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  1. Okay, I appreciate you bringing in an opposing view and I hope it helps anyone else looking into this. While I still disagree with your attitude towards this, I understand the frustration you hold to people like me who appear to be making a big deal of what could well be a non issue, and I'm glad there's a good chance it could well be just that - a non issue. Thanks for your time today, I really just wanted to add the quotes from the earnings report to the thread and leave it at that, so thanks for reading those and taking them into consideration in your argument.
  2. This is true, and I hadn't considered direct purchases from Take Two. I'm a little confused as to why this EULA is applied to Steam products and products that are purchased through Steam's systems, who's data should never need to be covered by TT's policies. Additionally, why does TT need the right to share this data with third parties? If purchases are done through other platforms the payment information should never even need to reach TT's systems and should not be relevant - this applies only to services that deal with purchases in house. And it's not that the user is only providing TT this data if they use that aspect of the service - they HAVE to agree to the entire package when they install the software, so just because the only thing the game collects is non-personal data as far as you know, they have the right (and ability) to collect personal data. Also, why was the EULA only just updated if these functions are, as you imply, so vital for the operation of the company?
  3. I'm just adding it to the conversation as an unconsidered factor, I don't mean to "fear-monger". I'm frankly a little confused as to how you're writing this off with such confidence, I understand the purpose of this EULA is simply to open the options for TT but there is a significant risk here, reinforced by the linked document. I think it's got to the stage where there is plenty to suggest Take Two could be lining up for a new way of turning profit from data that you're going to have to do more than just dismiss it verbally to change my, or many other's opinions. Maybe show me a document that formerly dismisses these claims? Or a corporate statement? The fact here is, TT now has the ability to do this, and there is of course reason to speculate and be aware of the possibility. There's no use in dismissing the risk completely and if you're not interested in the issue, don't visit the thread.
  4. Take Two mention changes to EULAs and handling of personal data as a potential source of significant financial risk in their business model. They acknowledge that the handling of user data could significantly effect sales and therefore revenue, an effect they experience much more significantly than many other companies due to a "disproportionately higher amount of attention", which I think is a valid observation. The document combines observations of data handling and data theft within the same paragraph, so I'll quote what I consider to be relevant: and later on: the entire document can be found here, and the quotes are taken from page 18, section starting page 11. While we can't take anything for certainty from this, we can assume that TT consider induvidual and corporate concern over their data use to be a significant risk in their business model, which is very interesting - they do not need to incur this risk, because the collection of these types of data is not necessary for the functions of their products. It is instead a factor they are willing to include despite an acknowledged risk of losses, which leads me to believe they may in some way be profiting or planning to profit off the collection of this data in some way, be it in house marketing gains or the sale of data to third parties, the latter of which is of course more concerning. (I know these statements cover only the violation of the EULAs and law, but they are important to include only because the existence of these policies provide TT the ability to complete actions that are legally ambiguous)
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