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  1. A well made, integrated mod manager will always be better than a third-party one. But that's by no means a trivial thing to implement, and there will be no further development on KSP 1 (or 2 most likely). The best example I'm aware of is Factorio. The entire game is designed with moddability in mind from the ground up, including the mod manager. It also enforces proper dependency management, which avoids a lot of the issues you see in mods for other games.
  2. I'm not in charge anymore, but we were chatting about this a while back. With KSP2 development basically dead, some of the later missions aren't possible to complete for various reasons. As for mission completion requirements generally, the basic idea is that later missions often require player skills learned by completing earlier missions. Shuttles are cool and we love them, but they're also more difficult to design and fly. If you try to skip ahead you may find yourself overwhelmed. There's been some discussion of doing a v6.5 thread, where we would go back to KSP1 but add in the new missions (which was my original plan before KSP2). Nothing definite yet though.
  3. I have one install (different ones for different mod sets lol) with GEP, GPP, GPP_Secondary, OPM, MPE, and Kcalbeloh (along with various high-tech propulsion mods). Load times are, uh, eventually, but it seems pretty stable once it's running.
  4. I'm sad but not really surprised about KSP2's fate. TT has pulled shenanigans like this before. I was prepared for this possibility as soon as the acquisition was made public.
  5. "Para-" means "next to". "Parasite" is from Greek and originally meant "next to (someone else's) meal", with the connotation of freeloading off of someone else (i.e. eating their food). "Parasocial" was coined partly by analogy, to describe this kind of one-sided relationship.
  6. This is common in the tech industry, especially games. Legally, they're still employees until the end of the notice period. Practically, most of them will have been required to clean out their desks etc., although generally they get their severance pay as a lump sum and can still begin work elsewhere as soon as they are able.
  7. Corporations these days have gotten far too greedy and shortsighted. Projects can be cut loose not just for simply failing, but for not making "enough" money. There are lots of cases where a bunch of staff was laid off and the execs got fat bonuses.
  8. My guess is a handful of senior devs were offered a bonus to stay a little longer and wrap up whatever they reasonably could.
  9. These are both correct. I used to work at EA and some other game companies (not Take Two or any of its studios though). I've been through many layoffs; it's an unfortunate aspect of the game industry that needs to change. And yeah, console certification is primarily about making sure the game doesn't brick the console, corrupt local files, stuff like that. They don't care if the game is actually good, or has weird bugs that only affect gameplay.
  10. Mods can't fix core game engine bugs without access to the source code. (I mean it's theoretically possible by reverse engineering the compiled code, but that's extremely difficult.) Without that, mods can only use the game API to control its behavior, and attempt workarounds for anything the API doesn't provide.
  11. We choose to go to the Mun. We choose to go to the Mun in a space shuttle and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard. - Jonamon Fitzbitz Kerman
  12. That condition sounds terrible @boolybooly, I'm sorry. Thank you for running this thing, it was one of my first forum badges.
  13. Thanks to @OJT and @Artienia for their help during the transition! I haven't been around as much lately due to various RL issues and generally feeling a bit burned out. But I'm still here as an advisor and Cool Badge Maker.
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