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  1. This is not the case for me - they work correctly (~8m/s). You using something that affects the aero system? FAR? RealChutes? I have neither. In any event, they're gonna ask you for a log ...
  2. Not sure where you are in the process but maybe you just need to open the launchpads? Click the KK button in the VAB, you'll see all the pads that are available, and perhaps some are not open.
  3. Yes, well sort of. The US Probes mod (from Raidernick) contains a Mars Observer. It's designed for RSS/RO, so you'd probably want to rescale it (I believe it fits in the Titan fairing with rescaleFactor = 0.68). No waterfall, no RealPlume, but it's a Mars Observer model. I've used several from that pack after pruning it down to just what I wanted, like LRO, Messenger, Stardust, TDRS and a couple others.
  4. First, here's the current thread for this mod: And sounds to me like you haven't opened the launchsites. This can be a two-step thing. One step is to tell KK that you want a pad to be a launchsite, which is done in the static editor right when you place the part. There's a "Edit Launchsite" button that leads to a dialog where you define the parameters of the launch pad. The second step is in the VAB, where you have to open the launch site by clicking on the KK icon, selecting the site, and using the second popup to open it.
  5. The Shuttle tower from Modular Launch Pads doubles as a Falcon 9 tower
  6. B9 is correctly reporting a syntax error in this file: RocketMotorMenagerie/Parts/rmm_arenysaurus/rmm_arenysaurus.cfg on github. https://github.com/EStreetRockets/RocketMotorMenagerie/issues/10#issue-1794529065 I'm sure this will get addressed eventually for the next release, but if you want to fix it yourself in the meantime you just need to edit the file, go to line 310, and hit enter after the word "false" so that "SUBTYPE" isn't on the same line.
  7. my suggestion is to try getting rid of this. lots of things didn't work for me when i had that installed.
  8. We hope someone else chimes in ... I'm out of ideas. I guess in your shoes what I'd do is reinstall a few things like KSRSS, Eve and Scatterer, I'd clobber settings.cfg, and delete the mm cache files, and the scatterer cache folder. I don't think you have to do anything to get clouds to render if you have ksrss+eve+scatterer, I didn't do anything other than install them. Here's a pretty recent picture of my gamedata, in case you can spot any differences that might matter.
  9. KSRSS comes with Eve and Scatterer configs, so you don't need anything else besides Eve and Scatterer (latest of both).
  10. idk if this will affect your issue, but BoulderCo is not needed with KSRSS, and might even be creating conflicts.
  11. I can give you one person's perspective. Ascent guidance on stock is next to worthless to me. I don't mess around in stock very often, but when I do I don't use ascent guidance at all. Most of the time I'm in either KSRSS or JNSQ. This is where I use ascent guidance 100% of the time, both PVG and Classic, depending on the vehicle. A full Saturn V stack from BDB will get to 130km x 130km on KSRSS (from KSC) with PVG ascent perfectly on my system. I also use PVG for Titans, and anything that has a single upper stage ignition. For most everything else, I use Classic and do a teeny bit of futzing with the ascent curve shape. The ascent parameters and the TWR of the upper stage are the two things that affect my success more than anything else. So my thought is that on stock, it's not good. On 2.x, it's very good. And I'm guessing on RSS ... PVG is probably excellent.
  12. hmm, confusing. KSRSS Reborn works perfectly with the latest Scatterer and Eve for me. The old version of KSRSS was stuck on 0.7x, but the Reborn branch is designed for the latest version.
  13. the boundary between flying high and low space is at 80k in both JNSQ and KSRSS Reborn. Here's the text I captured from Zorg when he posted about orbit scaling, though I can't find this post with the forum search: Seems like this should give you a reasonable result in both. These are all approximations anyway. (RealOrbit_km - 80km) * 0.25 +80km = KSP equivalent
  14. hiya @DeltaDizzy I left you a github issue without knowing if you see github issues ...
  15. Hello, and thanks again for sharing this! I'm noticing this on my system and wanted to ask about it. In the first shot below, the telescope is the TST Deep Space Telescope looking at Neptune (ksrss). The target marker is smack dab in the middle of the frame. The 2nd picture is JWST also looking at Neptune, but as you can see the target is off-center. The greater the magnification, the greater the drift off to the right. Both of these images were taken once the camera had stabilized. Any idea what could cause this? Happy to provide all the gory install details if you want.
  16. Just in case you find yourself missing Benjee's re-config of the stock Vector, this is all you need to keep to still have it.
  17. Enquiring minds want to know if you solved the riddle of how to actually use that lab to process science
  18. I never noticed this either ... but check this out, here's ReentryParticleEffectRenewed:
  19. moi? idk nuttin. there's this in your crash log: >> 91% physical memory in use. You do have every mod installed. Massive part mods, multiple star systems. BDB contains lots of new parts depending on what you're upgrading from. I think you're just out of memory. Your ksp.log just ends while loading textures. Hopefully someone with some actual facts will swing by.
  20. Works for me, should work for you. I'm not using RSS but I don't see why that would matter. Without seeing your ksp.log there's not much more to say - but seems like it's gotta be an installation issue.
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