9. Ok this mod convinced me to buy the volumetric clouds mod and now I don't know what I was doing before. The game looks amazing. Did a few cheats to get to some planets in aethera and they look very polished. It was a long time since I last played stock system. Just started a new career, finished the first minmus contract, didn't even unlock the first fission engine but already got an "explore aethera" contract. Seems to me that it escalated quickly but the mission briefing says it is "easy as pie" so let's see.
  10. How do I get rid of this "ring" that forms when flying low over planets, or at least attenuate it somehow? It's the effect of the scatters disappearing instantaneously when reaching a certain distance. I think it would be less noticeable if they slowly changed their opacity as we approach/get farther. Can we do this?
  11. Since there's no official EVE support I'm almost buying that volumetric clouds mod just for playing KSS2, even though I despise that patreon thing. But the site says there are versions up to 4. Should I just pay the patreon price and get the latest version?
  12. That's it! I swear I've looked on every page on the releases forum, thank you.
  13. I think I saw a mod that allowed us that enables transferring of EC between undocked vessels, I just can't remember its name. I want to make a planetary base with a nuclear reactor, but I want to deploy the reactor on a rover to keep it at a safe distance from the base so I need it to be connected with the base somehow. I think kerbal attachment system allows this using cables but I want to deploy it remotely if possible.
  14. I didn't know such things were possible in KSP. Looks fantastic, can't wait for the release
  15. You'd better ask this guy, he succeeded after a few attempts and might give you some tips. Other than that, you could search on github, there are a few examples like this one
  16. It doesn't have parallax 2.0 compatibility yet. Only ground textures. I'm not sure sure anyone's working on it.
  17. You need to add SystemHeatConverters from SystemHeatExtras to your game data
  18. Are you using ferram aerospace research? It is known to mess with underwater physics
  19. How do you guys plan maneuvers with ion engines? Since the thrust is so mediocre and it takes months to do a burn, we can't reliably plan and execute a maneuver since ksp computes the burn as an instant impulse. I know Principia helps in this matter but my setup can't handle that mod.
  20. @Astra Infinitum You don't necessarily have to wait for the whole game to load. You can open ModuleManager.configCache from GameData as soon as the patches finish applying, then alt+f4 and look for one of the parts you are modifying. Even with heavy modded installs it shouldn't take than long to save the cache. Still not ideal but way less time consuming than waiting for the whole game to load.
  21. I think this is what you need: @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleRCS*]:HAS[@PROPELLANT[MonoPropellant]]]:FOR[YourModName] { @MODULE[ModuleRCS*],* { //DoSomething } } The * after the comma targets all modules. You could also target by module order, like @MODULE[ModuleRCS*],0 or @MODULE[ModuleRCS*],1
  22. They closed the issue, apparently it already has a fix, to be release in the next version: https://github.com/KSP-RO/RP-1/issues/2061#event-9627585894
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